Polish Language Translation For WHMCS is a solution of exceptional value which will enable you to add Polish to the list of available languages in your WHMCS. The greatest advantage of this tool lies in the possibility to apply Polish language version for all clients, guests, and administrators in your system at once, or allow them to make this important decision on their own at any time. Whichever option you decide on, you may rest assured that all elements of the admin and client area have been translated with utmost care by a dedicated team consisting of WHMCS experts and most skilled language specialists.

Together with additional benefits including routine translation updates and freedom of code modification, you will gain the unique opportunity to switch the default language of your client area in a fully automated manner. In order to achieve that, simply download our free Geolocation Hook For WHMCS and configure according to the instructions provided in its official documentation.

Still wondering how to target new audience with sure-fire efficiency and minimum effort? Order our Polish Language Translation For WHMCS to cultivate customer relationship based on transparent communication and trust!

Polska Wersja Językowa WHMCS to kompleksowe tłumaczenie całego systemu WHMCS. Z łatwością ustawisz język polski jako domyślny dla swoich administratorów, klientów oraz niezalogowanych użytkowników, a nawet umożliwisz im wprowadzenie takiej zmiany we własnym zakresie w dowolnym momencie. Ponadto, dzięki pełnej integracji z naszym darmowym narzędziem Geolocation Hook For WHMCS, zyskasz możliwość dostosowania języka do indywidualnych potrzeb klienta w całkowicie zautomatyzowany sposób. Po więcej informacji zapraszamy do naszej Wiki.


  • Translation
    • Professional Polish Localization
    • Translation Of Both Client Area And Admin Area
    • Additional Translation Of WHMCS Built-In Reports
    • Additional Translation Of WHMCS Dashboard Widgets
    • Open Source Version Of Language Files
    • Over 7800 Complete Expressions Translated
    • Supports WHMCS Template Six And Any Custom Template Based On It
    • Supports All WHMCS Versions
    • Translated All Available Records Up To WHMCS V7.8.3
    • Supports Geolocation Hook For WHMCS Integration
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v1.1.1 Released: Sep 25th, 2019
  • Updated translations for the newly added records in WHMCS V7.8.3
  • Updated code of certain reports and widgets to maintain compatibility with WHMCS V7.8.3
v1.1.0 Released: Sep 11th, 2019
New Feature
  • Translation of WHMCS built-in reports
  • Translation of WHMCS dashboard widgets
  • Over 350 new and updated translation records to match latest WHMCS V7.8.2
  • Assorted small adjustments and corrections to the localization of both client and admin area
v1.0.0 Released: May 15th, 2019
  • Initial Release
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