Time & Task Manager For WHMCS will allow you to add various tasks, then track their development basing on the time spent on their execution and charge your clients accordingly. These can be, for instance, a certain number of hours required to provide tech support per month or the total time dedicated to deploying one of your services. At the same time, the module will empower you to pick the time entries that should be billed, manage multiple currencies, and generate invoices - either automatically or manually on demand.

Time & Task Manager For WHMCS creates an attractive opportunity for your audience to order preconfigured products with a specified set of hours that can be used towards any of your services. Once acquired, customers will be able to monitor the total hour balance and the current status of each performed task directly in your client area. Together with it, you will be able to offer prepaid hours and incidents such as access to premium support. The module provides several automation mechanisms, plus the option to create a default task with predefined attributes, to streamline the work coordination in full measure.

Achieve a completely new, ultramodern standard of business administration. Snap up Time & Task Manager For WHMCS to adopt the winning formula for handling scheduled tasks and collecting customer payments!


  • Addon Module

    • Add/Edit/Remove Support Clients
    • Add/Edit/Remove Tasks
    • Add/Edit/Remove Predefined Tasks
    • Add/Edit/Remove Time Entries - Time Spent On Task
    • Create/Edit Custom Tasks Connected To Specific Tickets
    • Create/Edit Tasks With Default Rates, Status And Urgency From Tickets
    • Define Billable Time Entries
    • View List Of Billable Time Entries
    • Generate Invoices Automatically Or Manually
    • Generate Draft Invoices Only
    • Add Invoice Creation To Cron Queue
    • Bill For Time Spent On Solving Tickets
    • Define And Bill For Mileages Traveled
    • Set Predefined Prices
    • Send Email Notifications - New Task/New Time Entry
    • Generate And View Fully Configurable Reports On Your Clients And Administrators
    • Choose The Type Of Configurable Permissions - Full Privileges And Operator Privileges
    • View Logs
  • Provisioning Module

    • Create Support Client Accounts Upon Module Activation
    • Add Defined Number Of Prepaid Hours And Incidents To Your Clients Automatically
    • Supports One Time & Recurring Payment Types
  • Client Area

    • View Lists Of Opened And Closed Tasks
    • View Current Task Status, Worked Hours And Hourly Rate
    • View Purchased Prepaid Hours
    • View Balance Of Available Or Exceeded Hours
    • Buy Additional Hours
  • Task Configuration

    • Support Client
    • Task Name
    • Predefined Incidents
    • Predefined/Custom Charge Per Hour
    • Custom Charge Per Extra Hour
    • Charge Per Mileage
    • Mileage Type - Billable / Visible For Client And Administrators / Visible For Administrators Only
    • Task Status
    • Task Urgency
    • Description
    • Time Entries
  • Available Cron Job Behavior Settings

    • Generate Invoices For Queued Time Entries Only
    • Generate Invoices For All Time Entries From Previous Week
    • Generate Invoices For All Time Entries From Previous Month
    • Generate Zero Invoices For Prepaid Entries
    • Enable Auto Credit Application On Invoice Generation
  • General Info

    • Multi-Currency Support
    • Multi-Language Support
    • Supports PHP 8.1 Back To PHP 7.4
    • Supports WHMCS Themes "Six" And "Twenty-One"
    • Supports WHMCS V8.10 Back To WHMCS V8.6
    • Requires ionCube Loader V12 Or Later
    • Easy Module Upgrade To Open Source Version
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Released: Feb 7th, 2024
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.8 and V8.9 support
  • Support for WHMCS V8.5 and previous
Bug Fix
  • When setting up a new task with time entry, its default calendar date will be now properly obtained from the server time instead of browser time - case #404
  • Eliminated "Unsupported operand types" error that could occur when trying to renew the module's product with assigned configurable options on PHP 8.1 server - case #398
  • Added translation records for missing "Normal Rate" and "Extra Rate" terms for time entries - case #397
  • Fixed "Argument #1 ($num) must be of type float" error that might have occurred when leaving the "Hourly Rate" and "Extra Hourly Rate" fields empty in new task details - case #395


Released: Jan 20th, 2023
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.6 and V8.7 support
  • Support for PHP 8.1 version
  • Requires ionCube Loader V12 or later
  • Support for WHMCS V8.3 and previous
  • Support for PHP 7.3 version
Bug Fix
  • Fixed problem with the newly created task and added time entries that were displayed as "0 hours 0 minutes" on the "Work Sheet"
  • Assorted corrections related to the method of charging tasks based on prepaid incidents
  • Other minor code corrections and UI adjustments


Released: Jun 27th, 2022
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.5 support
  • Support for WHMCS V8.1 and previous


Released: Mar 24th, 2022
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.4 support
  • Added option to automatically set status of invoices created from the task list to "Draft" - case #363
  • Support for WHMCS V8.0 and previous


Released: Oct 29th, 2021
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.3 support
Bug Fix
  • Fixed problem with adding the time entry even when its value was set to "00:00" - case #356


Released: Jul 30th, 2021
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.2 support
  • "Closed Tasks" in the client area will now contain only the last 10 records to speed up the page loading - case #352
  • Support for WHMCS V7.10 and previous
  • Support for PHP 7.1 version


Released: Apr 14th, 2021
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.1 and "Twenty-One" theme support
  • Support for WHMCS V7.9 and previous
Bug Fix
  • Resolved issue with loading a script if all tasks were closed (note: updating integration code is required) - case #343
  • Eliminated "Unexpected Error Alert" that might have shown up when the task description contained certain non-Latin characters - case #344
  • Resolved compatibility problems with the Safari web browser - case #347


Released: Aug 27th, 2020
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.0 and PHP 7.4 support
  • Support for PHP 7.0 and previous
Bug Fix
  • Fixed case that might have caused displaying the incorrect number of entries on the billing page list - case #335
  • Corrected issue that might have blocked the generation of reports for certain date range formats - case #336
  • Added missing translations for the "Support Hours", "Development Hours", "Installation Hours" and "Incidents" entries to the language file - case #337


Released: May 8th, 2020
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7.10 support
  • Support for WHMCS V7.7 and previous
Bug Fix
  • The "Extra Hourly Rate" will be now properly fulfilled with a default value when creating a new task - case #314
  • Corrected typo in the "Default Hourly Rate" field name - case #319
  • Resolved problem with loading the proper "Date Rage" fields values when other than the "Y/m/d" date format used - case #323
  • Fixed issue that might have caused "Hourly Rate" field value to disappear as soon as the task details page is loaded - case #326
  • Resolved case where the module did not add new hours for renewal when the "Delete Hours On Renew" option was unchecked - case #288, #329


Released: Jan 17th, 2020
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7.9 support
  • You can now use single "-" character in the "Invoice Description Format" fields to hide them from the generated invoices - case #306
  • Support for WHMCS V7.6 and previous
Bug Fix
  • Resolved problem with using built-in WHMCS search engine in the admin area when the page with ticket was opened - case #309
  • Other minor corrections


Released: Oct 25th, 2019
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7.8 support
  • Support for WHMCS V7.5 and previous
Bug Fix
  • Corrected issue that might have caused the "Too few arguments to function" error during the cron execution - case #303
  • Solved problems with invalid time intervals when the date format used in the date range picker was different than the one provided in reports or billing filters
  • Corrected problem with the loading of jQuery library on the ticket view integration in the admin area - case #304
  • Adjusted display of currencies for pricing rates - case #290
  • Fixed problem which could have changed the new hours entry details in the "Work Sheet" section, e.g. from 0:20 to 0:19 - case #289
  • Resolved issue with adding the new time entry in the ticket view when simultaneously submitting a reply - case #285
  • Eliminated "500" error in the browser's console when suspending or terminating a product in the admin area section - case #284
  • Other minor code corrections


Released: Mar 22nd, 2019
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7.7 and PHP 7.3 support
  • Open and Closed Tasks widgets in the client area will no longer be displayed for clients who do not have any tasks - case #276
  • Added possibility to use integers, comma and dot separators in the hours time entries instead of using the "00:00" format only - case #268, #275
  • Added recalculation script that can be used when the number of client's remaining prepaid hours is greater than the number of actually bought hours - case #261
  • Support for WHMCS V7.4 and previous
Bug Fix
  • Fixed case with integers provided as invoice due date, that might have caused the date being set to "1970-01-01" - case #281
  • Removed unnecessary "h" letter from the Hours column of Queued Entries and "hours" word from the invoice entries descriptions
  • Resolved issue with providing dates in a different than the default WHMCS format that caused them to be reset to the "1970" date in various situations - case #267, #273
  • Solved problem with "Hours Price" being displayed with 0.00 value if the time entry value was entered in other formats than an integer - case #272
  • When adding a task from a ticket, the "Ticket Number" will be now used on the invoice entries description instead of the "Ticket ID" - case #270
  • Opening or hiding the admin area sidebar will now result in adjusting the module tables width accordingly - case #269
  • If the invoice due date is not provided, it will be now set based on the general WHMCS settings, instead of being set to the current day - case #282
  • Minor code corrections


Released: Dec 6th, 2018
  • Minutes in the hourly balance will now be displayed as the exact number of minutes instead of a decimal value of an hour- case #250
Bug Fix
  • Fixed adding time entries in global date formats different than DD/MM/YYYYY - case #251
  • Fixed issue with too long aSort parameter that might have caused the server to return "403 forbidden" error response - case #252
  • Approving or rejecting previous or future time entries on the work sheet will no longer cause the calendar to switch back to the current date - case #257
  • The "Prepaid Incidents" row will be now hidden in the client area if no default values are given for its operation - case #258
  • Fixed issue with adding new time entries to already closed tickets - case #259
  • Report generated for a ticket will now correctly show all entries instead of these from the last month only - case #260
  • Resolved case with changing the support client in the Billing section filter that might have ended with an "unexpected error" message - case #262
  • Eliminated errors occurring in the WHMCS Module Queue caused by renewing the module prepaids - case #264


Released: Aug 3rd, 2018
Bug Fix
  • Resolved conflict with the jQuery library that might have occurred when using a certain custom module


Released: Jul 5th, 2018
Bug Fix
  • Eliminated invalid 01/01/1970 record set for the invoice due date when the MM/DD/YYYY date format was chosen in the WHMCS general settings
  • Corrected display of missing time entries in billing records after upgrading the module from the previous version
  • Resolved 'Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'autocountticket' in 'field list'' error that might have occurred after upgrading the module from much older versions
  • Eliminated 'unexpected error' occurring in the billing section after checking the 'Only Not Queued' option - case #246
  • Solved problem with the 'Delete Hours On Renew' option that might not always have been applied properly upon product renewal - case #245
  • The hours balance should no longer overwrite the client's affiliate commissions balance - case #247


Released: May 18th, 2018
Bug Fix
  • Eliminated problems with a manually stopped timer that might have led to a loss of calculated time - case #232
  • Fixed problems with editing time entry after WHMCS data format was changed - case #231


Released: Apr 13th, 2018
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7.5 support
  • PHP 7.1 and 7.2 support
  • 'Accept All Time Entries' option to automatically mark all new time entries as verified
Bug Fix
  • If the 'Close Task If Ticket Is Closed' option is enabled, the related task no longer remains 'In Progress' after the ticket is closed - case #226
  • Resolved problem with incorrect HTML formatting in email notifications - case #218
  • The timer will no longer start automatically if the ticket is opened with a task assigned - case #219


Released: Mar 12th, 2018
Bug Fix
  • Blocked loading of the timer if a ticket has no user ID assigned
  • Assorted corrections to the module upgrade


Released: Nov 22nd, 2017
New Feature
  • Display a counter with balance of available or exceeded hours in the client area
  • Create a default task with predefined hourly rates, status and urgency directly from a ticket view
  • Decide whether a time entry should be billed on the invoice
  • Choose whether a task should be closed automatically when a ticket related to it is replied and closed
  • Define if the counter should start automatically when adding a task in the ticket view
  • Stop the counter in the ticket view without replying to it
  • Change the task status using dropdown directly from the task list
  • Queued entries are now displaying task priorities in a relevant color
  • Performing actions in the Billing section will now display statuses without the page refreshing
  • After adding a new task from the ticket view, you will now be redirected back to that ticket instead of a task list
  • Added hyperlinks to client names redirecting to their WHMCS profiles
  • Added various validations in forms for incorrect numerical formats or too long text entries
  • Added sorting in numerous tables
  • Assorted UI improvements
  • Sorting of the 'Prepaid' column
  • Invoices created by a cron job will now have a due date taken from the WHMCS settings
  • Task created from a ticket view will now have 'In Progress' status by default
  • 'Hide Closed Tasks' filter on the task list will now be enabled by default
Bug Fix
  • The hourly rate for a predefined task will now be provided in the correct currency
  • Blocked possibility of changing 'Support Client' by replacing HTML attributes
  • Corrected indentations and Unicode characters formatting in PDF reports
  • Resolved problem with the incorrect recharge of prepaid hours upon the renewal of products of the same type
  • Solved issue that prevented access to a task after entering an invalid date
  • Minor code corrections


Released: Oct 9th, 2017
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7.3 support


Released: Jul 3rd, 2017
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7.2 support
Bug Fix
  • Resolved issue related to 'PDO Wrapper' fatal error
  • Corrected display of entry descriptions for closed tasks
  • Minor code alterations


Released: Jan 18th, 2017
New Feature
  • Enable auto credit applying on invoice generation
  • Generate zero invoices for prepaid entries


Released: Nov 7th, 2016
New Feature
  • PHP 7 support


Released: Oct 13th, 2016
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7 support


Released: Aug 22nd, 2016
  • Rebranded from 'Time Tracking Center For WHMCS' to 'Time & Task Manager For WHMCS'


Released: Apr 6th, 2016
  • WHMCS V6.3 compatibility


Released: Jan 27th, 2016
New Feature
  • Bill for time spent on solving tickets
  • Define task urgency
  • Define 'Extra Hourly Rate' per task
  • Decide if prepaid hours should be reset each month
  • Reset prepaid hours of recurring product each month
  • Edit number of hours & incidents pre-purchased per client
  • Edit billable items
  • Define product to which 'Buy Additional Hours' is linked
  • Minor tweaks
Bug Fix
  • Minor fixes


Released: Sep 14th, 2015
New Feature
  • WHMCS V6 support


Released: Oct 23rd, 2014
New Feature
  • Multi-currency support
  • Create predefined tasks
  • Offer prepaid incidents
  • Create/edit tasks connected to specific support tickets
  • Generate fully configurable reports about your clients and administrators
  • Display hours worked for currently logged administrators
  • Configure operator access control
  • Define invoice description format


Released: Aug 29th, 2014
  • Improved security and license validation


Released: Jul 24th, 2014
  • Stable Release
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  • 2 months ago
    The “Time & Task Manager” module is a real enrichment for my company. Our work processes are optimized efficiently and we not only save a lot of time, but also money. I can definitely give it a recommendation.
  • 4 months ago
    This module has been excellent for invoicing customers for billable time and supports prepaid support hours - something that WHMCS does not seem to offer natively.
  • 2 years ago
    We have been using this product for over 2 years and have been very happy with the features and improved access to billing time for projects or tickets. Great reporting and invoicing options. We especially like the ability to refresh the hours available to a client on a monthly basis by creating a product that has a corresponding hour credit for support.
  • 4 years ago
    We are using this product to bill our clients on an hourly basis because WHMCS does not have very flexible billing options. While it is not perfect for our needs, it is better than what WHMCS offered and is tastefully implemented!
  • 5 years ago
    This is exactly what we were looking for. There are a couple of other alternatives for WHMCS time tracking, however none compare to the features this one has. I hope to see more updates from them, however I use current version on a regular basis.
  • 5 years ago
    Great product, been using it for over 2 years and very happy with all the features and reporting.
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