Zendesk For Blesta is a perfect choice for all Blesta owners who use Zendesk! It connects the two systems finely to bring all Zendesk innovations straight into your client area, while replacing the inbuilt Blesta support system with one of the most desired customer service solutions.

Owing to our extension, your customers will never again need to leave your client area to open new tickets or see your replies sent from the Zendesk platform. As an administrator, you will easily handle all the tickets from within both Blesta and Zendesk. With the means for customizing the visibility of tickets according to their status, the entire appearance will remain clear-cut and exquisite to look at. What is more, any ticket field enabled or created in Zendesk will be immediately put into practice in Blesta formula. The automatic integration guarantees that not only every new ticket will be transferred to Zendesk but also a customer account will be set up in the platform as soon as the ticket is sent. The plugin is compatible with the Zendesk's Multibrand component and thereby let you freely select which brand from those available in your support tickets management system should be connected with a given Blesta instance.

We are all well aware that it is the condition of the customer service that speaks the loudest for our businesses. Do not waste the sure-fire opportunity to make your front-line services impeccable and order Zendesk For Blesta today!


  • Client Area

    • Open New Ticket
    • Manage Existing Ticket
    • Fill Out Zendesk Ticket Fields
    • Attach Files To Ticket
    • View Ticket Statistics
  • Admin Area

    • Display All Tickets Of Selected Client On Their Page
    • View Ticket Content In Zendesk
    • Toggle SSL Verification
    • Select Zendesk Brand
    • Define Plugin Behaviour
    • Allow Attachments
    • Define Ticket Status Colours
    • Run API Connection Test
  • Integration

    • Export New Tickets To Zendesk
    • Export Clients To Zendesk On Tickets Creation
    • Synchronize Ticket Responses Between Blesta And Zendesk
    • Transfer Ticket Fields Settings
  • General Info

    • Supports Multiple Attachments In Single Ticket Message
    • Multi-Language Support
    • Supports PHP 5.4 Up To PHP 7
    • Supports Blesta V3 and V4
    • Easy Module Upgrade To Open Source Version
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Released: Sep 6th, 2017
New Feature
  • Support for Blesta up to version 4.1
  • PHP 7 support
  • Support for Zendesk Multibrand feature
Bug Fix
  • Solved problem with the lack of Zendesk account configuration details arising in the latest Blesta versions
  • Surmounted issue with 'Field Type can not be empty' error that might occur on ticket creation
  • Message box will no longer appear for closed tickets
  • Corrected sorting of data with different letter cases
  • Fixed behavior of 'Created At' and 'Updated At' date fields in the ticket details view
  • Minor code and language adjustments


Released: Sep 1st, 2016
  • Stable Release
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