PanelAlpha WordPress Hosting For WHMCS will let you complete all essential tasks in the provisioning and management of WordPress websites without leaving your WHMCS system.

PanelAlpha delivers a wide selection of automation and control tools for WordPress instances, which together redefine the web hosting experience for both the providers and their clients. With Extendify integration driving an AI-powered onboarding and a comprehensive customer panel well-optimized for UX, PanelAlpha leads a major shift in the industry norms and expectations for WordPress hosting services.

Beyond enabling single sign-on access to the platform, PanelAlpha WordPress Hosting For WHMCS will offer additional toolkit helping your customers to keep their WordPress sites running smoothly. With it, they will remotely monitor the status of the service along with its addons and usage billing details for active licenses. You will enjoy access to the same range of new features in the admin area, enriched with practical options for configuring services per PanelAlpha plan and automating the creation of WordPress instances during the service setup process.

With the best of both worlds, PanelAlpha WordPress Hosting For WHMCS will provide your clients with unmatched convenience in handling WordPress websites. Download the module today to give your daily business routines a power-up with automatic billing and invoicing features.

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  • Admin Area

    • Create/Terminate/Suspend/Unsuspend PanelAlpha Service
    • Change Package
    • Configure Service Per PanelAlpha Plan
    • View Selected Plan Configuration From PanelAlpha:
      • Instances Limit
      • Onboarding Type
      • Server Type And Group
      • Disk Space And Memory Limit
      • Selected DNS And Email Server
    • Enable Automatic WordPress Instance Provisioning When Service Is Created
    • Define Default WordPress Instance Theme
    • Enable Only Manual Service Termination
    • Enable PanelAlpha Single Sign-On (SSO) For Client Area
    • Configure Metric Billing For:
      • Active WordPress Instances
      • Remote Backups Size
    • Create/Terminate Service Addons With Preconfigured Packages From PanelAlpha:
      • View Selected Package Configuration With Included Plugins And Themes
  • Client Area

    • Use Single Sign-On (SSO) To Manage WordPress Instances In PanelAlpha
    • View Current Usage Billing For:
      • Active WordPress Instances
      • Remote Backups Size
  • General Info

    • Multi-Language Support
    • Supports PHP 8.1 Back To PHP 7.4
    • Supports WHMCS Themes "Six" And "Twenty-One"
    • Supports WHMCS V8.10 Back To WHMCS V8.8
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Released: May 15th, 2024
Bug Fix
  • Fixed issue where the 'Domain' field was not automatically filled in on the product details page - case #YUE-525953-578


Released: Mar 14th, 2024
  • Stable Release
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