Discount Center For WHMCS opens up the chance to create and manage various kinds of advanced discounts in a fully automatic manner inside your WHMCS.

The module’s choice of promotional tactics starts with discounts applicable to the order of a previously defined combination of products. You will be also allowed to introduce early payment discounts for recurring services, as well as two different types of quantity price cuts, both with dynamically adjustable thresholds. Whatever approach you decide on, you will be able to specify exact customers and guests to whom the discount should be applied, determine whether it comes as a one-time or recurring offer and set up validity time frames. Informative graphs, summary tables and transparent logs will let you keep track of all pursued promotions and accurately gauge their effectiveness.

Create a lasting impact on your audience’s preferences and firm your reputation on the market. Order Discount Center For WHMCS and appeal strongly to the minds of prospective clients!

Combine Discount Center For WHMCS and Lagom One Step Order Form For WHMCS to skyrocket your sales!
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  • Admin Area

    • Create Multiple Discounts For Products, Domains And Product Addons
    • Create Multiple Quantity Discounts With Thresholds For Products, Product Groups, Domains And Product Addons
    • View Discounts Summary
    • View Discounts Logs
  • Client Area

    • View Before And After Discount Item Prices
    • Build Your Own Discounted Product Bundle
  • Discounts

    • Define Items To Apply Discount To:
      • Offered Items In Store
      • Required Items In Client Shopping Cart
      • Active Items In Client Account
    • Define Discounts For Chosen Items Per Billing Cycle:
      • Percentage
      • Fixed Amount
    • Define Items Required In Cart To Apply Discount
    • Define Items Required To Be Owned By Client To Apply Discount
    • Define Clients To Whom Discount Should Be Applied:
      • All Clients And Guests
      • New Clients
      • Chosen Clients And Client Groups
    • Define If Discount Should Be Applied One Time Or Recurring
    • Define Time Period For Recurring Discount
    • Define Discount Validity Period
    • Define If Discount Should Be Applied When Product Bundles Are Enabled
  • Quantity Discounts

    • Define Discount Type:
      • Percentage
      • Fixed Amount
    • Define Items Required To Be In Shopping Cart To Apply Discount
    • Define Items Required To Be Owned By Client To Apply Discount
    • Define Multiple Promotion Thresholds And Discount Values
    • Define Items To Be Summed Up And Compared With Thresholds
    • Choose Type Of Discount Application:
      • All Specified Items
      • More Expensive Than Specified Value
      • Less Expensive Than Specified Value
      • Chosen Products/Addons/Domains
      • Number Of Active Services
    • Choose Clients To Which Discount Should Be Applied:
      • All Clients And Guests
      • New Clients
      • Chosen Clients And Client Groups
    • Define If Discount Is Of One Time Or Recurring Type
    • Define Time Period For Recurring Discount
    • Define If Products With 'Allow Multiple Quantities' Should Be Supported
    • Define Whether To Count User Owned Services
    • Define If Discount Should Be Applied Along With Promotion Code
    • Define Discount Validity Period
    • Define If Discount Should Be Applied When Product Bundles Are Enabled
  • Early Payment Discounts

    • Define Number Of Days Of Discount Validity
    • Define Items To Apply Discount To
    • Define Discounts For Chosen Items Per Billing Cycle
    • Define Email Notifications:
      • On Invoice Creation
      • On Discount Expiration
      • Discount Cancelation Reminders With Defined Number Of Days Before Expiration
  • General Info

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Released: Feb 8th, 2023
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.7 support
  • Hide the original, crossed-out price on the order checkout and cart summary to display the final price only - case #344
  • Added support for "{$dc_hide_crossed_pricing}" variable used in the order form template integration code
  • Support for WHMCS V8.3 and previous
  • Support for PHP 7.3 version
  • Integration code for discontinued "Modern" order form template
Bug Fix
  • Corrected issues with displaying discounts for products offered with free domains - case #374
  • Eliminated "Argument #1 ($array) must be of type array" error that could occur after setting the non-hidden product's payment type to free and proceeding to the product group - case #376
  • Fixed problems with "Unsupported operand types: array" errors that might have occurred in certain module sections on PHP 8.1
  • Resolved issue with the crossed-out prices being applied to all products in a group instead of to the dedicated for quantity discounts ones
  • A discount will be now properly applied if one of the required items in the cart is a free product addon
  • Fixed issue with the specified discount thresholds being wrongly applied to domains if they are combined with other item types in the cart
  • Added missing crossed-out prices into certain places in the client area
  • Other code corrections and improvements


Released: Oct 20th, 2022
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.6 support
  • Support for PHP 8.1 version
  • Requires ionCube Loader V12 or later
  • Support for WHMCS V8.2 and previous
  • Support for PHP 7.2 version
Bug Fix
  • Minor code corrections


Released: Aug 17th, 2022
New Feature
  • Quantity discounts can now be applied to the product groups
  • Select the "Fixed amount" discount type when setting up quantity discounts
  • Services owned by a client can now be counted as a total number of products to apply the quantity discount
  • Added support for Lagom WHMCS Client Theme 2.X
Bug Fix
  • Fixed problem with access to the module addon after a currency used for discounts has been deleted from WHMCS
  • Resolved issue with displaying discounted total amount in the order summary when using Lagom Client Theme version 2.x - case #341
  • Corrected problem with sending early discount cancellation reminders at the defined time - case #345
  • Eliminated number of errors showing up in the browser's developer console
  • Other minor code corrections and improvements


Released: Jun 21st, 2022
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.5 support
  • Support for WHMCS V8.1 and previous


Released: Jan 27th, 2022
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.4 support
  • A number of queries has been optimized to speed up the loading time of the discount configurations when a lot of product items have been added in WHMCS


Released: Sep 28th, 2021
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.3 support
  • Support for WHMCS V7.10 and previous
Bug Fix
  • Minor code corrections


Released: Jun 18th, 2021
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.2 support
  • Support for PHP 7.2 version
Bug Fix
  • Eliminated "The value must be positive" error that occurred if the provided promotion price was equal to or above the "1000000" value - case #317
  • Fixed problem with generating too many records into the "tblerrorlogs" database table


Released: Mar 5th, 2021
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.1 and "Twenty-One" theme support
  • Support for WHMCS V7.9 and previous
Bug Fix
  • Fixed case when the addon price might have not been included in the recurring amount - case #313


Released: Dec 2nd, 2020
Bug Fix
  • Resolved certain problems with applying discounts when the quantity discount was enabled - case #304
  • Corrected support for the "Pure Comparison" order form template - case #306
  • Minor corrections related to displaying total recurring amount in a cart - case #307


Released: Oct 23rd, 2020
  • Support for WHMCS V7.8 and previous
Bug Fix
  • Resolved assorted issues with displaying discounts on the product list on WHMCS V8 - case #300
  • Eliminated errors in the module logs occurring when an invoice was paid using credits
  • Corrected discount calculations in the order summary for product addons
  • Other minor corrections related to WHMCS V8


Released: Aug 13th, 2020
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.0 and PHP 7.4 support
  • Support for PHP 7.0 and previous
Bug Fix
  • Discounts will no longer disappear from the order after switching the billing cycle in the "modern" order template - case #295


Released: Aug 3rd, 2020
Bug Fix
  • Added additional checks in the case when the admin deletes one of previously used currency to resolve issues with applying a new discount - case #293


Released: Apr 22nd, 2020
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7.10 support
  • Choose whether to save information about discount in order note
  • Support for WHMCS V7.7 and previous
Bug Fix
  • Fixed issue where early payment discounts might not have worked or shown on the invoices at all or after forcing invoice generation for the service renewal - case #291


Released: Jan 20th, 2020
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7.9 support
  • Support for WHMCS V7.6 and previous
Bug Fix
  • Resolved problem with displaying an incorrect monthly product's price on the order summary when the configuration of the discount's recurring months was set to "0" for lifetime discount application


Released: Oct 24th, 2019
  • You can now create promotions for the unregistered clients only by providing the "0" value in the "New Client Status - Number Of Days" setting - case #251
  • Providing the "0" value for the "Recurring Months" setting will now create a recurring discount granted for a lifetime - case #268
  • Information about granted discounts will now be added to order notes - case #261
  • Support for WHMCS V7.5 and previous
Bug Fix
  • Fixed issue that could have caused "Early Discount Cancellation Reminders" being sent every day instead of on the set values basis - case #254
  • Solved problem where early payment discount could not be deleted after having expired - case #255
  • The "Setup Fee" pricing will no longer be displayed in cart on modern template if its value equals zero - case #260
  • Fixed issue where module could have altered already paid invoices instead of the unpaid ones only - case #262
  • Corrected problem where new recurring domain price was updated based on the register price instead of the renewal one - case #269
  • Fixed case where the "Early Payment Discounts" email notifications still could have been sent even after the promotion had already ended - case #270
  • Other minor code corrections


Released: Feb 20th, 2019
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7.7 and PHP 7.3 support
  • Support for WHMCS V7.3 and previous
  • Text label in the "Choose Billing Cycle" dropdown to highlight the discount - case #250
Bug Fix
  • Resolved issue of an invalid amount of the early payment discount with multi-currency used - case #241
  • Corrected wrong recurring pricing amount for products with configurable options - case #242, #243
  • Fixed invalid pricing of discounted product addons displayed on the review & checkout summary page - case #244
  • Solved problem with displaying the pricing summary of a product added to the cart in multiple quantities - case #245
  • Fixed discount pricing of addons purchased separately - case #249
  • Minor code corrections


Released: Oct 10th, 2018
  • Increased speed of loading the "Early Payment Discount" elements in the admin area that have a large number of products and currencies - case #185
  • The logs will now include more detailed information on the applied "Early Payment Discount"
Bug Fix
  • Resolved assorted issues that might have caused the recurring prices not being properly displayed on the checkout cart view - case #233
  • The discounted prices are now correctly crossed out on the checkout cart view in certain themes - case #231
  • Solved "500 Internal Server Error" that might have occurred when accessing the logs section - case #234
  • Fixed problem with the discounted domain renewal prices being the same as registration ones - case #236
  • Resolved case of the "Early Payment Discount Canceled" message being sent twice - case #237
  • The amount with "Quantity Discounts" applied is now properly displayed on the client area products list - case #239


Released: Aug 23rd, 2018
Bug Fix
  • Resolved issues with creating database tables for the MyISAM storage engine


Released: Aug 22nd, 2018
New Feature
  • Early Payment Discounts - define discounts, their duration and reminders for recurring services invoices
  • Support for WHMCS 'Monthly Pricing Breakdown' option - case #183
  • Support for WHMCS V7.1 and previous
Bug Fix
  • Resolved problem with displaying an invalid "Total Recurring" price in the cart after applying the discount, when Modern order template is used - case #187
  • Fixed issue with discounts not being applied to product bundles according to their settings
  • Corrected issue with discounts not being applied to a paid addon associated with a free product
  • Switching between the domain registration cycles will no longer result in a discount disappearing from the cart
  • Corrected notification message when trying to change the status of a discount that has already expired
  • Tax amount will now be properly recalculated for products with multiple quantities
  • Resolved issue with applying the discount for additionally paid domains if there already is a product in cart with a free domain
  • Corrected saving a product discount configuration that might have caused a product pricing discount being overridden by their setup fee discounts
  • Fixed recurring discounts that were still applied to addons with recurring cycle after the discount has expired
  • Assorted code, UI and language corrections


Released: Jun 28th, 2018
Bug Fix
  • Resolved assorted issues with discount application to products with a free domain - case #177
  • Eliminated 'Call to a member function toPrefixed()' exception error that might have occurred in the cart - case #182
  • Corrected recurring amount in the order confirmation email - case #178
  • Solved issue with discount application for the addon with a one-time billing cycle - case #162


Released: Apr 19th, 2018
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7.5 support
  • PHP 7.1 and 7.2 support
  • Discounts can now be applied to domain transfers as well


Released: Mar 12th, 2018
Bug Fix
  • Free products are no longer wrongly considered to be paid in WHMCS V7.1.2


Released: Jan 25th, 2018
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7.4 support
Bug Fix
  • Corrected issues with support of product addons causing errors in 'Logs'
  • Fixed assorted problems which might have resulted in an incorrect calculation of discounts
  • Resolved impossibility of setting discount rates for the addons with recurring billing cycles
  • Resolved issue related to the PHP 'Call to a member function format() on string' fatal error
  • Corrected invalid calculation of quantity discounts for a number of specified products in a single order
  • Fixed faulty application of recurring discounts to the domain orders - case #152
  • Surmounted issue that might have caused a discount to disappear for the service when buying a domain - case #148


Released: Aug 2nd, 2017
Bug Fix
  • Corrected disabling of module discounts if standard WHMCS promotion code is used
  • Adjusted order summary to include discounts for domains properly
  • Regulated display of invalid addon price
  • Resolved problem with discount application only to selected clients
  • 'Free Domain' product option will be now applied properly
  • Corrected quantity discount calculation if multiple eligible products are added under 'Specified Products In Cart' field


Released: Jun 1st, 2017
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7.2 support
  • Enhanced debug logs
Bug Fix
  • Adjusted missing discounts of addons' prices in ordering process
  • Corrected quantity discounts' calculation for active services in the client area


Released: Apr 12th, 2017
New Feature
  • 'Active Services Quantity' discount - apply discounts based on the number of active products already owned by client
  • 'Active Services Quantity' discount - skip terminated services automatically
  • 'Active Services Quantity' discount - update amount on unpaid invoices dynamically
  • Disable discount activation rule if product bundles are used
  • Code refactoring
Bug Fix
  • Solved problem of not displayed discounted prices in products' category view


Released: Feb 2nd, 2017
Bug Fix
  • Calculate discounts properly when promo code is applied
  • Resolved uncaught 'Call to a member function getFriendlyPrice()' fatal error


Released: Dec 19th, 2016
New Feature
  • Define order form - required when custom order form is used
Bug Fix
  • Display setup fee of product addons in a correct manner
  • Calculate product addons price correctly


Released: Oct 27th, 2016
New Feature
  • PHP 7 support


Released: Oct 14th, 2016
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7 support
Bug Fix
  • Minor tweaks


Released: Sep 7th, 2016
Bug Fix
  • Product addon discounts are now correctly applied on the order summary page
  • Error occurring on AJAX requests has been resolved


Released: Aug 3rd, 2016
New Feature
  • Define discount validity time frames
  • Discounts - define products required to be already owned and active to apply the discount
  • Quantity Discounts - disable usage of quantity discount if promotion code is used
  • Display the number of promotional products assigned to a discount
  • Minor tweaks to enhance user experience
  • Extended multi-language support
  • Apply single, the most profitable discount only
Bug Fix
  • Major fixes and changes improving the integration with WHMCS pricing system


Released: Jun 24th, 2016
  • Display discounts in the admin area - support for the latest 'DataTables' plug-in


Released: May 4th, 2016
New Feature
  • Apply discount to product setup fees
  • Quantity Discount - support for products with 'Allow Multiple Quantities'
  • Recognize unlogged client identity to assign discount accordingly
  • 'All Clients' activation rule renders discounts visible to both logged and unlogged clients
  • Validation during discount creation


Released: Mar 2nd, 2016
  • Stable Release
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  • 1 month ago
    I highly recommend the Discount Center for WHMCS! It has made managing discounts and promotions for my business a breeze. The user-friendly interface and powerful features have saved me a lot of time and hassle. Plus, their support team is top-notch and always ready to help with any issues. Overall, a fantastic product that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to streamline their discount management.
  • 11 months ago
    This is a great addons for business to upsell with discount for your customers. A must have
  • 1 year ago
    Discount central works very effective with no issues, We are using this plugin for last 4 years
    its Great addon
  • 1 year ago
    Discount Center is a must-have module. It is very easy to use, convenient and save you a lot of time.
  • 1 year ago
    It's a really good module to be set by rules for all different types of discounts. The only thing missing is scheduling discounts, that would make it even better.
  • 1 year ago
    Excellent add-on to use in instead of the WHMCS discounts and promotions section to allow you provide more complex promotions. ModulesGarden customer services second to none :)
  • 3 years ago
    Discount Center addon works perfectly fine and it has cool features to copy and paste for various currencies and very easy to maintain the Percentage and fixed amount for each product and various billing cycle. Modulesgarden always makes our life easy and simple. We recommend modulesgarden for all the plugins they are best in the industry when it comes to modules as far as we have experienced with WHMCS related products.

  • 3 years ago
    WHMCS in itself is lacking in it's ability for flexible discounts to customer. This module put's all concerns to rest. You can discount new customers as well as current customers in a variety of ways. Easy installation and support is phenomenal. I highly recommend this module! This isn't the only module I use from modulesgarden. They have a bunch of top notch products.
  • 4 years ago
    Module works nicely to be able to show the retail price with strike through and then the discounted price beside, as well as, to have fixed amount or percentage based discounts across a product group. Also, nice to be able to offer discounts conditionally.
  • 5 years ago
    Great addon, works perfect. Had a few issues with it initially, but the guys here got them sorted quickly.
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