DNS Manager For WHMCS Icon
DNS Manager
$169.95 $134.26/yr
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DNS Manager For WHMCS

Chosen by 1355 customers

Provision DNS and rDNS zones, configure them flexibly through packages, access control tools plus empower your clients to manage zones and records in your WHMCS.

cPanel Extended For WHMCS Icon
cPanel Extended
$99.95 $78.96/yr
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cPanel Extended For WHMCS

Chosen by 1082 customers

Automate the provisioning of web hosting accounts and equip your customers with a diverse array of tools for their extensive management right inside your WHMCS.

Proxmox VPS For WHMCS Icon
Proxmox VPS
$139.95 $110.56/yr
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Proxmox VPS For WHMCS

Chosen by 1059 customers

Supply virtual servers and allow their close handling. Let your clients remotely access consoles, view usage graphs, manage backups and much more right in WHMCS.

Advanced Billing For WHMCS Icon
Advanced Billing
$129.95 $97.53/yr
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Advanced Billing For WHMCS

Chosen by 595 customers

Extend billing models and customize invoice delivery to charge your clients for actual server resource usage, opened tickets, each hour of product use and more.

$199.95 $157.96/yr
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Chosen by 600 customers

Manage prospective clients automatically: add contacts, set up campaigns, create web forms, generate quotes, preview calendar-based list of follow-ups and do much more.

Multibrand For WHMCS Icon
$169.95 $134.26/yr
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Multibrand For WHMCS

Chosen by 619 customers

Run multiple brands on multiple websites under your careful management and close supervision while using just a single WHMCS license.

IP Manager For WHMCS Icon
IP Manager
$119.95 $94.76/yr
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IP Manager For WHMCS

Chosen by 460 customers

Handle multi-level IP subnets in WHMCS: connect IP addresses to servers and products, assign subnets and child-subnets to clients and set up 3rd party integration.

Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS Icon
Payment Gateway Charges
$69.95 $55.26/yr
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Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS

Chosen by 508 customers

Include extra fees and discounts for the usage of a given payment gateway, define application conditions, select chargeable products and clients exempt from discounts.

SolusVM Extended VPS For WHMCS Icon
SolusVM Extended VPS
$99.95 $78.96/yr
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SolusVM Extended VPS For WHMCS

Chosen by 566 customers

Automate the supply and careful oversight of virtual machines in WHMCS and empower your clients to remotely handle servers, access various consoles and more.

Report Generator For WHMCS Icon
Report Generator
$99.95 $78.96/yr
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Report Generator For WHMCS

Chosen by 489 customers

Build dynamic reports from any WHMCS data using two inbuilt creators, view over 30 ready-made reports, automate their creation and pass results to employees.