Additional Solutions

We offer a range of complementary services to provide you with enhanced possibilities at various stages of the module development process, ensuring that the final product meets your specific business standards. You have the option to request these specialized solutions when submitting a new WHMCS module development request or when reviewing the initial project quotation. This allows you to tailor the project to your exact requirements and optimize the overall development experience.

  • Fast Project Turnaround

    Fast Project Turnaround

    To expedite the completion and delivery of your project, we will allocate additional resources and engage specialized experts. This approach ensures that your project will be completed in half the time, without compromising on quality. Our goal is to streamline the process and provide you with an efficient and timely solution.

  • Hire Our Developer

    Hire Our Developer

    For your project, we offer an hourly billing structure that grants you the flexibility to manage the developer(s) directly. This enables you to create and prioritize your own tasks through a personalized To-Do list. In cases where your goals extend beyond your expertise, our Development Team Manager will be there to provide guidance and support. This approach is particularly advantageous if you prefer to avoid lengthy discussions with our advisors or waiting for quotations. Whenever you are in need of a developer's professional competence to handle multiple system improvements and fixes, hiring our experts ensures that tasks are efficiently executed, allowing you to focus on your business objectives.

  • Official Module (For Enterprise)

    Official Module (For Enterprise)

    We possess the professional capability to design and develop a customized WHMCS, cPanel, Plesk or DirectAdmin module which can also be made accessible to your resellers and clients, providing them with enhanced functionality and features. Rest assured, the software will undergo rigorous QA testing to ensure its seamless performance across diverse environments used by all parties involved. Our focus is to deliver a high-quality, adaptable solution that caters to the unique requirements of your entire business ecosystem.

  • Documentation (For Enterprise)

    Documentation (For Enterprise)

    As part of the previously mentioned "Official Module" service, we are committed to providing you with comprehensive and well-organized documentation that will help you effectively utilize and maintain the created software. The documentation can be tailored to your specific needs and delivered in your preferred format, such as PDF or Wiki. Our aim is to ensure that you have all the necessary resources to maximize the benefits of the official modules we develop for you.

  • Extended License Agreement

    Extended License Agreement

    You will receive complete ownership rights to the software we have developed exclusively for you. This includes the freedom to modify and distribute the software without any restrictions or limitations.

  • Custom Deployment

    Custom Deployment

    Once the BETA phase has been completed, our dedicated team will take care of all necessary preparations, including making backups, to ensure a smooth transition. We will then proceed to implement, configure, and thoroughly test the software directly in your production environment. With the module seamlessly integrated into your existing setup, you can move straight to utilizing its benefits in your day-to-day operations.

  • SLA/Ongoing Support

    SLA/Ongoing Support

    If the solution we develop for you is mission-critical or you simply require expedited support, we can allocate our experts from L1 and L2 technical support to your project, ensuring that any issues are promptly addressed and resolved. This service not only covers problems encountered on your end but also extends to issues faced by your customers. Typically offered as a monthly plan with hourly charges, this support arrangement allows you to entrust the troubleshooting process to our dedicated team, lifting the weight off your back. Additionally, we can provide a dedicated specialist or developer at your disposal for a specified number of hours per day, catering to your specific requirements and providing you with focused assistance.

  • Extended Guarantee

    Extended Guarantee

    By choosing this option, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your project will be safeguarded by an additional guarantee. This guarantee extends to compatibility issues that may arise following updates to your infrastructure, even after the project has been completed and deployed. We are committed to adapting your software to the latest versions of your environment and ensuring its continued functionality. With this added layer of protection, you can rest assured that your software will remain operational and seamlessly integrated within your evolving technological landscape.

  • Standard Quality Assurance

    Standard Quality Assurance

    We will provide you with additional testing conducted by our experienced Quality Assurance Team. The standard testing process encompasses several essential aspects, including but not limited to compatibility tests, usability verification, data validation, as well as installation and migration verification.

  • Advanced Quality Assurance

    Advanced Quality Assurance

    We are committed to conducting highly detailed testing tailored to your specific requirements. This comprehensive testing covers various sophisticated aspects, including but not limited to checking for security issues, stress testing to evaluate system performance under demanding conditions, optimizing code for enhanced efficiency, and diligently searching for vulnerabilities.

  • Extended Verification Time

    Extended Verification Time

    We are pleased to offer you double the allocated timeframe for testing and verification. This extended period allows you to thoroughly evaluate your project and address any concerns that may arise. Our dedicated team is readily available to promptly respond to all your inquiries and provide assistance in resolving any issues with the utmost priority.

  • Module Marketing

    Module Marketing (For Enterprise)

    We are here to support your marketing efforts for your WHMCS module and help you expand your reach to potential customers. Our comprehensive marketing assistance includes various strategies such as sending an engaging newsletter to the target audience within the web hosting industry, advertising your module on prominent social media platforms and forums, creating a dedicated blog article to showcase its features and benefits, and potentially adding the module to our official product marketplace. With our expertise and extensive network, we aim to maximize the visibility and exposure of your module, ensuring that it reaches the right audience and generates interest among potential customers.