Time & Task Manager For WHMCS will allow you to add various tasks, track their development basing on the time spent on their execution and charge your customers accordingly. These can be e.g. a certain number of hours required to provide tech support per month or total time spent on deploying one of your services. What is more, the module enables creating invoices automatically and manually on demand, as well as supports multi-currency.

Our module also offers your clients an opportunity to order preconfigured products which contain a specified number of hours that can be spent on services offered by you as well as monitor status regarding each task from the client area. In addition, you can offer your customers prepaid hours and incidents like access to premium support and manage tasks related to particular support tickets.

Time & Task Manager For WHMCS introduces a completely new level of business administration. Order the module today to revolutionize the way you manage scheduled tasks in your company and the way you collect payment from your customers.


  • Addon Module
    • Add/Edit/Remove Support Clients
    • Add/Edit/Remove Tasks
    • Add/Edit/Remove Predefined Tasks
    • Add/Edit/Remove Time Entries - Time Spent On Task
    • Create/Edit Tasks Connected To Specific Tickets
    • View List Of Billable Time Entries
    • Generate Invoices Automatically Or Manually
    • Add Invoices Creation To Cron Queue
    • Bill For Time Spent On Solving Tickets
    • Define And Bill For Mileages Travelled
    • Set Predefined Prices
    • Send Email Notifications - New Task/New Time Entry
    • Generate And View Fully Configurable Reports About Your Clients And Admins
    • Choose From Two Types Of Configurable Permissions - Full Privileges And Operator Privileges
    • View Logs
  • Provisioning Module
    • Create Support Client Accounts Upon Module Activation
    • Add Defined Number Of Prepaid Hours And Incidents To Your Clients Automatically
    • Supports One Time & Recurring Payment Types
  • Task Configuration
    • Support Client
    • Task Name
    • Predefined Incidents
    • Predefined/Custom Charge Per Hour
    • Custom Charge Per Extra Hour
    • Charge Per Mileage
    • Mileage Type - Billable / Visible For Client And Administrators / Visible For Administrators Only
    • Task Status
    • Task Urgency
    • Description
  • Available Cron Job Behavior Settings
    • Generate Invoices For Queued Time Entries Only
    • Generate Invoices For All Time Entries From Previous Week
    • Generate Invoices For All Time Entries From Previous Month
    • Generate Zero Invoices For Prepaid Entries
    • Enable Auto Credit Applying On Invoice Generation
  • General Info
    • Multi-Currency Support
    • Multi-Language Support
    • Supports PHP 5.4 Up To PHP 7
    • Supports WHMCS Templates Five and Six
    • Supports WHMCS V6 and V7
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v1.3.7 Released Oct 9th, 2017
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7.3 support
v1.3.6 Released Jul 3rd, 2017
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7.2 support
Bug Fix
  • Resolved issue related to 'PDO Wrapper' fatal error
  • Corrected display of entry descriptions for closed tasks
  • Minor code alterations
v1.3.5 Released Jan 18th, 2017
New Feature
  • Enable auto credit applying on invoice generation
  • Generate zero invoices for prepaid entries
v1.3.4 Released Nov 7th, 2016
New Feature
  • PHP 7 support
v1.3.3 Released Oct 13th, 2016
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7 support
v1.3.2 Released Aug 22nd, 2016
  • Rebranded from 'Time Tracking Center For WHMCS' to 'Time & Task Manager For WHMCS'
v1.3.1 Released Apr 6th, 2016
  • WHMCS V6.3 compatibility
v1.3.0 Released Jan 27th, 2016
New Feature
  • Bill for time spent on solving tickets
  • Define task urgency
  • Define 'Extra Hourly Rate' per task
  • Decide if prepaid hours should be reset each month
  • Reset prepaid hours of recurring product each month
  • Edit number of hours & incidents pre-purchased per client
  • Edit billable items
  • Define product to which 'Buy Additional Hours' is linked
  • Minor tweaks
Bug Fix
  • Minor fixes
v1.2.1 Released Sep 14th, 2015
New Feature
  • WHMCS V6 support
v1.2.0 Released Oct 23rd, 2014
New Feature
  • Multi-currency support
  • Create predefined tasks
  • Offer prepaid incidents
  • Create/edit tasks connected to specific support tickets
  • Generate fully configurable reports about your clients and administrators
  • Display hours worked for currently logged administrators
  • Configure operator access control
  • Define invoice description format
v1.0.1 Released Aug 29th, 2014
  • Improved security and license validation
v1.0.0 Released Jul 24th, 2014
  • Initial Release
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