Lagom One Step Order Form For WHMCS is certain to refashion the shopping experience with its exceptionally tasteful and well-balanced composition. From trendy layouts and styles to multiple customization options, this form has been thought out down to the last detail so as to please every taste.

Whether your customers will go through the ordering process in one step or two is entirely up to you, just like choosing if the summary box should be visible as a sidebar or at the bottom of the screen. What is more, the product packages come in two types, and can be displayed in either a vertical or horizontal setup. To add that special touch, you are also free to implement any from the range of optional accessories, such as a smart package slider, additional navigation tabs or domain spotlights.

Lagom One Step Order Form For WHMCS can be used in your WHMCS as a standalone module, that is without Lagom Client Theme installed, but it is thanks to this particular combination that access to three more styles, each enriched with 5 different color schemes, is unlocked for instant application. Rest assured, whichever option you prefer, your clients will enjoy an equally responsive interface well-suited for all kinds of devices and screen sizes.

It has never been that effortless to convert your traffic into sales. Invest in Lagom One Step Order Form For WHMCS to capitalize on modern aesthetics and let the thrill of ordering settle on your website for good!

This module is fully integrated with Lagom WHMCS Client Theme and was created in close cooperation with RS Studio.
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  • Client Area

    • Completely Redesigned Order Process
    • Attractive And Customized "Modern" Layout
    • Responsive Design With Mobile Support
    • Improved Order Conversion Rate
    • Reduced Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate
    • Order Process In One Or Two Steps
    • Quick Navigation Between Product Groups
    • Package Slider To Display Multiple Products
    • Domains Showcased In Spotlights
    • Support For All Ordering Features:
      • Intuitive Products And Product Group Selection
      • Adding Products And Product Addons To Shopping Cart
      • Registering And Transferring Domains
      • Working With MarketConnect Products
      • Applying Promo Codes
      • Changing Billing Cycles
      • Changing Currency
      • Customizing Configurable Options
      • Providing Client And Product Custom Fields
      • Support For All Payment Gateways
      • Login With Existing Account Or Creating New One
    • Compatible With WHMCS Built-in "Twenty-One" Theme And "Lagom Client Theme"
  • Admin Area

    • Choose Available Templates:
      • Order Form Type:
        • One Step
        • Two Steps
        • Step By Step (Coming Soon)
      • Order Form Layout
        • Sidebar Summary
        • Bottom Summary
      • Package Type:
        • Default Style
        • Horizontal
    • Select Layout Settings
      • Display Package Slider
      • Use Simplified Order Summary
      • Display Price Suffix
      • Show Domain Spotlights
      • Display Navigation Tabs
    • Customize Payment Gateways
      • Assign Custom Icons To Gateways
      • Use Prepared Icons From Library
      • Upload Custom Icons To Any Gateway
    • Additional Integration With "Lagom Client Theme":
      • Seamless Layouts Blending
      • Featured Additional Styles:
        • Default
        • Modern
        • Depth
        • Futuristic
      • Five Color Schemes Per Style
  • General Info

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Released: May 20th, 2022
  • Added support for the order URLs that automatically set the custom fields values - case #467
  • Added support for products that were localized with the WHMCS easy translation option - case #472
Bug Fix
  • Resolved problem that might have caused the configurable options quantity sliders not being displayed - case #461, #490
  • Pricing is now correctly displayed in case of currencies that use more than two digits in the decimal values - case #461
  • Lagom Client Theme "Hide Product Nameservers" option will be now taken into account on the order form - case #477
  • Fixed domain search when Google Invisible reCAPTCHA is turned on - case #468
  • Added translations of the messages visible when loading the order page to the language file - case #473
  • Non-Latin characters are now correctly displayed for certain language translations - case #474
  • Other code corrections and improvements


Released: May 16th, 2022
  • Stable Release
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