PKNIC Domain Registrar For WHMCS module simplifies the process of provisioning .pk ccTLD domains within your WHMCS system by automating the registration and renewal steps.

Your customers will be allowed to buy .pk domains and manage nameserver settings without ever leaving your website. They will also have the flexibility to opt for automatic renewal of their purchased domains or choose to handle it manually, according to their preference. In addition, this module will let you conveniently edit essential details directly from the admin area as well as keep track of the current credit balance through a handy widget on the dashboard.

Make it happen now - order PKNIC Domain Registrar For WHMCS and notice your reselling business thriving as it explores new horizons for expansion in Pakistan!


  • Admin Area

    • Register And Renew .PK ccTLD Domains
    • Modify Contact Details
    • Update Nameservers
    • Toggle Domain Auto Renewal
    • Monitor Account Credit Balance With Dashboard Widget
  • Client Area

    • Register .PK ccTLD Domains
    • Toggle Domain Auto Renewal
    • Manage Nameservers
    • Update Contact Details
  • General Info

    • Supports PHP 8.1 Back To PHP 7.4
    • Supports WHMCS Themes "Six" And "Twenty-One"
    • Supports WHMCS V8.10 Back To WHMCS V8.6
    • Requires ionCube Loader V12 Or Later
    • Easy Module Upgrade To Open Source Version
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Released: Dec 11th, 2023
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.9 support
  • Added option to enable module logs for API responses - case #16
Bug Fix
  • Eliminated issue where a "Bad Request" error was thrown if the API endpoint URL ended with the slash "/" character - case #16


Released: Sep 27th, 2023
  • Stable Release
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