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MetricsCube Connector

MetricsCube Connector For WHMCS

Chosen by 1208 customers

MetricsCube is the world’s only reporting software integrated with WHMCS on such an extensive scale, and therefore able to drill down directly into never-before-tapped sources of information on your business.

MetricsCube Connector For WHMCS is a free module designed to let you synchronize all your business data collected in WHMCS with the MetricsCube platform so as to benefit from over 70 comprehensive reports and real-time statistics related to billing, domains, services, clients, and much more!

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Proxmox VE
Cloud VPS
$299.95 $213.71/yr
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Proxmox VE Cloud VPS For WHMCS

Chosen by 595 customers

Grant your clients permission to create and freely modify multiple virtual servers within imposed resource limits plus enable them to manage all server components remotely.

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Advanced Billing
$199.95 $142.46/yr
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Advanced Billing For WHMCS

Chosen by 686 customers

Extend billing models and customize invoice delivery to charge your clients for actual server resource usage, opened tickets, each hour of product use and more.

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$199.95 $142.46/yr
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Zendesk For WHMCS

Chosen by 262 customers

Include support tools powered by Zendesk into WHMCS, access Zendesk admin area to handle tickets deftly and bring benefits of this advanced system to your customers.

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EasyDCIM Dedicated Servers

EasyDCIM Dedicated Servers For WHMCS

Chosen by 2099 customers

Offer dedicated servers of EasyDCIM in your WHMCS, automate delivery and handling of flexible products as well as empower your clients to oversee ordered servers remotely.

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VPS & Cloud
$199.95 $149.96/yr
25% OFF

OpenStack VPS & Cloud For WHMCS

Chosen by 297 customers

Enable the provisioning of flexible virtual servers in WHMCS and allow your clients to handle each VPS product remotely: manage backups, access noVNC console and more.

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Zimbra Email
$99.95 $74.96/yr
25% OFF

Zimbra Email For WHMCS

Chosen by 338 customers

Supply Zimbra accounts and use automated control means in WHMCS, empower your clients to remotely handle mailboxes and aliases as well as quickly access webmails.

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Google Workspace
$99.95 $74.96/yr
25% OFF

Google Workspace For WHMCS

Chosen by 395 customers

Provision and manage Google services set up in a flexible manner and allow your customers the possibility to carry out all handling tasks on their products remotely.

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Password Manager
$99.95 $74.96/yr
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Password Manager For WHMCS

Chosen by 369 customers

Store any passwords securely, share access details with your staff and customers using two-way encryption, allow their handling in your client area and send notifications.

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SolusVM Extended VPS
$149.95 $112.46/yr
25% OFF

SolusVM Extended VPS For WHMCS

Chosen by 606 customers

Automate the supply and careful oversight of virtual machines in WHMCS and empower your clients to remotely handle servers, access various consoles and more.

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SolusVM Extended Cloud
$199.95 $149.96/yr
25% OFF

SolusVM Extended Cloud For WHMCS

Chosen by 367 customers

Empower your clients to freely create, resize and upgrade virtual servers within put resource limit, enable remote access to consoles and other profits in WHMCS.