ModulesGarden Widget For WHMCS will make sure you are always up to speed with the hottest news, product updates, and promotional actions at ModulesGarden. The widget will let you know whenever there is a new version of your module available for download, providing a shortcut to the changelog to help you quickly dig into its details.

With this subtle addition to your WHMCS dashboard, you will gain access to exclusive promo codes not obtainable anywhere else! Once activated, the widget will also display the most recent tweet so you will never miss any important announcement shared by ModulesGarden.

ModulesGarden Widget For WHMCS – keep abreast of all grand disclosures and retain full control over your favorite modules at all times!


  • Admin Area
    • View Active Promo Codes And Recent News
    • Check If Your Modules Are Up To Date
    • Quickly Redirect To Changelog Of Each Outdated Module
    • Show/Hide ModulesGarden Latest Post On Twitter
    • Define Widget Priority And Length In Configuration File
  • General Info
    • No Installation Required - Upload, Activate And Use!
    • Supports PHP 5.6 Up To PHP 7.2
    • Supports WHMCS V7.2 And Later
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v1.1.0 Released Sep 6th, 2018
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7.5 and V7.6 support
  • PHP 7.1 and 7.2 support
  • Adjust the widget size by defining the length of the products list in the configuration file
  • Minor UI adjustments
  • Assorted code refinements
  • Support for WHMCS V7.1 and previous
  • Define the widget priority in the configuration file instead of using the drag & drop feature which is no longer supported by WHMCS
v1.0.6 Released Nov 2nd, 2016
New Feature
  • PHP 7 support
v1.0.5 Released Oct 6th, 2016
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7 support
  • Minor tweaks
v1.0.4 Released Jul 28th, 2016
  • General user interface and core refinements
Bug Fix
  • Random issues with Twitter posts displaying have been corrected
v1.0.3 Released Nov 5th, 2015
  • Checking modules versions
  • Displaying Twitter posts
v1.0.2 Released Mar 10th, 2015
  • 'Check Now' redirect type
Bug Fix
  • Minor fixes
v1.0.1 Released Mar 4th, 2015
Bug Fix
  • Minor fixes
v1.0.0 Released Oct 9th, 2014
  • Initial Release
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