Instant Benefits

Fast Project Development

Swift and perfectly organized web application development thanks to the impressive package of inbuilt functionalities.

Easy Expansion

With fully modular architecture, your web application can be freely modified to keep up with the development of your business.

Open Source Code

Exploit the full potential of your web application for a lifetime. With absolutely no limits, as they would only slow you down.

Captivating UI

Elegant and clean interface as standard. Your web application will charm you with stylish design based on RWD templates.

Top Antares Features

Antares - Easy branding settings

Easy branding settings

Antares - Automation management

Automation management

Antares - Notification system - interface/email/SMS

Notification system - interface/email/

Antares - Multi-leveled and multi-branded user management structure

Multi-leveled and multi-branded user management structure

Antares - Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication

Antares - Fully object oriented

Fully object oriented

Antares - RWD template based on Bootstrap 3.0 and Material Design

RWD template based on Bootstrap 3.0 and Material Design

Antares - REST API layer

REST API layer

Antares - Custom fields management

Custom fields management

Antares - Installer and auto-updater

Installer and auto-updater

...and many more: Reports, Translations, Bans Management, Staff Management...

Exemplary Systems Built With Antares

Antares - Multi-level Billing Solution - Desktop
Antares - Multi-level Billing Solution - Mobile

Multi-level Billing Solution

A powerful multi-level invoicing system supporting resellers in many areas, yet fast and easy to use. Crafted for specific business needs, providing complex reports to track company revenue across multiple channels. The system supports mobile management and several payment gateways as well as offers an intuitive customer management portal.

Antares - e-Control - Desktop
Antares - e-Control - Mobile


A complex task management system for an accounting company with over 50 employees, focused on maintaining full control over human resources and work efficiency. The system is based on three-level management structure (director, leader, employee) and is equipped with timer, impressive reports and simple to use calendar - all to maximize effectivity and company results.

Antares - cPanel Dispatcher - Desktop
Antares - cPanel Dispatcher - Mobile

cPanel Dispatcher

A central system for resellers, who connect and operate on multiple cPanel servers. Instead of logging into many servers on various locations, it allows managing everything in one place. What is more, the system imitates cPanel API to forward requests to the right server directly, therefore it enables using all the 3rd party cPanel modules (e.g. WHMCS modules) out of the box.

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Liam Closier Founder of
I would highly recommend the modules that ModulesGarden sell. I have been using the 7 day period trial that comes with the product before you have to purchase a full licence and what can I say. The amount of time the modules have saved me in day to day tasks is great. The cpanel extended is my personal favour... Read More
Cyber Host Pro
Chris Danks Founder & Director at Cyber Host Pro
I have used ModulesGarden many times for custom developed WHMCS addons to help enhance our business and the work is excellent! If the grammy awards did a best software company, ModulesGarden would win! I highly recommend them to anyone looking to have custom software or addons developed.
Star Network & Promotion LTD
Shalom Burla Owner of Star Network & Promotion LTD
We have had many complex projects with ModulesGarden, including integration of several systems. We are very pleased with working along with the company! Starting with very good and fair prices according to the real amount of work, fast and professional development, and many feedbacks on how things should work... Read More
Joost Pisters CEO at LuxCloud
LuxCloud was referred by an Industry leader to ModulesGarden after their positive experience. As LuxCloud we have a marketplace for cloud applications and saw that multiple of our products were of interest to Hosters Worldwide. As WHMCS is a well know ordering and billing engine in those circles we wanted to ... Read More
Gavin Botica Owner at WP NET
Our module is complete and working very well indeed. I am very happy with how the process went. All correspondence and development work was great and the results have been fantastic - thank you to you and your team for your excellent work. I could not have asked for it to go any better, it really was superb!
Aidan Mc Carron Founder & Managing Director at Dediserve
Having used several development companies over the last number of years, the team at ModulesGarden have been a total breath of fresh air. From the utmost professionalism to the obsessively well written and documented code, we would heartily recommend them!
IN&I Ltd.
Gert Taeymans Managing Director at IN&I Ltd.
It runs like a charm. Thanks a million for all the hard work. I want to thank you, your team and Artur for your patience and tenacity in getting this one done. I will surely be back for more either off the shelf or custom work.
Register Domains
Mauritz Koekemoer Founder of Register Domains
ModulesGarden has provided our company with invaluable custom modules at affordable rates and in record time. They are friendly, helpful and constantly keep you up to date on the progress of the project. Their work is done with the utmost precision and quality.
Shaher Ashhab Sales and Relationship Manager at
Working with ModulesGarden was a great experience and a very professional one. The understanding of requirements was perfect, the implementation was super efficient, and I must say I love the platform you have to track the status of the project as it saves so much time; instead of going back and forth with em... Read More
Billy Forte Founder & CEO at CloudTitan
We have used ModulesGarden for several projects now. They are extremely fast, reliable, and professional. Any changes to a billing system can be devastating if not tested. ModulesGarden went above and beyond by providing us with a test environment. They are the only company that we use for WHMCS changes.
Thomas Hernes Founder of
The guys at ModulesGarden recently helped us do a custom development of a WHMCS module. Have to say that I am extremely pleased with the entire process and the end product. Responsive development team, reasonable pricing and a development process that did not take forever but stayed on track and kept us infor... Read More
Mitch Sanders Founder & CEO at HostZilla
We contacted ModulesGarden to do some custom CMS work, very last minute after our developer was hospitalised 2 days before the launch of a new project. Not only did Konrad provide a very reasonable quote, he got everything done and MORE before our deadline and enabled us to launch the project, on time without... Read More
Ahmed Samir President & Co-Founder of DigitalFyre
For over five years, DigitalFyre worked with the development team at ModulesGarden on a significant number of projects with various levels of complexity. Each and every project was completed in time and to specification. Every time we contact ModulesGarden, their team takes its time to review the project requ... Read More