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cPanel Extended For WHMCS Icon
cPanel Extended
$99.95 $89.95/yr

cPanel Extended For WHMCS

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Automate the provisioning of web hosting accounts and equip your customers with a diverse array of tools for their extensive management right inside your WHMCS.

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Unban Center
$69.95 $66.45/yr

Unban Center For WHMCS

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Allow your clients to remotely unban their IP addresses in control panels and VPS servers while you manage unban permissions. Build your own submodules for desired systems.

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DirectAdmin Licenses For WHMCS Icon
DirectAdmin Licenses
$49.95 $47.45/yr

DirectAdmin Licenses For WHMCS

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Provision, activate and handle DirectAdmin licenses in WHMCS, equip customers with precise product details and let them alter IP addresses assigned to licenses remotely.