Jelastic PaaS For WMHCS is a free module developed in close cooperation with Jelastic Inc., designed for service providers to easily integrate billing system with a developers cloud platform and offer the customers more advanced options for application deployment, hosting and control: managed PaaS with support of Java, PHP, Node.JS, Ruby, Python and .NET / ASP.NET; Docker containers hosting; marketplace with 100+ easy-to-install applications including auto-clustered Magento, WordPress, osCommerce, Drupal, MagnoliaCMS, Liferay, Joomla, PrestaShop etc.; auto-scalable VPS and other built-in capabilities.

The module simplifies the integration process, as well as lets the end customers perform all basic actions in their own environments without leaving WHMCS accounts. A Jelastic user account will be registered automatically upon the acceptance of every placed order. Your customers will then be able to create, remove and modify each environment, deploy applications, as well as monitor its status and available resources. They will be also given the capability to bind domains, configure SSL connection, handle SSH access or sign in to the Jelastic dashboard with just a single click. In addition, the module offers precise statistics along with graphs showing the details of every node.

Install Jelastic PaaS For WMHCS today to smooth the path towards the most effortless management of environments with Jelastic cloud platform!

Explore the full potential of the Jelastic PaaS with 7-day free trial at the infrastructure located in the US or Canada. Order Now


  • Admin Area
    • Set Up Module Configuration
    • Use Sign Up Key
    • Choose Jelastic Currency
    • Link Products Group With Jelastic Recharge Cards
    • Define Invoice Expiration Timeout
    • Link VAT Number Field Name
    • Toggle EU VAT Reverse Charge
    • Choose Payment Method For Post-Paid Invoices
    • Override Jelastic Label In Client Area (White Labeling)
    • Configure Features Of Jelastic Orders:
      • Refill Balance Using Existing Payment Methods
      • Include Tax Amount
      • Fund Jelastic Account On Order Acceptance
      • Disable Order Generation And Create New Client's Products On Each Recurring Refill
      • Apply Client Credits To Invoices
  • Client Area
    • Order Jelastic Trial Subscription
    • Order Jelastic Recharge Cards
    • View List Of Jelastic Environments
    • View Environment Resources And Status
    • Deploy Environment Using:
      • Application Template
      • Location
      • CPU Speed
      • RAM Size
      • Disk Size
      • Public IP Address
    • Validate Environment Hostname
    • Estimate Cost Based On Given Template And Its Parameters
    • Perform Actions On Environments:
      • Bind Domain
      • Configure SSL With Server Key, Intermediate Certificate (CA) And Domain Certificate
      • Remove Environment
    • Manage Private And Public Keys For SSH Access
    • View Customized Node Statistics With Graphs
    • Single Sign-On (SSO) To Jelastic Dashboard
    • Remove Single Node
  • General Info
    • Integrated With Jelastic PaaS
    • Supports All Types Of Jelastic Cloud Templates
    • Supports PHP 5.6 Up To PHP 7
    • Supports WHMCS Template Six
    • Supports WHMCS V7
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v2.1.0 Released Aug 3rd, 2018
New Feature
  • Order trial subscription from the customer's cabinet in WHMCS
  • Added support for Indian states
Bug Fix
  • Resolved issue with the tax not being properly applied in the dashboard
  • The order amount will now also correctly include the tax
v2.0.6 Released Jan 19th, 2018
Bug Fix
  • Fixed issue when WHMCS does not contain "Jelastic recharge cards" product group
v2.0.4 Released Nov 14th, 2017
New Feature
  • White-labeling option - override a default text label of Jelastic-related elements of the client area
v2.0.2 Released Oct 23rd, 2017
  • Added more environment statuses
Bug Fix
  • Fixed the process of adding SSL certificates
  • Fixed displaying of nodes usage statistics
  • Fixed removing node & environment operations
v2.0.0 Released Oct 5th, 2017
  • Initial Release
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