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$149.95 $127.45/yr
15% Discount

Zendesk For WHMCS

Chosen by 173 customers

Include support tools powered by Zendesk into WHMCS, access Zendesk admin area to handle tickets deftly and bring benefits of this advanced system to your customers.

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R1Soft Backups
$69.95 $66.45/yr
5% Discount

R1Soft Backups For WHMCS

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Offer R1Soft Server Backup Manager accounts as packages with various sets of limits and privileges plus let your clients have oversight of their products in WHMCS.

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DirectAdmin Extended
$99.95 $94.95/yr
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DirectAdmin Extended For WHMCS

Chosen by 204 customers

Automate the provisioning of web hosting accounts and permit your clients to access FTP server, handle files, web applications and other crucial components remotely.