Resellers Center For WHMCS will empower your resellers to handle acquired customers and generated sales in your system, while also helping you keep all their ventures under essential supervision. It is through your resellers that end clients will be able to obtain products, addons and domains directly from you!

The module features a flexible management model based on reseller groups. Each group you create can gain a diverse set of reselling permissions applicable to store branding, payment gateways, payouts' calculation methods, and other conditions. You will be able to track the sales progress statistics, as well as draw up multiple variants of documentation for resellers. Importantly, you will not need to be involved in any of reselling activities directly – the resellers alone can offer promo codes, handle acquired purchases, or even respond in tickets. All without ever leaving your WHMCS!

The genius of Resellers Center For WHMCS lies also in the choice between two reliable invoicing formulas. The first one will permit the resellers to configure independent payment gateways, issue customized invoices for end clients, and collect the money in a direct manner. Alternatively, you can receive payments settled by end clients in full, and then transfer payouts to your resellers either manually or automatically.

Let your products and services be further marketed with incomparable comfort and efficiency. Order Resellers Center For WHMCS if you crave to widen the circle of satisfied audience and rocket generated profits in next to no time!


  • Provider
    • Define Global Configuration And Reseller Permissions
    • Manage Assignment Of Clients And Services To Resellers
    • Create And Manage Pricing Groups
    • Assign Clients to Pricing Groups To Set Them As Resellers
    • Assign Products, Addons And Domains To Pricing Groups
    • Define Pricing Range Per Products, Addons And Domains For Each Billing Cycle
    • Select Payouts Calculation Method Per Products, Addons, Domains And Configurable Options:
      • Fixed Rate
      • Difference
      • Percent Rate
      • Percent From Difference Between Admin And Reseller Price
      • Admin Percent With Fixed Rate
      • Admin Percent Plus Reseller Margin
      • Reseller Percent With Fixed Rate
    • Write Own Class To Calculate Reseller Profit
    • View Statistics On Resellers Sales, Income And End Clients
    • View Reseller Profits
    • Enable Reseller Own CNAME Domain Support
    • Select Available Store And Order Templates
    • Choose Email Templates Available For Branding
    • Choose Payment Gateways Available For End Clients
    • Choose Ticket Departments Available For End Clients
    • Choose Whether To Show Products Marked As "Hidden" To End Clients
    • Determine Invoicing Method For Billing End Clients:
      • Provider As Issuer Of Invoices
      • Reseller As Issuer Of Invoices
    • Allow Invoice Branding
    • Define Default Sequential Invoice Number Format
    • Allow Resellers To Receive Commissions From Configurable Options
    • Allow Resellers To Access And Define Their Own Promotions
    • Allow Resellers To Alter Their Email Templates CSS Styling, Header And Footer
    • Prevent Resellers From Logging In As Their End Clients
    • Prevent Resellers From Viewing End Clients Details
    • Choose Whether To Send Default WHMCS Email If Reseller Template Is Disabled
    • Make Payouts To PayPal Account Or Credit Balance
    • Enable Automatic PayPal Payout Transfers
    • Prepare Documentation For Each Reseller
    • Disable Access To Knowledgebase For End Clients Of Certain Reseller
    • Disable Access To Main Store For End Clients Of All Or Certain Resellers
    • Hide Services Ordered Through Reseller Store In Admin Store View
    • Access Module Logs
  • Resellers
    • Configure Reseller Brand:
      • Domain
      • Company Name
      • Store Logo
      • Invoice Pay To Text
      • Sequential Invoice Number Format
      • Tickets Email Signature
      • Store And Order Template
      • Available Ticket Departments
    • Set Up Independent Payment Gateways Available For End Clients:
      • 2Checkout
      • Authorize.Net AIM
      • Bank Transfer
      • Billplz
      • Checkout.com
      • PayPal
      • Payflow Pro
      • Stripe
      • WePay
    • Define Order Of Payment Gateways
    • Define Prices Of Products, Addons And Domains Within Defined Limits
    • Define Individual Promotions For End Clients
    • Define Individual Terms Of Service URL For End Clients
    • Add And Manage End Clients
    • View End Clients Orders, Invoices, Products, Addons And Domains
    • Create Custom Invoice Drafts And Issue Them To End Clients
    • Place Orders For End Clients Manually
    • Manually Accept Order Of End Client Before Payment Receipt
    • Login As End Client
    • View Statistics On Sales, Income And End Clients
    • View Generated Profits
    • Access Documentation
    • Receive Payouts To PayPal Account Or Credit Balance
    • Receive Email Notifications On End Clients Orders
    • Reply To Tickets Submitted By End Clients
    • View Email Templates And Use Editor To Modify Their Content
    • Modify Email Templates CSS Styling, Header And Footer
    • Access Store By CNAME Domain Or Default Store URL
  • End Clients
    • Order Products, Addons And Domains
    • Use End Client Details For Registered Domains
    • View And Pay Invoices
    • Pay Using Credit Card And Store Payment Data
    • Apply Credits To Invoices
    • Apply Resellers Promo Codes To Orders
    • View And Manage Products
    • Receive Branded Email Notifications
    • Submit Tickets To Reseller
  • General Info
    • Migration Tool
    • Fully Integrated With Lagom Theme
    • Multi-Language Support
    • Supports PHP 7.2 Up To PHP 7.4
    • Supports WHMCS Themes "Six" And "Twenty-One"
    • Supports WHMCS V7.10 And Later
    • Easy Module Upgrade To Open Source Version
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v3.8.0 Released: Jun 9th, 2021
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.2 support
  • Enable resellers to receive percentage commissions from product configurable options - case #1183
  • "Admin Percent Plus Reseller Margin" option for payouts calculation method - case #1180
  • Support for PHP 7.1 version
Bug Fix
  • Resolved problem with sending email messages if PHP Mailer is used - case #1276
  • Fixed integration code that might have caused issues with displaying store logo on its subpages
  • Corrected placing orders for a client as a reseller when the "Reseller Invoice" option was disabled - case #1235
  • Fixed rare issue that caused "The selected gateway is not available" error when trying to place an order on the Lagom theme - case #1224
  • Eliminated "Amount must be in the decimal format" error that might have shown up when the reseller tried to place an order for a client using the Stripe payment gateway
  • Resolved assorted UI problems with the Stripe payment gateway on the "Lagom" and "Six" themes - case #1203
  • When placing an order as a client from the reseller's account, the client payment gateway will be now properly selected by default - case #1281
  • Fixed missing support for certain domain-related marge field variables used in the email templates - case #1282, #1288
  • Product categories will no longer be unenviable in the client area if their names were translated with the WHMCS tool - case #1283
  • Resolved problem with missing "Apply Credit" on the invoice if the client's credit balance is lower than or equals to the number of credits needed to pay that invoice- case #1290
  • Blocked possibility to apply more credits than the invoice total by a reseller - case #1291
  • Fixed problem that might have caused products group being empty in the client area
  • Corrected invoice counter in the client area for clients who are not resellers or who do not belong to any reseller - case #1286
  • Other code corrections and improvements
v3.7.0 Released: Mar 17th, 2021
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.1 and "Twenty-One" theme support (note: a separate integration code is required for the new theme)
  • "Send Default Emails" - if enabled and the given module email template is disabled, then the default WHMCS template will be sent instead - case #1236
  • Added currency to the total amount displayed in the "Orders" section of "Reseller Area" - case #1226
  • Added notice informing that uploaded brand logos should be consistent with WHMCS requirements - case #1258
  • Support for WHMCS V7.9 and previous
Bug Fix
  • Invoice amount is now properly updated after changing the product quantity during order - case #1218
  • Resolved problems with the full payment for an invoice using the client's credits if there were not enough funds needed to pay for it - case #1220, #1214
  • Corrected "Percentage::__toString() must return a string value" error that might have occurred when editing a promotion - case #1210
  • Corrected masquerading as client functionality from "Reseller Area" that might have caused issues due to differences with set timezone date format or auto-login redirects - case #1204, #1207, #1208
  • The order summary is now properly updated after changing the product quantity - case #1211
  • The language set for the addon module will now correctly correspond with the language set in the administrator account instead of system settings - case #1215
  • Resolved compatibility issue with the custom "ClientAreaPage" hook - case #1150
  • Solved certain problems with calculating the order summary for product addons - case #1234
  • Fixed auto-logout issue on certain servers when the "font-awesome.min.css" file could not be found - case #1217
  • Resolved problems with displaying certain non-Latin characters in field placeholders when using other language translations - case #1216
  • Corrected issue with loading pricing if there was existing a great number of products, domains, or product addons in WHMCS - case #1212
  • Fixed displaying more complex "Invoice Number Format" on the invoices list in "Reseller Area" (note: the fix will work only for newly created invoices) - case #1249
  • Resolved compatibility problem with "Easytools" - case #979
  • Assorted corrections related to placing an order for a client as a reseller - case #1235, #1148
  • Resolved problems with generating invoices for end clients instead of a reseller by the daily cron - case #1238
  • Fixed "Call to a member function getPricing() on null" error that might have occurred during the daily cron execution - case #1237
  • Invoices for the 0.00 amount will be now properly marked as paid after placing an order - case #1274
  • Corrected sending emails functionality if there were existing clients in WHMCS unassigned to any of the resellers - case #1241
  • Assorted code adjustments related to the Stripe payment gateway when paying for the first and recurring orders - case #1203, #1206, #1223
  • Fixed incorrect "Total", "Total Sale" and graphs values based on invoices if they contained multiple invoice items - case #1225
  • Disabling hooks for the addon module configuration will now work properly - case #1275
  • Support for branded users invitation emails introduced in WHMCS 8.0 will now work properly - case #1170
  • The "Domain" merge field variable can now be correctly hidden from emails if an order for the product did not include a domain - case #1239
  • Resolved exception error when trying to open a new ticket by non-logged in clients - case #1277
  • Other code corrections and UI adjustments
v3.6.2 Released: Dec 9th, 2020
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.0 and PHP 7.4 support
  • Added possibility to search clients by their email addresses when invoices are created manually from the reseller area - case #1136
  • The support departments hidden from the main WHMCS can now be assigned to the resellers' stores and displayed only for their clients - case #1118
  • The "Upgrade/Downgrade" feature for reselling services will be now disabled in the admin area for reasons beyond our control - case #1125
  • Support for WHMCS V7.8 and previous
  • Support for PHP 7.0 and previous
Bug Fix
  • "Domain Renewals" sidebar action menu will no longer be displayed if no domains are offered by a store - case #1089
  • Prevent displaying categories in the sidebar menu from the main WHMCS store when the reseller's client wanted to make a domain renewal - case #1089
  • Resolved problem with creating invoices for domains that should belong to the reseller - case #1110
  • Fixed issue that might have caused adding a slash ("/") to the end of the provided domain in the reseller area configuration which resulted in problems with URLs that contained double slashes ("//") in send email templates - case #1111
  • Modified PayPal gateway to meet new requirements from the updated API and eliminate problems with "adaptive payment commands and redirects" - case #1115
  • Corrected certain taxes calculations when the "Reseller Invoice" option is enabled - case #1116
  • The country name entry in the "Invoiced To" field on the invoice will now display the full name instead of the country code - case #1117
  • Resolved assorted issues with selecting payment gateways while placing orders if the "Turn Off End Client Invoices" option was enabled - case #1119
  • Tax names should be now correctly shown on resellers' invoices - case #1122
  • Fixed problems with displaying level 2 tax on the invoices - case #1122
  • Generated invoices will now accurately involve the "Tax Exempt" option - case #1122
  • Other tax-related corrections - case #1122
  • Adjusted certain compatibility issues with the custom WHMCS "Lagom" theme - case #1130
  • Prevented sending non-branded email templates that were disabled in the reseller configuration - case #1133
  • The payment method visible on the sent "Create Invoice Email" template will be now properly taken from the payment gateway "Display Name" field - case #1134
  • When placing an order for a client by a reseller, the stored payment card numbers will be now completed using the client's account - case #1137
  • Fixed empty "suspend reason" entry that should be sent in the "Overdue on Payment" email template - case #1138
  • Assorted corrections related to displaying client custom fields on generated invoices - case #1139
  • Enabled "Prorata Billing" option in the service configuration should be now properly taken into account when ordering products - case #1141
  • When a reseller is masqueraded on the client's account, the products added to a cart will no longer be reassigned also to the reseller's account when returning to the "Reseller Area" - case #1139
  • When invoices are marked as paid from the "Reseller Area", payment dates will be now updated accordingly - case #1147
  • Fixed issue with processing a payment to the client's invoice with a promotional code applied when the "Reseller Invoice" option is disabled - case #1149
  • Resolved issue with displaying the main WHMCS store information when adding the funds using the PayPal gateway instead of showing the reseller's store data - case #1153
  • Many other slight code corrections and improvements
v3.6.1 Released: Jun 30th, 2020
New Feature
  • Added possibility to hide "login as client" and "view client details" features from the Reseller Area - case #1099
Bug Fix
  • Fixed breadcrumbs URLs that could still redirect to the main WHMCS domain instead of the reseller's one - case #1107
  • Resolved issue with redirection when trying to renew a domain in the reseller store when deprecated "Verticalsteps" and "Boxes" order templates were still in use - case #1140
  • Assorted correction related to the wrong email templates sent using WHMCS automation - case #1100
  • Module will now try to load the "configuration.php.new" file to fix exception errors occurred when after the module update its "configuration.php" was unnecessary deleted by the admin - case #1098
  • Fixed lack of client custom fields that should be displayed on the invoices sent by emails - case #1096
  • Resolved case where non-branded clients could receive emails sent by daily cron with random resellers' logos - case #1090
  • Corrected issues that sometimes caused invalid redirection or listing of available invoices displayed in the Reseller Area - case #1094
  • Fixed issue that might have caused listing invoices in the Reseller Area that belong to another reseller - case #1091
  • Module will now properly display its version on the addons list using "moduleVersion.php" file instead of the "tbladdonmodules" database table - case #1088
  • Solved problem with obtaining the proper reseller's invoice ID when displaying invoice details in the Reseller Area - case #1087
  • Fixed "Specified Billing Cycle is not available in Reseller Store" error that might have occurred when a reseller was trying to order a product - case #1086
  • Corrected case where the WHMCS invoice template could still be in used instead the one chosen in the Reseller Area - case #1085
  • Resolved problem with the "Pay Now" button on the invoice that was incorrectly redirected to main WHMCS instead of the reseller store if the "Reseller Invoice" option was disabled and "Allow CNAME" was enabled - case #1080
  • Solved issues with shifting the next invoice date to the next month in cases when the administrator's invoice prices were set to zero - case #1114
  • Other code corrections and assorted improvements
v3.6.0 Released: May 19th, 2020
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7.10 support
  • Choose whether to display or hide WHMCS products and groups from reseller's clients that are marked as "hidden" in the main WHMCS - case #986
  • Allowed file extensions for attachments will now appear when replying to a ticket from the reseller area
  • Values displayed on graph statistics will be rounded to the second decimal place
  • Improved speed of loading items pricing in the reseller area - case #976
  • Allowed CNAME in the reseller area configuration no longer requires for the domain to be entered with the closing "/" character - case #980
  • After adding a new client from the reseller area, the form with the previously entered client's details will be now cleared
  • Added URLs redirection to given resellers listed in logs
  • Searching in logs will now include results from more columns
  • Improved setting pricing for the reseller items in the currencies that are set for their items in the main WHMCS
  • Updated integration code for the viewinvoice.tpl template file - case #955
  • Support for WHMCS V7.7 and previous
Bug Fix
  • Corrected payout using the PayPal gateway to prevent "400 response error"
  • Given tax level will no longer be shown on the invoice view if disabled
  • Prevent displaying "Uncaught TypeError" on browser's developer console when editing an email template
  • Order confirmation page will be now properly displayed after credit card payment
  • Adjusted using promo codes when upgrading or downgrading a product
  • The reseller details will be now properly presented on the invoice when the "Store Client Data Snapshot" option is enabled - case #913
  • The welcome client sign-up emails will no longer be sent when they were disabled in WHMCS settings - case #919, #972
  • The relevant notice instead of an error will now be displayed on invoice creation from the reseller area when the "Reseller Invoice" option is enabled and no payment gateway has been defined yet - case #920
  • Resolved problems with using the Stripe payment gateway - case #927
  • The orders column in the reseller area can be now sorted by the payment status
  • Disabling "Turn Off Login to Main Brand" option will no longer block logging in from the admin area - case #952
  • Fixed incorrect statistics from reseller invoices displayed on the income graph - case #975
  • Resolved problem with URLs to submit support tickets that are sent in emails to clients and might have ended with the "/" character - case #1001
  • Adjusted displaying logo on the PDF invoice when "Reseller Invoice" is disabled - case #1005
  • Fixed issue where the invoice ID instead of the invoice number was displayed in email messages sent to clients - case #1011
  • Prevent resellers from providing scripts in the reseller area configuration fields
  • Corrected case that might have caused a "one time" products being displayed as monthly in the client area
  • Resolved case that might have resulted in issues with redirection to the login page when loaded from mobile devices - case #1033
  • Fixed problem with the inability of disabling a given billing cycle when editing the domain pricing
  • Solved issue where a client could buy a product for unavailable billing cycle
  • Resolved problems with not saving toggle fields statuses when creating a new client from the reseller area
  • Resellers' clients are prevented from making payments using credits even when the "Credit Payment" feature is disabled
  • Fixed issues with mass payments for the reseller payouts
  • Adjusted overriding CSS styles for both admin and client area - case #1076
  • Assorted fixes related to the security issues
  • Other minor code corrections
v3.5.2 Released: Feb 19th, 2020
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7.9 support
  • Auto-generate Pricing - when creating a reseller you can choose whether to generate pricing for all available products in the selected group - case #964
  • Slight optimization of database usage in order to increase the module performance - case #965
  • Support for WHMCS V7.6 and previous
Bug Fix
  • Fixed problem that could have caused that the billing cycle next to product price disappeared from the order form - case #960
  • Added missing support for the "{$ssl_configuration_link}" merge field variable used in email templates - case #962
  • Resolved issue with header that could have been empty in email messages sent by reseller - case #963
  • "Column 'paymentmethod' cannot be null" error will no longer occur during cron execution if generating invoices for end-clients by the reseller is disabled - case #966
  • Fixed lack of ability to sort invoices in the Reseller Area - case #967
  • Email welcome message will no longer be sent to clients when creating a new account by reseller if the corresponding option was actually unchecked - case #972
  • Fixed incorrect statistics from reseller invoices displayed on the income graph - case #975
  • Resolved problem with missing invoices when logging in to reseller's end-client area if the "Reseller Invoice" option was disabled - case #981
  • The number of due invoices sidebar will be now displayed properly if any other language than English is used by end-clients - case #982
  • Other minor corrections
v3.5.1 Released: Nov 13th, 2019
Bug Fix
  • Resolved problem with invalid password reset URL being sent to end-clients in password reset emails - case #956, #957
  • Corrected user validation when adding a new client account in the Reseller Area - case #954
v3.5.0 Released: Oct 9th, 2019
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7.8 support
  • Choose whether services ordered via the reseller's store should be shown or hidden in the Admin Store view - case #898
  • Assorted module optimizations
Bug Fix
  • Resolved problem with creating an additional invoice in the main system after the first monthly cycle, with a discount/refund from reseller applied to it - case #773
  • Fixed issue that might have caused the price not being displayed in the cart if the product had no customization options - case #894
  • Corrected case where the module could have shown an invalid renewal price in the cart, different than the one set in the product configuration - case #899
  • Fixed problem where a client could not log in to the reseller's store after registration - case #900
  • Solved problem with saving the "Tick Box" custom client field status when editing customer profile in the Reseller Area
  • Eliminated assorted errors occurring in browser's inspector console
  • Minor adjustments to credit payments
  • Other slight corrections and tweak-ups
v3.4.0 Released: Jun 26th, 2019
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7.7 and PHP 7.3 support
  • Resellers can now directly view and precisely filter their clients' orders with purchased products, addons and domains
  • Payment getaways configurations in the Reseller Area will be disabled if the end client invoices are turned off - case #738
  • If no nameservers are defined in the hosting, they will be obtained from the server configuration when sending merge fields variables in the welcome email - case #763
  • If the addon is configured in WHMCS as one-time with zero price amount but with any setup fee, setting such addon's pricing in the resellers pricing groups will no longer be hampered - case #768
  • Client custom fields in the reseller's email templates will be now displayed to the end clients in the email messages - case #736
  • In case the end-client pays invoices in a currency different than the reseller's one, the amounts on the invoices settled between the provider and the reseller will be recalculated accordingly, instead of being taken as 1:1
  • The reseller's "company name" will be now also branded in the WHMCS announcements section - case #849
  • Assorted code adjustments and improvements
  • Support for WHMCS V7.5 and previous
  • Disabled verification of SSL certificates when sending email messages that might have caused troubles on certain servers configurations - case #725
Bug Fix
  • Eliminated issue related to updating the clients' details or resetting their password in the Reseller Area - case #724, #728
  • Fixed case that could prevent a non-reseller's client from finalizing the order and creating the invoice in the provider's store - case #726
  • Client verification email URL will be now properly branded when a new account is created manually in the Reseller Area - case #731
  • Resolved "Out of memory" error that could occur for non-logged in users in the client area on installations with a large number of tickets - case #733
  • When previewing invoices in the Reseller Area, they will be now properly displayed in the desired language instead of English in certain cases - case #743
  • Fixed issues with some invoices that might not have been visible for the end clients if the "Reseller Invoice" option was enabled - case #737
  • Fixed problem that could cause the provider's clients to get the reseller's products pricing on the invoices generated by cron - case #739
  • Eliminated error that might have occurred when the provider's client generated an upgrade invoice - case #740
  • Solved issue where the "Pay To" text might have been empty on the provider's invoices - case #741
  • Corrected problem that might have caused certain invoices to be automatically marked as paid - case #742, #747
  • Fatal error will no longer occur if a non-logged in reseller tries to access the Reseller Area - case #749
  • Cases of displaying duplicated invoices on the list in the Reseller Area will no longer occur - case #750
  • Corrected "Total Due" amount on the mass invoice if any of the invoices have already been partially paid by the end client - case #751
  • Fixed problem with the merged invoices being incorrectly displayed in the client area - case #752
  • Adding credit funds by the end client should no longer end with the fatal error - case #754
  • Mass payment invoice should be now correctly updated when the new invoices are created - case #755
  • If a reseller removes a product from the offer which has been previously added to the cart by the end client, a fatal error will not occur on that cart view - case #758
  • "Log in to your account" and "Get support" URLs in the email message footer will be now branded correctly - case #760
  • Fixed problem that might have prevented resellers from logging back into their account after they have logged in to their end client account - case #759
  • Going out of the cart page by the reseller, when placing an order for the end client, will no longer result in exiting that mode until the reseller clicks on the return link - case #766
  • Fixed problem with the reseller payouts if there were custom items on the invoice - case #767
  • The reseller will no longer be allowed to set the pricing without the setup fee if such was set by the provider
  • Added missing notification if there are not sufficient credit funds on the reseller account to order the upgrade/downgrade service
  • When ordering a hosting with domain registration or transfer, the suggested prices will no longer be obtained from the provider's WHMCS
  • Upgrade/downgrade invoices will now have the correct sequence number of the invoice set by the reseller instead of the provider
  • Fixed invalid date of the invoice item if there was an upgrade/downgrade order made for the product with one-time billing cycle
  • Resolved fatal error that might have occurred when the promo code was used and the end client was trying to make payment using credit funds
  • If taxes are disabled in WHMCS, the invoice items will no longer have the asterisks indicator of the taxed elements
  • When the end client searches for a domain name, the suggestions that are given will no longer include TLDs that the reseller does not have access to - case #856
  • Fixed problem where the product addon price might not have been included in the total amount due on the review order summary - case #855
  • If the end client is tax-exempt, the tax will no longer be applied to the reseller's invoice - case #851
  • Corrected case of missing configurable options items on invoice between the reseller and the provider - case #844
  • Fixed missing "Terms of Service" acceptance for end clients if that option is enabled in WHMCS general configuration, but the store branding is not used by the reseller - case #839
  • The reseller's profit made from product addons setup fees differences will be now properly settled on payouts - case #827, #828
  • Solved problem where reseller's "Invoice Pay To Text" might have been displayed in a single line on the end client invoice
  • Resolved issues with the mass payment functionality - case #836
  • Many other various fixes and corrections
v3.3.0 Released: Dec 20th, 2018
New Feature
  • Support for Billplz payment gateway
  • Allow resellers to alter CSS styling, header and footer in their email templates
  • End clients can now apply credits to the reseller's invoices
  • Disable access to Knowledgebase section for reseller's end clients - case #659
  • Prevent end clients of a certain reseller to log in to the main WHMCS store
  • Manually assign new relations between the reseller's store and the end clients' services - case #679
  • Resellers can now create custom draft invoices and issue them for their end clients
  • Integration code for WHMCS prior to V7.2 which is no longer supported
Bug Fix
  • A correct HTTP or HTTPS system URL scheme will be now used for the "Login As Client" feature
  • Corrected issue that might have caused a reseller's email message and invoices to contain the main store logo instead of the reseller's one - case #679
  • Fixed cases of a service or a domain billing cycle price being obtained from the main WHMCS store instead of from the reseller's pricing - case #684, #671
  • Replaced "Email Sending Aborted by Hook" message that might have been unnecessarily visible in logs
  • Resolved "DataTables warning" that might have occurred when custom characters were used in the search boxes
  • Reseller's promotions will be now correctly applied to the domains and other billing cycles
  • Solved problem that might have prevented a service "Welcome Email" from being sent to the reseller's end client - case #674
  • Reseller invoices will be now correctly generated when "cgi-fcgi" process is running on the server - case #686
  • Resolved issue that kept a reseller from modifying a domain renewal and transfer pricing if the register pricing was not enabled in WHMCS V7.4 or later - case #683
  • The mass payment invoice created for the reseller's end client will be now correctly branded - case #681
  • All TLDs available in the main WHMCS store instead of only those from the reseller's store will no longer be displayed when the end client orders a product with a domain - case #677
  • Services, domains, tickets, invoices, quotes etc. that are related to the reseller's store will no longer be displayed when the end client logs into the main administrator store - case #692
  • Paying the previously merged reseller's invoices will no longer prevent order activation by displaying the "Order ID not found or Status not Pending" error
  • The custom PDF attachments directory path set in "configuration.php" file will be now correctly taken into account by the module - case #676
  • Fixed case that might have caused the merge fields variables related to products/services not to be applied to an email template - case #675
  • Added missing email templates related to the reseller's invoices
  • Generation of resellers invoices has been optimized to resolve certain issues with their proper creation
  • Minor UI adjustments
  • Many other code tweaks, optimizations and corrections
v3.2.4 Released: Sep 20th, 2018
Bug Fix
  • Corrected major security flaw
  • Bug Fix: Resolved several issues with displaying an invalid price for the domain transfer - case #665
  • Fixed issue with setting up an invalid domain renewal price - case #666
  • Solved problem with "Boxes" order template showing all the available domains in cart when ordering a product
v3.2.3 Released: Aug 9th, 2018
Bug Fix
  • The quotation message will no longer show a reseller as a sender when it is sent from the admin area
  • Corrected monthly income in the admin area statistics
  • Eliminated fatal error that might have occurred in domain search in the reseller's store
  • The client will not be able to log in to the brand they are not assigned to anymore
  • Fixed empty email notification about a ticket reply
  • The reseller's assignment to documentation will be from now on displayed properly
  • Branded domain spotlight and suggestions will now display correct pricing obtained from the reseller's brand
v3.2.2 Released: Jul 16th, 2018
Bug Fix
  • Resolved issue with the 'Admin Only' custom fields visible in the Reseller Area
v3.2.1 Released: Apr 24th, 2018
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7.5 support
  • PHP 7.1 and 7.2 support
Bug Fix
  • Solved problem with fetching the invoice ID instead of the invoice number for the name of the PDF invoice file
  • The {$invoice_num} variable will now also include the invoice ID in case the invoice number field is empty
  • Resolved problem with attachments if a custom folder for storage is set in the configuration.php file
  • Corrected missing pricing of domain items for reseller invoices generated by the administrator
  • Fixed reseller payouts when using the API on the live mode
  • Minor code corrections
v3.2.0 Released: Jan 10th, 2018
New Feature
  • Promo codes can be now created directly by the resellers for end clients
  • Support for 2Checkout, Authorize.Net AIM, Checkout.com, Payflow Pro and WePay payment gateways
  • Resellers can now set up their own Terms of Service URL for end clients - case #373
  • The form for creating or editing an end client by a reseller now also includes custom fields - case #505
  • Added URLs to client profiles on the 'WHMCS Invoices' section in the Reseller Area
  • Service downgrade feature now respects the 'Credit On Downgrade' option in the main WHMCS configuration
  • Assorted code, UI and language improvements
  • 'Clients Only Bounce Message' email template
  • Hiding a product or a group of products in the WHMCS admin area will no longer render them hidden for reseller's clients - case #512
  • Warning about the lack of at least one payment gateway configured will now appear only in the 'Configuration' section in the Reseller Area
  • Promotions created in the WHMCS admin area will be no longer applicable in resellers' stores
Bug Fix
  • Resolved issue that might have displayed the notification on the wrong storage folder path upon the module addon activation
  • Blocked possibility of repeating the PayPal payout for a reseller if the previous payment has already been successfully completed
  • Fixed fatal error that might have prevented a reseller from placing an order for an end client
  • Surmounted console errors occurring on domain registration
  • Corrected display of an invalid amount in the 'Last Month Sale' record
  • Fixed lack of checkboxes for the addons selection in the 'Boxes' order template
  • Solved missing sequential invoice numbers for invoices generated by cron
  • Resolved issue that might have led to improper branding of printed and PDF invoices for end clients
  • End clients will no longer see tickets from other brands in the 'Recent Support Tickets' segment
  • Resolved problem with the lack of a default payment form at the checkout occurring when a credit payment is the first on the gateways list
  • Copying default prices for reseller services will now properly take account of the currency rate - case #496
  • Minor code refinements
v3.1.2 Released: Nov 24th, 2017
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7.3 and V7.4 support
  • Allow end clients to use promo codes created by an administrator
  • Decide whether to allow end clients to place orders in the administrator's store
Bug Fix
  • Resolved blank page issue during the module migration if no groups have been assigned in the previous version
  • Corrected reseller relations for invoices generated by cron which may render the incorrect branding of sent emails
  • Prices of registered and transferred domains for reseller invoices will now be properly branded
  • Fixed the problem with incorrect price display in end client's cart for the product with only one time billing cycle
  • Invoices issued for resellers will now be correctly converted into their currency
  • Resolved issue with incorrect display of end client's total order amount for products with recurring billing cycles
  • When the 'Default to Client Area' option is enabled in the general WHMCS settings, the 'Log in as a client' feature in the Reseller Area will now work properly
  • Corrected problem with the lack of promo codes on invoices for customers not acquired by resellers
  • Solved problem with the incorrect assignment of clients to resellers who have the template branding disabled
  • Corrected branding of 'Support Ticket Opened' template
  • The branded email notification of a ticket reply from the support will now contain the latest ticket reply instead of ticket opening information
  • Fixed lack of a welcome message sent after the manual client creation by a reseller
  • WHMCS gateway log is now properly showing debug data from the module's payment gateways
  • Resolved problem with end client's invoices not being marked as paid after the payment via PayPal gateway
  • Fixed bug concerning the lack of charges for configurable options on invoices issued to resellers
  • Product with WHMCS 'Feature Highlights' description will now be correctly formatted
  • WHMCS 'Order Days Grace' will now be included in the due date when issuing an invoice to a reseller
  • Minor UI corrections
v3.1.1 Released: Jul 20th, 2017
Bug Fix
  • Solved problems with 'exception' error that might occur on module migration
  • Resolved fatal error occurring on payment of invoice created by reseller for end-client order
  • Eliminated slow page loading for end clients
  • Adjusted domain search for SLDs (second-level domains) - e.g. .co.uk
  • Corrected search box on resellers list that might cause 'SyntaxError'
  • Fixed blank page in the client area when ticket is opened for the reseller
v3.1.0 Released: Jun 22nd, 2017
New Feature
  • Support for WHMCS V7.2
  • Stripe payment gateway for resellers
  • Allow resellers to change the status of invoices manually
  • Define pricing for multiple addon billing cycles - WHMCS V7.2 only
  • Permit resellers to define the order of payment gateways using drag & drop feature
  • Extended details view on reseller's invoice
  • Added 'Convert To For Processing' option for reseller's PayPal gateway configuration
  • 'Accept Orders' and 'Order Details' pop-ups now show URLs to generated invoices
  • Various adjustments to reseller's invoice details and transactions view
  • Payment methods on the list of reseller's invoices are now shown in a friendly format
  • 'Back to Client Area' URL on invoices generated by reseller now redirects directly to the Reseller Area
  • Unavailable billing cycles for reseller are now hidden in 'Edit pricing' view
  • Minor messages and notifications refinements
  • Support for WHMCS V6
Bug Fix
  • Corrected zero amount on invoices during registering, renewing or transferring domains
  • Corrected zero amount of 'Total Sale' and 'Last Month Sale' on resellers list view if 'Reseller Invoice' option is enabled
  • Solved issue with invalid amount of domain renewals on reseller's list of orders
  • Corrected amount of domain pricing shown in end client's cart
  • Resolved issue with incorrect domain expiration date
  • Corrected display of reseller's income
  • Upgrade/downgrade services now generate invoices in the Reseller Area properly
  • Resolved problems with adding new transactions from the Reseller Area
  • Corrected counter of end client's due invoices
  • End clients now see reseller's branded invoice number
  • Fixed sending 'Invoice Payment Confirmation' email for end clients if 'Auto WHMCS Invoice Payment' option is enabled
  • Corrected listing of product categories in the client area
  • Fixed listing of all product categories in cart view for non-logged clients
  • Corrected display of invoices' status in the Reseller Area
  • Many other UI, language and code adjustments
v3.1.0 Released: May 4th, 2017 BETA
New Feature
  • Allow resellers to set up independent PayPal and bank transfer gateways to receive payments from end clients directly
  • Deduct amount payable from resellers' credit balance
  • Enable resellers to issue customized invoices for end clients
  • Accept end clients' orders manually using credits from resellers' accounts
Bug Fix
  • Surmounted issue with not included tax in cart and checkout page
  • Resolved problem with character encoding method causing errors in invoices section
  • Corrected addition of more TLDs to pricing group at a time
  • Solved issue with displaying currency of reseller instead of client in cart
  • Many other minor tweaks
v3.0.1 Released: Apr 26th, 2017
New Feature
  • Sample HTML and PDF documentation for resellers
v3.0.0 Released: Apr 18th, 2017
New Feature
  • Prepare documentation for each reseller
  • Multi-currency management
  • Restored migration from previous versions
Bug Fix
  • Corrected process of invoice generation
  • Regulated logging in as end client
  • Contact details of end client are now saved correctly
  • Corrected invoice number format in 'Reseller Assignments' section
  • Adjusted support for CNAME domain
  • Adjusted display of payout amounts
  • Minor code alterations
v3.0.0 Released: Mar 22nd, 2017 BETA
  • Completely rewritten code
  • Rebuilt admin and reseller area interface
  • Consider end customers to be regular WHMCS clients instead of resellers contacts
New Feature
  • Enable resellers to sell addons and domains
  • Allow end clients to pay using credit card and store payment data
  • Make automatic and manual payouts directly to resellers PayPal accounts
  • Select payment gateways available for end clients
  • Permit resellers to brand invoice sequential number
  • VIES based EU VAT removal for end clients
  • Migration from previous versions - to be restored in coming update
v2.5.14 Released: Mar 14th, 2017
Bug Fix
  • Send notifications to contacts when a client is not a reseller
  • Corrected missing contact ID when sending invoice messages from the admin area to client's contacts
  • Solved issue of not working 'Manage' button in 'Manage Group Products' section
v2.5.13 Released: Feb 15th, 2017
Bug Fix
  • Resolved issue with WHMCS cron compatibility
v2.5.12 Released: Jan 9th, 2017
  • Enable the usage of HTML tags in the module's email templates
  • Obsolete cronjob.php file
Bug Fix
  • Enhanced compatibility with Multibrand For WHMCS module
v2.5.11 Released: Nov 18th, 2016
Bug Fix
  • Resolved fatal error occurring in the WHMCS admin area in case the module is loaded as the first in line
v2.5.10 Released: Nov 3rd, 2016
New Feature
  • New Feature: PHP 7 support
v2.5.9 Released: Oct 14th, 2016
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7 support
Bug Fix
  • Minor code refinements
v2.5.8 Released: Sep 19th, 2016
Bug Fix
  • Hide services, domains, tickets and invoices if they are disabled in the module
  • Calculate the reseller's client owned domains only
v2.5.7 Released: Sep 5th, 2016
  • HTML tags are now allowed in reseller email templates
Bug Fix
  • Prevent too frequent cart.php redirections
v2.5.6 Released: Jun 14th, 2016
Bug Fix
  • Send email template - support for special characters
v2.5.5 Released: Apr 14th, 2016
  • Support for BCC messages
Bug Fix
  • Display price for chosen price period
  • Incorrect support department email address
  • Minor tweaks
v2.5.4 Released: Sep 14th, 2015
Bug Fix
  • Email sending in WHMCS V5
v2.5.3 Released: Aug 31st, 2015
New Feature
  • WHMCS V6 support
  • Branding of panels and notifications introduced in WHMCS V6
  • Resellers can define custom email address and CSS schema
  • User interface of admin area
  • Mass payment support has been revoked
Bug Fix
  • Resellers order links
  • Removed redirect loops
  • Minor fixes and improvements
v2.5.2 Released: Mar 13th, 2015
New Feature
  • Windows server support
Bug Fix
  • Order form with no tax configured
v2.5.0 Released: Feb 4th, 2015
  • Entirely new module logic
  • Completely rewritten code
  • Email templates editor
New Feature
  • Define product price limits and profit counting
  • Define domains discount per reseller
  • Resellers - redeem credit balance from current balance
  • Resellers - view profit generated with each transaction made by end-clients
  • Resellers - define product price within defined limits
  • Resellers - define email signature
  • Migration Tool - migrate settings from previous version of module
  • Client groups replaced with reseller groups
  • Assign products to reseller groups instead of product groups
  • Profit earned by resellers is now separated from their credit balance
v2.0.5 Released: Sep 9th, 2014
Bug Fix
  • Email templates
v2.0.4 Released: Sep 1st, 2014
  • Improved security and license validation
v2.0.2 Released: Dec 13th, 2013
  • Fixed bug with SSL and resellers link redirection
  • Fixed bug occurring after placing an order by subclient from the reseller's link due which order was not enabled
  • Fixed bug occurring when visitor clicked on reseller's link and then registered. Due to this bug he was just becoming a client instead of reseller's contact.
  • Fixed display of number of tickets for subclients on home page
  • Minor language bug fixes
v2.0.0 Released: Dec 11th, 2013
  • Reseller's Branding Area (CNAME, template, logo)
  • Multi-Language support
  • Possibility to edit email templates by resellers for their subclients
  • First level of support for subclients
  • Possibility to assign specific product groups to specific client groups
  • Resellers list at the addon
  • Information about subclients assigned to the product in the resellers client area
  • Information highlighted in green or red about integration codes status
  • Possibility to add subclient during order creation in resellers area
  • Module homepage with helpful hints
  • New addon tab with resellers sales
  • Subclients list at the addon
  • Bug: After deletion of subclient, package associated with the subclient becomes available for other resellers
  • Bug: Invoice PDF with subclient details
  • Fixed compatibility with other ModulesGarden's modules
  • Addon display with full width
  • Minor fixes
v1.0.0 Released: Mar 25th, 2013
  • Stable Release
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  • 2 months ago
    Wow, extremely powerful and useful module. Modulesgarden never ceases to amaze me with their outstanding products and this is definitely one of the most impressive.
  • 10 months ago
    A very well thought out module, I appreciate the amount of options and analytics it provides. It's the perfect set of tools to build a network of resellers and provide them with all the necessary resources to be successful. Highly recommended!
  • 10 months ago
    One of the best modules from Modules Garden to build a network of partners and resellers! what's even greater is the Modules Garden support team and their response to any inquiry our team had to fix a few things and making it even better.

    with years of experience in the industry, we know nothing is 100% perfect to meet everyone's demand, but their good support team and their ongoing updates surely makes these products near perfect.
  • 1 year ago
    As an independent hosting provider, I was looking for a solution that was powerful, yet easy to configure and simple for my resellers, after trying various products available in the market I finally found “Resellers Center For WHMCS”.

    Resellers Center For WHMCS has everything you need to start a business with your resellers operating their own brand and logo thanks to the possibility of creating CNAME records that point to the domains of your resellers, also thanks to the complete integration with WHMCS the billing tasks , creation and administration of orders and even support via tickets are easier than ever.

    Another thing that I really liked so far: The after sales support offered by ModulesGarden has been excellent!
  • 2 years ago
    This a really great module that you have here, superbly thought, smoothly developed and working greatly. Your customer support is also out of this world, I have enjoyed working with you and I look forward to many more engagements with you.
  • 2 years ago
    Works as documented.

    Needs a few more enhancements, which i am told should be on the roadmap.
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