Proxmox VE VPS For WHMCS is a high-powered module that automates every step of the virtual server provisioning process, from initial setup to ongoing management. The user-friendly configuration ensures a quick and streamlined delivery of fully operational VPS products, allowing your clients to control all essential server components without ever having to navigate away from your WHMCS.

With this added flexibility, your customers will remotely handle backups and firewall settings, as well as choose from multiple console options such as noVNC, SPICE, or Xterm.js. For a seamless monitoring experience, they can access a range of graphs and statistics, and receive customizable email alerts triggered whenever their virtual machines exceed the predefined limits of resource usage. To optimize the workload, your clients will be able to create power tasks that automate any changes to the status of their products. The module also provides an incredible Proxmox Addon, well equipped to help you maintain close control over your servers, IP addresses, and clusters. With it, you will get to configure the proxy feature that facilitates secure Proxmox console connections, and manage custom Cloud-Init scripts for instant application of user data to your cloud instances.

Another standout quality comes from the full integration with Products Reseller For WHMCS which unlocks an additional toolkit for reselling your Proxmox servers directly through WHMCS or any other preferred platform. Thanks to it, your resellers will be empowered to set up their own pricing rates as well as control end-client orders within a dedicated Reseller Area, all while you keep close tabs on the progress in sales and earnings.

Eager to find new ways of distribution, and create a frictionless customer experience, both at once? Proxmox VE VPS For WHMCS is a perfect choice for all Proxmox Virtual Environment owners - purchase the module today, and make your offer a magnet for clients!

ModulesGarden is official Proxmox Solution Partner and this module is recommended by Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH.
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Combine Proxmox VE VPS For WHMCS and Products Reseller For WHMCS modules to easily resell your VPS servers!
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The most important difference between Proxmox VE VPS For WHMCS and Proxmox VE Cloud VPS For WHMCS modules appears in the possibilities offered to your customers. The first enables your clients to manage a single, predetermined virtual private server per WHMCS product. The other one allows your clients to freely create, modify, delete and manage multiple virtual private servers per WHMCS product. You can combine both modules together in order to maximize the diversity and attractiveness of your offer.


  • Admin Area

    • Create/Suspend/Unsuspend/Terminate Server
    • Create/Terminate User Account
    • Change Package - Supports Configurable Options
    • Reconfigure Server Network
    • Boot/Reboot/Stop/Shut Down Server
    • Change User Role
    • Access noVNC, SPICE And Xterm.js Console
    • Migrate Server Between Nodes In The Same Cluster
    • Reinstall Server
    • Change Server Hostname, ISO Image, Boot Devices And SSH Public Key
    • View Server Status, Details And Statistics
    • View Graphs - With Option To Change Time Scale of MRTG Graphs
    • Display Disk And Bandwidth Usage Of Each Product
    • Display CPU And Memory Usage Of Each Product
    • Display IP Sets (KVM)
    • Auto Node - Automatically Create VM On Node With Most Free Space
    • Configure Client Area Features Per Product
    • Configure Network And Private Network Settings With SDN Support
    • Import IP Address To Hosting IP Addresses Table
    • Return IP Address To IP Addresses Subnet
    • Add Additional IP Address To VM
    • Add Additional Disks Storage To VM (KVM)
    • Enable Qemu Guest Agent (KVM)
    • Enable Backups Routing
    • Enable Auto VM Backups Before Reinstallation
    • Enable Load Balancer
    • Receive Notifications About VM Upgrades And Creation Failures
  • Proxmox Addon

    • Display Servers:
      • List Per VPS And Cloud
      • Clusters List
      • VMs List
      • KVM Templates
      • Recovery VM Configurations List With Export To Backup File
      • Tasks History
      • Statuses, Resources Usage, IP Assignments And Details
    • Manage Public And Private IP Addresses Per Server/VLAN/Tag/Node/Bridge:
      • IPv4 Addresses
      • IPv6 Addresses
      • IPv6 Subnets
    • View Logs Of IP Assignment Changes
    • VM Cleaner - Manage VM Not Existing In Your WHMCS
    • Convert KVM VPS To KVM Template
    • Define VM ID Ranges Per Server
    • Set Minimum VM ID For Product Without ID Ranges Defined
    • Provide Server Credentials For Cloud-Init Scripts
    • Configure Scheduled Backups, Firewall And Operating Systems Templates
    • Configure Resource Weights For Load Balancer Prioritization
    • Configure Tasks Repetition Threshold And Email Notifications
    • Configure Console Proxy
    • Synchronize Users Permissions
    • Create And Manage Custom Cloud-Init Scripts
  • Proxmox VE Widget

    • View Faulty VM Deployments
    • View Failed Tasks
    • View Cluster Remaining Resources
    • View Node Resources
  • Client Area

    • View Server Status, Details And Statistics
    • Boot/Reboot/Stop/Shut Down Server
    • Reconfigure Server Network
    • Access noVNC, SPICE And Xterm.js Console
    • Change Server Hostname, ISO Image, Boot Devices And SSH Public Key
    • View And Edit Public SSH Key (KVM)
    • Download Public And Private SSH Keys (LXC)
    • Create/Restore/Delete Backups Of Current Server
    • Manage Backups Within Defined Limits (Max Number And Size Of Files)
    • Restore Backups From Any Owned Server
    • Manage Backup Schedules Within Defined Limits (Max Number And Size Of Files)
    • Add And Manage Additional Disks
    • Manage Firewall Rules And Options
    • View Resources Usage Graphs - With Option To Change Time Scale of MRTG Graphs:
      • CPU
      • Memory
      • Network Traffic
      • Disk I/O
    • View Network Devices, Manage Private Interface And Attach Servers
    • Reinstall Server Using Templates (KVM) And ISO Images
    • Send Email Notifications When Server Exceeds Resources Thresholds:
      • Network Traffic
      • CPU Usage
      • Memory Usage
      • Disk Read And Write Speed
    • Create Server Snapshots:
      • Manually
      • Automatically:
        • Every Number Of Hours
        • Each Specified Days
    • View Tasks History
    • Manage VM Power Tasks To Automatically Start/Stop/Reboot Server At Specified Time
    • Display CPU, Memory, Disk And Bandwidth Usage
    • Choose Server Resources While Ordering And Upgrade/Downgrade Them Freely
  • Configurable Options

    • KVM:
      • Number Of CPU Sockets
      • Number Of Cores Per Socket
      • CPU Limit
      • CPU Units For The VM
      • Amount of RAM
      • Disk Space
      • Additional Disk Space (With Configurable Storage, Units And Size)
      • IPv4 Addresses
      • IPv6 Addresses
      • IPv6 Subnets
      • Private Network
      • Backups Size Limit
      • Backups Files Limit
      • Snapshots Limit
      • Snapshot Jobs
      • Bandwidth Limit
      • VM Template
      • Archive
      • Network Rate
      • VCPUs
      • ISO Image
      • OS Type
      • Custom Cloud-Init Configuration
      • Cloud-Init Script
      • Tag
    • LXC:
      • Number Of CPU Cores
      • CPU Limit
      • CPU Units For The VM
      • Amount of RAM
      • Amount of SWAP
      • Disk Space
      • Additional Disk Space (With Configurable Storage, Units And Size)
      • IPv4 Addresses
      • IPv6 Addresses
      • IPv6 Subnets
      • Private Network
      • Backups Size Limit
      • Backups Files Limit
      • Snapshots Limit
      • Snapshot Jobs
      • Bandwidth Limit
      • VM Template
      • Archive
      • Network Rate
      • Tag
  • General Info

    • Supports Cloud-Init (KVM)
    • Supports PVE And PAM Authentication
    • Supports KVM And LXC Virtualization
    • Supports Proxy For Proxmox Console Connections
    • Integrated With Advanced Billing For WHMCS - Actual Server Resource Usage Billing
    • Integrated With IP Manager For WHMCS - Complete Control And Easy Assignment Of IP Subnets (LXC)
    • Integrated With Products Reseller For WHMCS - End-To-End Solution For Products And Servers Reselling
    • Integrated With Proxmox VE Cloud VPS For WHMCS - Multiple Servers Provisioning And Management Within Set Resource Limits
    • Integrated With Server Allocator For WHMCS - Automatic Assignment Of Most Suitable Servers To Products
    • Fully Integrated With Lagom WHMCS Client Theme
    • Multi-Language Support
    • Supports Proxmox VE 6.X, 7.X And 8.X
    • Supports IPv4 And IPv6
    • Supports PHP 8.1 Back To PHP 7.4
    • Supports WHMCS Themes "Six" And "Twenty-One"
    • Supports WHMCS V8.10 Back To WHMCS V8.8
    • Requires ionCube Loader V12 Or Later
    • Easy Module Upgrade To Open Source Version
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Released: May 24th, 2024
  • Added validation notice on the Proxmox VE Widget before the Proxmox Addon is activated to avoid potential exception errors
Bug Fix
  • The product's hostname, if once changed by the client, will no longer return to the original one after performing a service upgrade or executing the "Change Package" module command - case #1861


Released: May 22nd, 2024
  • Maintenance updates and security optimizations
Bug Fix
  • Solved problem where changing the server's "Hostname" from the client area did not create the related cron job task
  • Corrected default "Week" time frame for displayed graphs


Released: May 15th, 2024
New Feature
  • Proxmox VE Widget - view the summary of "Faulty VM Deployments", "Failed Tasks", "Cluster Remaining Resources", and "Node Resources" directly on the WHMCS dashboard - case #1764
  • Operating Systems Groups - organize selected OS templates into multiple groups and assign them to the VM configuration to allow clients to reinstall OS only from the templates assigned to the group containing the first OS template chosen during product creation (KVM only) - case #1786
  • Set task repetition thresholds to send admin email notifications if their execution fails after the provided number of retries - case #1715
  • Backups Schedules - new client area section which aims to replace "Backup Jobs" to manage all backup schedules in the module and offloading Proxmox VE resources
    Note: "Backups Schedules" and "Backups Jobs" should not be used together - enable only one at once. You can migrate previously created "Backup Jobs" to "Backup Schedules" for selected product configurations using a specified cron job task
  • Firewall Templates - create, save, and manage firewall options and rules as predefined templates to quickly apply them to product configurations - case #1749
  • Backup Schedules Templates - create predefined templates of backup schedules to quickly set them up when creating products - case #1750
  • Define the product's randomly generated hostname by providing its customized length and prefix - case #1706
  • Define the product's randomly generated password by providing its customized length and available characters - case #1708
  • Enable "Service Hostname" using Guest Agent to use it as computer/device name for Windows-based machines - case #1745
  • Added "Managed View" to client area features configuration - when enabled, any VM management options and actions will be only visible to the administrator, but not the client - case #1748
  • Option to delete created VM backups upon performing the service "Change Package" command - case #1811
  • Added warning notice when upgrading a product, indicating that changing its OS template will result in a full reinstallation and data loss - case #1810
  • Added validation for the minimum size of additional disk creation - case #1827
  • Support for WHMCS V8.7 and previous
Bug Fix
  • Removed redundant warning indicating that the backup and VM nodes are not the same when resting the server - case #1823
  • Adjusted functionality of the "Start at Boot" option - case #1702
  • Resolved specific issue related to removing additional disk upon product upgrade/downgrade - case #1827
  • It will now be possible to create a VM without providing its hostname when the option to use the client name for VPS is enabled - case #1832
  • Solved problem with upgrading a product without providing the number of "vCPUs" in its configuration - case #1833
  • Corrected option to disable "Ballooning Device" for minimum RAM when providing a "0" value in its configuration - case #1838
  • Fixed problem with adding IP Set with a specified IPv6 address that ended with "::1" - case #1840
  • A white-space character at the end of the domain name will no longer prevent VM from its creation - case #1841
  • Adjusted validation for additional disk space when the maximum size possible was provided in MB
  • Reduced backups search for shared storage to be performed only once for the product configuration - case #1846
  • Other minor code corrections, language and UI adjustments


Released: Apr 26th, 2024
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.10 support
  • Support for Proxmox VE 8.2 version
  • Support for WHMCS V8.6 and previous
Bug Fix
  • Changed hostname validation to allow specific characters that previously could not be used - case #1737, #1734
  • It will now be possible to set CIDR for IPv6 subnets in the "IP Set" filter - case #1735
  • Network device and private IP addresses will no longer be lost in the "Boot Order" and "Network" configuration after VM reinstallation - case #1736, #1757, #1760
  • Additional disk will now be properly re-attached to the VM after its reinstallation - case #1738
  • Solved problem with missing Cloud-Init drive after VM reinstallation from an ISO image - case #1739
  • Specific corrections related to the invalid limit of backup files for the backup routing job after executing the "change package" module command - case #1742
  • Reduced loading time for product module settings after multiple available storages were added - case #1769
  • The "Reconfigure Network" action will no longer cause the loss of set VLAN tags or change the MAC address - case #1727
  • Resolved problem where some ISO images available in the Proxmox panel were not available for selection in the product module settings - case #1743
  • Fixed case where no backups were available in the "Archive" dropdown list - case #1632
  • Resolved problem where the "IPSet" rule might not be re-added to a private IP address after server reinstallation - case #1759
  • Corrected issue with configuring the network on Windows OS when only a private IP address was assigned to the VM - case #1762
  • Eliminated "Call to a member function getTag()" error that could occur for specific network reconfiguration - case #1768
  • Fixed "Destroy Unreferenced Disks On Terminate" option that was not properly set on previous PVE versions - case #1782
  • Solved problem where the option to assign a network to a VM might not work properly for specific VLAN and SDN network configurations - case #1788
  • Corrected deleting of a network device after VM termination if that has already been reassigned from one VM to another - case #1789
  • Fixed "password is required to modify user" error that could occur when a customer tried to set the user password - case #1806
  • The number of backups displayed in the "Backups Collection" list is now limited to those belonging to the same datastore as the server - case #1807
  • Resolved issue with reinstalling a server on a disk with added TPM that could result in the "tpmstate0.format: property is not defined in schema (...)" error - case #1809
  • Migrating VM between nodes will now also change its backup node location properly to make their restoration possible (performing the "backupSync" cron job task is required) - case #1814
  • Fixed problem with creating an LXC container with assigned IPv6 addresses - case #1820
  • The "Create Private Network" button in the client area will now be only visible if the "Private Network" option was enabled for product setting or configurable option - case #1825
  • The module will no longer set up the "FileSystems Freeze during Backup" option if it was not enabled for the turned-on "Guest Agent" - case #1828
  • The "Cloud-Init" drive should now be properly re-attached to the VM after its reinstallation from the ISO image - case #1739
  • Solved downgrade error occurring during the "Change Package" command if the VM had "EFI" disk type as additional storage - case #1597
  • Corrected VM reboot functionality for KVM type along with adding it to "High Availability Cluster" - case #1666
  • Eliminated "Call to undefined method (...) getCoresPerSocket()" error that might have shown up when trying to upgrade the product with "Load Balancer" enabled - case #1670
  • Corrected setup of "IPSet IP Filter" for the IPv6 subnet with the provided CIDR - case #1735
  • Added missing error catching for the "backupSync" cron job in cases when the service is already active but the VM has not yet been created - case #260
  • Corrected "remove-backups" cron job for an alternative mode of backup files limit configuration - case #256
  • Fixed "invalid format" error that could occur when assigning IP addresses with a subnet mask provided instead of CIDR - case #254
  • Fixed specific security issue
  • Other minor code corrections


Released: Dec 13th, 2023
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.9 support
  • Offer "Private Network" selection as configurable option for your clients orders - case #1387
  • Adjusted performance of backup synchronization cron for machines located on a single cluster - case #243
  • Added validation for checking if the "BCMath" PHP extension is installed when adding new IPv6 addresses in the addon's IP management - case #241
  • Option to provide decimal values (using a dot separator) for the "CPU Limit" configuration, instead of integers only - case #1664
  • Replaced "Linux 5.x - 2.6 Kernel" OS type setting with "Linux 6.x - 2.6 Kernel" - case #1705
Bug Fix
  • EFI disk will no longer be resized if the boot order was empty during machine creation - case #1687
  • The "SLAAC" IPv6 network mode will no longer be available for LXC virtualization type as it is not a valid format for that configuration - case #1683
  • Corrected problem with IP addresses assigned to multiple Windows network interfaces if the guest agent is enabled - case #1679
  • Eliminated problem causing the "Master Disk not found" error when changing a package, if that disk was not selected as the first in the boot order - case #1674
  • Resolved assorted errors occurring when executing the "update-server-usage" cron job for bandwidth reset - case #1673
  • Solved the "Unsupported operand types" error that could occur when adding subnets from the IPv6 block - case #244
  • The duration time of an action will be available in the module logs only if the "CURLINFO_TOTAL_TIME_T" option is supported by the server - case #242
  • Fixed problem with displaying the size of backups if the size value contains 12 or more digits - case #1667
  • Refined error messages when an incorrect disk size or storage is detected - case #1662
  • CIDR will be now properly set for the IP address when configuring the network with guest agent enabled - case #1659
  • Solved problem with the "Freeze FS On Backup" option for the guest agent that was not supported until Proxmox VE 7.4 version - case #1657
  • The "TPM" module will be now properly added for the disk when cloning the virtual machine - case #1655
  • The TPM device will no longer be unnecessarily listed in the "Disks" section of the client area - case #1656
  • Corrected subnet mask validation when adding IPv6 pool from the addon module
  • Fixed backup synchronization that might not list VM backups created at the same time - case #249
  • Solved problem where Firewall rules were not updating if the "Firewall Options" were left blank in the configuration - case #1712
  • Eliminated specific errors in Proxmox task viewer that could occur after migrating a VM due to using QUEMU guest agent that was not installed on server - case #1704
  • The module will now properly validate if the provided VM hostname is a validf DNS name - case #1703
  • Resolved an issue where the "update-server-usage" cron job would fail if there was an inactive server in the configuration. - case #1689
  • Blocked possibility to order disk downgrades if there were additional disks that had been previously removed - case #1684
  • Restricted ability to downgrade a disk from a product with configurable options to a product without them - case #1680
  • Eliminated specific "TypeError" that could occur when adding a security group with "Plesk" rules - case #1672
  • Editied firewall rule status will be now immediately reflected in the firewall rules list and the updating window - case #1671
  • Restoring more than six Firewall rules at once should no longer cause errors - case #1665
  • Other minor code corrections and adjustments


Released: Sep 14th, 2023
New Feature
  • Set up the default limit of backup tasks per node - case #1486
  • Define the relation between each node, backup storage and their synchronization in the Proxmox addon module - case #1485
  • Enable the "Guest Trim" request for QEMU Guest Agent after moving disk or migrating the VM - case #1487
  • Enable the option to "Freeze/Thaw" file systems during backups for consistency when using the Guest Agent - case #1487
  • Set global "VLANs Limit" to prevent creating additional private networks when the number of assigned VLAN Tags is already reached - case #1484
  • Automatically assign IP address for private network configuration - case #1489
  • The firewall is now enabled by default for private networks - case #1489
  • Option to automatically restart a VM when creating a private network - case #1488
  • Select which elements will be displayed in the server information table in the client area - case #1491
  • Select the order of displayed section elements on the product information page of the client area - case #1493
  • Option to additionally destroy all unreferenced disks upon sever termination - case #1636
  • Alternative mode that allows summing selected configurable option values with the default product configuration values instead of overwriting them - case #1483
  • Choose if clients will be allowed to toggle backup email notifications upon their creation - case #1475
  • Added "q35 - 8.0" and "q35 Latest" options for QEMU machine type configuration - case #1449
  • Server management actions are now disabled from the start of the backup creation process until its completion - case #1492
  • Translations for server action notifications will now be distinguished between the KVM virtual machine and the LXC container - case #1526
  • Added option to display disk and bandwidth usage directly in the server information table - case #1596
  • Added support for new CPU types introduced in the Proxmox VE 8.0 - case #1600
  • The "backupSync" cron task now runs immediately after backup creation is finished - case #1619
  • Added "purge" parameter for VM termination command to remove its VMID from related configurations, such as backups and replication jobs
  • After adding backup creation to the tasks list, the related notification will be displayed until the backup is finished
Bug Fix
  • Server migration with the "Online" option enabled will no longer force the VM for KVM virtualization type to be stopped - case #1622
  • Assorted corrections for IP addresses assignment performed from the admin area - case #1417
  • Solved case with upgrading disk space when using configurable options - case #1598
  • Eliminated issue of not resetting bandwidth usage at the end of the month for services purchased on the 31st day of the month
  • Assorted bug fixes related to backup restoration from another cluster
  • Fixed issue where the "Start Date" in the tasks history list was displaying as a zero date - case #237
  • Resolved problem with adding a TPM disk to the cloned VM - case #1653
  • Other minor code corrections, UI adjustments and other improvements


Released: Aug 25th, 2023
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.8 support
  • Select multiple public bridges in the network configuration, enabling the assignment of corresponding IP addresses during the virtual machine creation with the appropriate bridge setting selected in the module's IP management - case #1525
  • Implemented language overrides support, enabling the utilization of customized translations - case #1589
  • Support for WHMCS V8.5 and previous
Bug Fix
  • Resolved problem where some of the backups collections were not listed when the Proxmox server did not return information about the used cluster - case #1590
  • Solved issue where some of the nodes might return the "No route to host" error that caused problems with opening the product configuration - case #1592
  • Eliminated "TypeError" that might occur while running the "update-server-usage" cron job - case #1588
  • Fixed problem with the second DNS server address being unnecessarily removed while re-configuring the network - case #1605
  • Corrected critical error that might have occurred when using network re-configuration - case #1604
  • Solved problem with improper restoration of a machine from backup after its additional disks were removed - case #1615
  • Fixed problem where the VM's IP address might not be assigned after an upgrade when the "One Network Device" option was enabled
  • Other minor code corrections and UI improvements


Released: Jul 5th, 2023
New Feature
  • Stable release - includes all features introduced previously in the 3.7.0 beta version
  • Support for Proxmox VE 8.0 version
  • "Start Date" field for "VM Power Tasks" will now be automatically filled in with the current date - case #1565
  • "VM Power Tasks" can now be set to continue indefinitely as the "End Date" field is no longer marked as required - case #1565
  • Renamed "Upgrade" admin notification action to "Block Upgrade With Email Notification" - case #1296
Bug Fix
  • Fixed case where the date and format of created backups may not have been displayed correctly - case #1548
  • Running the "Reconfigure Network" command will no longer result in a VM reboot when QEMU Guest Agent is enabled - case #1580
  • Added missing "CD-ROM" to the boot device selection dropdown - case #1479
  • Solved problem related to terminating a machine with configured firewall rules - case #1566
  • The guest agent should now correctly reconfigure its network after the IP address assigned to the server has been changed - case #1245
  • Fixed issue where the downgrading of an additional disk was not adequately blocked to prevent the loss of client data - case #1572
  • The memory and total usage graphs will be now correctly displayed in GiB (gibibyte) units instead of GB - case #1567
  • Additional corrections to address issues related to migrations and restoring backup collections created on different nodes - case #1552, #1557
  • Backups collections from different clusters that cannot be restored yet will no longer appear in the list - case #1556
  • Fixed problem where redundant IP addresses were added beyond the set limit after using the "Change Package" module command when the new IP address was not listed in the IP management list - case #1560
  • SSH public key provided in the product custom field will now be correctly retrieved for LXC virtualization type - case #1528
  • Resolved issue that could result in data loss on the disk and VM restart when attempting to resize it for additional space - case #1574
  • Adjusted percentage value displayed in the resource notification for the "Memory Usage [%]" setting when the "Amount Of RAM" configurable option was provided in a unit different from the default module settings - case #1549, #1563
  • Added some missing translation entries into the language file
  • Other code corrections and improvements


Released: Jun 7th, 2023 BETA
New Feature
  • Support for Proxmox VE 7.4 version
  • Allow clients to add "VM Power Tasks" that will automatically execute the "Start", Stop" or "Reboot" actions on their servers in specified timeframes - case #1423
  • Clients can now create "Resources Notifications" that will send email alerts, when their server exceeds specified thresholds for network traffic, disk read and write, CPU and memory usage in a given time frame - case #1427
  • Select multiple private bridges in the private network configuration, enabling the assignment of corresponding IP addresses during the virtual machine creation with the appropriate bridge setting selected in the module's IP management - case #1122, #1340
  • Enable DHCP option for private network creation to assign IP addresses managed by DHCP instead of the module's IP Management - case #1340
  • Set "Private Network Rate Limit" value in the virtual machine configuration - case #1340
  • Specify additional parameters for additional disk drives configurable options to allow clients to add disks with desired space, storage type and speed within configured limits - case #1422
  • Choose whether to reassign public and private IP addresses after the server upgrade - case #1388
  • Optimized speed of loading backups and firewalls lists.
    Note: Remember to set up a new "backupSync" cron to keep the backups list synchronization running after the module upgrade
  • Backups collections can now be listed and restored for given VMs even when they have been created on different storages and nodes - case #1428
  • "Log Level In" and "Log Level Out" firewall policies options can now be set to be visible or hidden from the client area - case #1537
  • Adjusted window size of the opened noVNC console - case #1463
  • "Private Bridge" option has been changed to "Legacy Private Bridge" which can still be used in the previous way of IP assignment
Bug Fix
  • Starting the VM should no longer create unnecessary "Console (Spice)" tasks in Proxmox if the Spice console was enabled for LXC virtualization
  • Certain corrections related to the creation, deletion and setting limits on additional disks
  • Provided SSH public key into the product custom field will now be properly applied for LXC virtual machine type during its creation - case #1528
  • Fixed case where after the VM reinstallation its previous firewall rules were duplicated - case #1480
  • Eliminated "error 500" that could occur on some servers with PHP 8.1 when trying to access the product details - case #1481
  • Other code corrections, language and UI adjustments


Released: Apr 19th, 2023
  • LXC server configuration with more than 10 IPv4 addresses, that can be assigned as interfaces, will now assign the additional IP addresses to the IPSet filter  - case #880
Bug Fix
  • Resolved problems with invalid fields validation when trying to edit the server details - case #1426
  • Terminate action will now work properly if the "Delete Backups After Termination" option is enabled but no "Backup Storage" is chosen - case #1434
  • Corrected cases when the "Network" section could stop working after the second virtual machine has been created - case #1453
  • IPv4 along with IPv6 address will be now correctly added to a single network device if the "One Network Device" option is enabled - case #1471
  • Eliminated "error on hut-unplugging device" notice that could occur when reinstalling the Windows OS - case #1464
  • Other minor code corrections and optimization improvements


Released: Mar 3rd, 2023
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.7 support
  • The server information table displayed in the client area will be now automatically refreshed every 60 seconds - case #1377
  • Optimized loading of server cluster list for a large number of nodes and VMs in Proxmox addon module - case #210, #216
  • "Subnet Mask" for Proxmox addon IP management will be now automatically filled in based on the provided CIDR - case #212
  • Added support for "EPYC-Milan" CPU type - case #1391
  • Disabled validation of public/private IP addresses when adding new addresses in the Proxmox addon - case #205
  • Support for WHMCS V8.3 and previous
  • Support for PHP 7.3 version
Bug Fix
  • Fixed issue that might have caused the "Call to a member function get() on array in (...) /Fields.php:91" error - case #1341
  • Resolved issue that may occur when the "Service Password" option was enabled for "Guest Agent" and all of the IP addresses were assigned to a single network interface only, leaving the other ones empty - case #1345
  • Eliminated problem with running the Cloud-Init scripts that contained single apostrophes - case #1347
  • Solved cases when the entire "IP Management" section was empty after creating snippets and the VMs had stopped working - case #1349
  • Fixed issue with missing "Create Private Network" button if the SDN has been used before - case #1350
  • Reinstalling the server from the OS template will no longer cause the WHMCS product password field to be cleared - case #1351
  • Using the "Change Password" module command will now correctly update the password on the server - case #1352
  • After disabling the access to the "Backups Collections", the related button in the client area will no longer be available - #1354
  • Fixed case that could cause issues with creating an account due to the "Load Balancer: Cannot find node with free resources" error even with modes with available resources - case #1335
  • Hiding the ability to work with backups will no longer display the "Backup Jobs" link in the client area sidebar menu - case #1336
  • Creating backups will be now possible if "Backups Size Limit" is set to "-1" as unlimited value - case #1344
  • Solved problem with the number of IP addresses that could not be properly set based on configurable option value - case #1348, #1338
  • Fixed various issues related to network SDN Zones and SDN TAGs - case #1355
  • Reinstalling a VM will now properly take into account the number of set IP addresses from configurable options
  • Eliminated "TypeError: in_array()" that could occur when adding the security group on PHP 8.1
  • Adjusted displaying of the backup files limit counter in the backup job notice when its value was set to unlimited
  • Corrected setting of the "Backup" status for the primary disk drive
  • Resolved timeout issue that could appear when the connection to the Proxmox server breaks after saving the product configuration - case #1376
  • Corrected "Reconfigure Network" functionality for Windows-based machines - case #1382
  • "Network Device" will be now properly created for IPv6 when using integration with IP Manager For WHMCS module - case #1385
  • Adjusted selecting nodes for multiple servers when creating a new IP address in the Proxmox addon - case #1389
  • Cloud-Init drive will be now correctly created for KVM virtualization type - case #1397
  • Assigning a VM to a private network will now also include its firewall configuration
  • Eliminated "500 error" that could occur when assigning a VM to a private network on a different Proxmox server
  • Corrected issues with reassigning private networks between different virtual machines - case #1383
  • Fixed "Invalid format" error that could occur when cloning a template with an already configured "cicustom" parameter - case #1403
  • Leaving an empty "Last IP Address" field will no longer prevent creating an IPv6 address in the Proxmox addon
  • Solved problem with listing IP address in Proxmox Addon assigned for multiple servers when using PHP 8.1 - case #209
  • Eliminated issue with inserting a newline character into assigned IP addresses database list of the Proxmox addon, which was causing problems with the execution of Cloud-Init scripts - case #206
  • Restoring a VM from a backup will now properly restore the server configuration that existed at the time of creating the backup instead of the product configuration - case #1412
  • When reinstalling a VM from a template clone, the firewall options will be set based on the WHMCS product settings instead of the used template - case #1393
  • Corrected setting up of the disk speed when the main hard disk and the additional disk were set on the same storage - case #1420
  • Other minor code corrections and improvements


Released: Nov 23rd, 2022
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.6 support
  • Support for PHP 8.1 version
  • Support for Proxmox VE 7.3 version
  • "Backups Collection" - allow clients to restore instances from backups created from other virtual machine they own - case #1328
  • Define the number of IPv6 subnets for server assignment
  • The "IP Management" section of the Proxmox addon has been refreshed to allow easier generation of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses as well as IPv6 subnets - case #1210, #1175
  • Snapshots can now be automatically deleted after the defined number of storage days has been exceeded - case #1206
  • Reconfigure the network without using the "Change Package" tool to easily update the network interfaces (KVM virtualization type) - case #1203
  • Allow clients to attach their servers to the created network interfaces - case #1244
  • Select a default "Template User" for Cloud-Init - case #1195
  • Define the MTU value for the private network interface - case #1147
  • If the boot devices order configuration in the module settings is left empty, the default boot order will remain unchanged - case #1112
  • The module no longer requires public IP addresses for servers creation - case #1200
  • The module performance as for obtaining the resources usage, when browsing the servers list in the Proxmox addon, has been optimized - case #1168, #1298
  • Requires ionCube Loader V12 or later
  • Support for WHMCS V8.2 and previous
  • Support for PHP 7.2 version
Bug Fix
  • Fixed problems that occurred when the new backup creation was disabled even when there were available resources left
  • Leaving the "Backups Files Limit" field empty will now be equal with a "0" value
  • Resolved issue when the Qemu machine type could be unnecessarily changed after cloning the VM - case #1229
  • Upgrading the server will now correctly update its network rate limit - case #1144
  • Minor adjustments related to deleting the oldest backups when their limit has been exceeded - case #1236
  • Fixed cases when the module tried to obtain an ISO image from an unavailable storage - case #1308
  • The password hash should now be available when using the Cloud-Init scripts - case #1305
  • Other minor code corrections, language, and UI adjustments


Released: Jun 22nd, 2022
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.5 support
  • Added "fetchBackupsForArchive" parameter into the "global_options.yml" file, which allows skipping a large number of backups from being loaded into the "Archive" list in the product configuration - case #1202
Bug Fix
  • Resolved problem of the private IP addresses that were not reassigned after the virtual machine reinstallation - case #1184
  • Fixed "Call to a member function getPrivateNetworkType()" issue that could interrupt the action of building an instance from a clone - case #1228
  • Solved problem of cloning an instance with an EFI disk in a template that lead to marking that disk as unused and adding another one in its place - case #1230
  • Eliminated problem with duplication of the "ProxmoxAddon_IpServers" records in the database table each time the Proxmox addon module was reactivated - case #193


Released: Mar 31st, 2022
New Feature
  • Support for the Software Defined Network (SDN) functionality which allows using created virtual networks (vnets) at the data center level
  • Support for TPM, TPM versions, and Virtio SCSI controller to allow the creation of machines based on Windows 11
  • Multiple server nodes can now be selected when creating or editing IP pools using IP management tool
  • You can now select if the VM machine should be stopped or shutdown when using the "Change Package" module command for "Upgrade/Downgrade" functionality
  • To avoid data loss after adding, editing, or removing a disk, the virtual machine will now need to be rebooted manually instead of automatically
Bug Fix
  • Fixed problem with using certain special characters in the password field when reinstalling the server
  • "Allow Backups On Mount Points" option will be now properly set when creating a server
  • Corrected issue where the module could lose bridge network setting after a KVM server reinstallation
  • Fixed missing private IP address assignments after the server reinstallation
  • Assorted corrections related to properly setting up the boot order for a VM creation or updating it when the "Full Clone" mode is enabled - case #1131, #1176
  • Server information will be now correctly reloaded after using the "Change Package" module command in the admin area - #1171
  • Fixed cloning when server contained EFI disk or TPM status was set (requires "Full Clone" mode instead of "Linked Clone") - case #1132
  • Machines using OMVF/UEFI bios will now properly be booted after clone - case #1143
  • Reinstalling sever when using OS template should no longer change the server SCSI controller
  • Fixed problem with rolling-back a machine snapshot which could delete one of the network IP addresses and a gateway
  • Corrected module behavior where the main disk could be wrongly resized and an additional disk removed after the server reinstallation - case #1178
  • "SSD Emulation" parameter for additional disk will be now properly taken into account when creating a KVM machine
  • "Hibernate" suspension action will now send missing "--todisk" parameter to fully suspend the virtual machine - case #177
  • Eliminated "QEMU quest is not running" error that might still be displayed even when the quest agent was enabled in Windows image due to "%" character in the network interface address - case #178
  • Disk speeds parameters will no longer be set if a related option is disabled in the server configuration
  • Assorted adjustments related to creating, cloning, and reinstalling virtual machines with proper parameters
  • Other code corrections, language, and module improvements


Released: Mar 2nd, 2022
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.4 support
  • Support for WHMCS V8.0 and previous
Bug Fix
  • Fixed case where the product details in the admin area might have been limited by the width of the service page - case #1124
  • Eliminated "Storage (...) is not available on node (...)" error that might have occurred when trying to access the module settings - case #1151


Released: Dec 8th, 2021
New Feature
  • Support for Proxmox VE 7.1 version
  • Define a custom "User" for Cloud-Init templates - case #1101
  • Choose which admin area features shall be displayed in the virtual machine details to increase the speed of service page loading - case #1088
  • Prevent clients from editing the hostnames of the virtual machines by disabling a dedicated option in the product configuration - case #1087
  • Set default input and output policies for the product firewall options - case #1047
  • Select the server information details that will be displayed in the client area - case #1045
  • A new option in the "Load Balancer" settings that allows server migration with local disks - case #1032
  • A new option in the "Virtual Machine Configuration" to create servers directly from backup archives - case #1024
  • A new option to set "Storage" for Cloud-Init configuration - case #990
  • Clients can now download firewall rules to create their backup and quickly restore them after server reinstallation - case #1011
  • Allow clients to set "Storage Disk Space" during the order with a configurable option that can be used instead of the provided "Disk Space" value - case #989
  • Clients can now see the amount of resources, still available to create backups - case #983
  • Firewall rules can now be prioritized (POS) by moving them up and down on the list - case #939
  • Choose which compression types can be allowed for clients to create backups - case #908
  • Information on changing the IP addresses assignment will be now saved in a dedicated "IP Logs" section in the Proxmox Addon module - case #866
  • Changing the virtual machine name in the Proxmox VE panel will be now synchronized with WHMCS at cron execution
  • Added network-related merge field variables that can be used for Cloud-Init scripts - case #1066
  • Added support for {$user.username}, {$user.password}, and {$user.realm} merge field variables that can be used in welcome email templates to display control panel credentials - case #865
  • Added Windows 11 support for "OS Type" settings
  • Network bridge can now be specified when adding IP addresses pool in the Proxmox Addon module - case #1006
  • Once the backup creation task is initialized by a user, the option to create the next backup will be now disabled until the first one succeeds - case #1040
Bug Fix
  • Other code corrections and improvements


Released: Sep 24th, 2021
Bug Fix
  • Fixed cron error that might have occurred when the module was not used along with Proxmox Cloud VPS For WHMCS


Released: Sep 22nd, 2021
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.3 support
  • Proxy for Proxmox console connections - case #364
  • Added "Tag" configurable option for network configuration - case #1071
  • Support for WHMCS V7.10 and previous
Bug Fix
  • Restored missing "Firewall Options" for LXC virtualization type - case #1076
  • Fixed case where IP addresses might not be assigned to the hosting
  • Eliminated "PDOException: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation" error that might have occurred when trying to save the product configuration - case #1070
  • Other code corrections and improvements


Released: Jul 15th, 2021
New Feature
  • Proxmox VE 7.0 support
  • Node groups - use Load Balancer to deploy servers within a defined group of nodes - case #1051
Bug Fix
  • Resolved problem with deleting private IP addresses from the admin area - case #1061
  • Added missing VMID secure protection when reinstalling a server - case #1062
  • Adjusted differences between resource graphs in the client and admin areas - case #1046
  • Resolved problem with an incorrect private bridge that might have appeared when reinstalling a server - case #1042
  • Fixed issue with assigning servers to the pool of resources after their reinstallation - case #1041
  • Eliminated number of warnings generated into the "tblerrorlog" database table
  • Other code corrections and improvements


Released: Jun 1st, 2021
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.2 support
  • Extended selection of graphic card options for server configuration - case #1043
  • The maximum number of restarts and relocations for High Availability Cluster configuration will now be set to "1" by default- case #1037
  • Support for PHP 7.1 version
Bug Fix
  • When Cloud-Init is used, the password provided for server reinstallation will now be properly set, instead of the one entered when ordering a product - case #985
  • Fixed problem that might have caused public IP addresses to disappear from the client area - case #1036
  • Resolved case where the private network might have been removed after changing a product package - case #1026
  • Other code corrections


Released: Apr 1st, 2021
New Feature
  • Custom Cloud-Init support - add your scripts within the addon module and select them in the product configuration as well as configurable options (KVM virtualization type)
  • Option to "Create Network" when adding a new IP Address so it can be assigned directly to the ProxmoxVE "IP Config" configuration (KVM virtualization type)
  • Added "Quemu Machine Type" setting to "Additional KVM Configuration" - case #1013
  • When reinstallation of the server is complete, the page will be now automatically refreshed - case #953, #827
  • When using the "Proxmox Hostname" option, it will be now also copied to the WHMCS "Domain" field after VM creation - case #927
  • Added a warning notice when attempting to downgrade the disk size which is not supported
  • Added validation notice in "Network Rate Limit" format that can accept a dot as the only decimal separator - case #569
  • Added "Bandwidth" column to the VMs list on the server in the Proxmox addon module - case #928
  • Added validation of disabled hooks when using "Test Connection" functionality
  • VMs, that are not yet built, will be now omitted in the servers statistics in the Proxmox addon module - case #995
  • Location of the buttons to obtain public and private SSH keys - case #706
  • "MD-CLEAR" option will be now disabled by default in the product configuration - case #944
  • Support for WHMCS V7.9 and previous
Bug Fix
  • Added missing CPU types in the "Virtual Machine Configuration" - case #804
  • Exception error will no longer occur after the module's license expiration - case #958
  • Corrected additional disk configuration when creating a VM - case #964
  • Fixed a JavaScript error that might have occurred when upgrading or configuring the product - case #923, #1004
  • Adjusted backups creation setup when using additional disks - case #997
  • Additional corrections related to the firewall options in the private network - case #993
  • Solved problem that might have caused an issue with obtaining SSH keys from the client area (LXC virtualization type) - case #1015, #1007
  • Resolved case that might have caused the "Unit value (...) is invalid" error when creating a VM - case #994, #1001
  • Fixed issue with a missing feature of the master hard disk reinstallation - case #1023
  • Eliminated "500 Configuration file does not exist" error that might have shown up in the header response - case #982
  • Fixed missing "no bootdisk" option of "Boot Order" - case #1010
  • Eliminated bug that allowed clients to exceed the additional disk limit - case #986, #1002
  • Solved issue with loading AJAX pages on certain configurations - case #1022
  • Resolved problem with gateway assignment due to an additional white character that might appear when IP Manager For WHMCS was in use - case #999
  • Fixed "Class 'ModulesGardenServersProxmoxVpsAppHttpActionsIpAddress' not found" error that might have sometimes occurred when assigning IP addresses manually - case #992
  • Added missing error notice if VM template exceeds available disk space - case #1018
  • Private network will no longer be removed when using change package - case #1026
  • Eliminated issues that might have caused problems with the termination of certain VMs - case #988
  • Fixed problem with invalid EFI disk resize instead of the main disk after cloning - case #834
  • Corrected functionality of cron migration if VM is suspended - case #991
  • Server reinstallation will now correctly take into account the password provided by the client - case #985
  • Private network can now be created without providing VLAN tag - case #1029
  • Minor language and UI adjustments as well as updates for certain fields
  • Other code corrections and improvements


Released: Dec 18th, 2020
New Feature
  • Support for Proxmox VE 6.3
  • Support for the "Twenty-One" theme in WHMCS V8.1
  • VLAN tags will be based on the subnet level when using IP Manager For WHMCS to assign IP pools - case #980
Bug Fix
  • Resolved problem with creating multiple additional disks when the "Additional Disk" and "Backups On Additional Disks" options were enabled at the same time - case #959
  • Solved issue with "Invalid virtualization type" errors on the list of server in Proxmox Addon that might have occurred after the module upgrade - case #960
  • Fixed issues with enabling the "KVM Hardware Virtualization" setting properly - case #965
  • Corrected issues with the upgrade/downgrade functionality that might have caused the "invalid format - value does not look like a valid node name" error when cloning a KVM - case #975
  • Cloud-init password provided to the custom field during the order will no longer be incorrectly encoded - case #976
  • A large number of selected items from the configuration of dropdowns will no longer obscure other options in WHMCS V8.0 and later - case #978
  • Eliminated problems that might have caused instances being delivered to the wrong host nodes - case #973
  • Fixed problem with the "Configuration file does not exist" 500 error that may have occurred in the HTTP header - case #982
  • Solved issue where the IP from the incorrect node might have been assigned to the created VM by "IP Management" in Proxmox Addon - case #974
  • Other minor code corrections and improvements


Released: Nov 16th, 2020
New Feature
  • Support for newly rebuilt Proxmox Cloud VPS For WHMCS 3.X module version
  • Create backups using ZSTD compression format - case #951
  • Toggle resetting VM usage the first day of the month
Bug Fix
  • Editing server's hostname from the client area will no longer result in resetting it to the original after executing the "Change Package" module command


Released: Oct 23rd, 2020
Bug Fix
  • Fixed "PHP Fatal error: Declaration of Symfony" that might have occurred during cron execution after updating the module to WHMCS V8 - case #942
  • Resolved "Call to a member function config() on null" error that might have shown up when trying to reinstall VPS after updating the module to WHMCS V8 - case #946


Released: Oct 5th, 2020
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.0 and PHP 7.4 support
  • Support for PHP 7.0 and previous
  • Support for WHMCS V7.8 and previous
Bug Fix
  • Fixed case where only one node could be listed in the "Target Node" dropdown while trying to migrate a server - case #919
  • Adjusted setting up "ciuser" as administrator when creating a server with the cloud-init usage - case #924


Released: Jun 24th, 2020
New Feature
  • Clone bandwidth limit option to override its I/O in KiB/s - case #893
  • Possibility to choose BIOS from the KVM virtualization type of configuration - case #904
  • Added option to the product configuration that allows you to decide if an additional disk (KVM) or mount point (LXC) should be automatically created
  • When reinstalling VM from ISO, the disk will be firstly deleted (left as unmounted in Proxmox), and then the module will create a new one - case #895
Bug Fix
  • Fixed problem with the "Invalid CSRF Protection Token" error that could have occurred during the "Save Changes" action after the noVNC or Xterm.js console was opened - case #900
  • Resolved issue with creating another user when adding a secondary VM on the different from the previous cluster - case #894
  • Adjusted validation of destination port rules for the firewall to allow providing values of port ranges - case #903
  • Fixed validation of the gateway's IP address provided in the Proxmox addon, which resulted in an error while entering an address that belongs to the private pool - case #910
  • Corrected "remove backups" operation that did not remove old backups which were already over the "backup files limit" - case #876


Released: May 27th, 2020
New Feature
  • Proxmox VE 6.2 support
  • Firewall Options - choose which of the firewall features (NDP, MAC Filter, DHCP, Router Advertisement and IP Filter) users will be able to control from their client area - case #747
  • Support for "Keyctl", "Nesting", "NFS", "CIFS", "FUSE" and "Create Device Nodes" feature toggles for product configuration (LXC virtualization type) - case #877
  • Support for "MD-CLEAR", "IBPB", "AMD-SSDB", "PDPE1GB", "HV-EVMCS", "SSDB", "VIRT-SSDB", "AMD-NO-SSB", "HV-TLBFLUSH AES" feature toggles for product configuration (KVM virtualization type) - case #885
  • Support for "SSD Emulation" toggle for Hard Disk and Additional Disks configurations (KVM virtualization type) - case #886
  • "Private Network" toggle for product configuration - enable if you want to create a private network interface automatically during VM creation - case #889
  • Apply "cipassword|Password" product custom field to enable clients providing passwords when using Cloud-Init - case #871
  • Added "Default (LSI 53C895A)", "LSI 53C895A", "LSI 53C810", "VirtIO SCSI", "VirtIO SCSI single", "MegaRAID SAS 8708EM2" and "VMware PVSCSI' options for SCSI Controller Model configuration (KVM virtualization type) - case #887
  • Added "Cascadelake-Server", "Skylake-Server", "Skylake-Client", "Broadwell", "Broadwell-noTSX", "KnightsMill", "IvyBridge", "Haswell-noTSX" and "EPYC" options for CPU Type configuration (KVM virtualization type) - case #881
  • Support for WHMCS V7.7 and previous
Bug Fix
  • Corrected node searching based on IP addresses to resolve "Node for IP Address "IP ADDR" not found" error - case #878
  • Fixed problems with connecting to the remote console when custom port is used - case #891
  • Added missing "ES" option to enable Spanish keyboard support of KVM product configuration - case #872
  • Resolved issue that might have prevented deleting the last remaining backup file after VM termination - case #851
  • Assorted corrections related to creation of High Availability cluster resource - case #849
  • Qemu Guest Agent will now properly set DNS for Windows-based machines - case #848
  • Fixed problem with not reassigning the IP addresses after os/template reinstallation when using Cloud-Init- case #846
  • Reinstallation VM from template, on VM with created HA state, will no longer result in with creating the endless "Reinstall - Creating VM" task - case #845
  • Fixed problem that might have caused "Duplicate entry (...) for key 'PRIMARY' (SQL: insert into ProxmoxAddon_VmIpAddress" (...)) error when creating private IP address- case #844
  • Bug Fix: VM will no longer run automatically if the "Start VM After Create" option was not enabled - case #843


Released: Mar 19th, 2020
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7.10 support
  • "Clone On The Same Storage As Source" for KVM configuration to clone VMs on the same storage as the template - case #828
  • Graphs will be now smaller to fit better on screens with low size or resolution - case #831
Bug Fix
  • Resolved assorted issues with editing additional disk size - case #833
  • The hosting "Username" field will be now full-filled properly just after the service creation if "Default User" is set in Cloud-Init configuration - case #841


Released: Feb 5th, 2020
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7.9 support
  • Proxmox VE 6.1 support
  • Automatic Snapshots - allow clients to create automatic snapshot jobs every provided number of hours or on specified days - case #298
  • Reset Bandwidth - use new module command to manually reset bandwidth usage for the chosen VPS in the admin area - case #745
  • If VPS was auto-suspended upon the server's bandwidth overage, now it can be also automatically unsuspended with the arrival of next billing cycle and bandwidth usage reset - case #745
  • Guest Agent support for KVM configuration with the possibility to toggle "Service Password", "Template User" and "Configure Network" settings for Windows installation - case #798
  • Create multiple "Custom Cloud-Init Configurations" to choose from as configurable options - case #785
  • Added additional "$service_domain" "$service_dedicated_ip" "$service_assigned_ips" merge fields variables to use in "Container Notes" of the product configuration - case #748
  • If the template has some network devices, the IP address by Cloud-Init will be now set up after the cloning process
  • Added line breaking for "SSH Public Key" displayed in the "Additional Information" tab in the client area
  • Support for WHMCS V7.6 and previous
Bug Fix
  • Corrected "Path" when adding additional hard disk for LXC virtualization type
  • Resolved problem with changing a password after VPS reinstallation - case #808
  • Fixed "Syntax error or access violation" error that might have occurred on certain servers during Proxmox addon activation - case #803
  • Resolved problem with displaying password if it contained certain special characters when reinstalling the server - case #790
  • When downgrading the IP address it will be now properly removed from the VM - case #784
  • High Availability Cluster will be now properly set after VM cloning - case #781
  • Fixed "Parameter verification failed" error that might have occurred during VM reinstallation when a clone of the template was located on the different node - case #774
  • Resolved problem with generating configurable options properly for different than default currencies
  • Added missing validation for the empty "Hostname" field when performing product creation - case #737
  • The unnecessary protocol, source and destination fields will be now disabled once the “Macro” option is selected while adding a firewall rule
  • Corrected IPv6 assignation for LXC virtualization type - case #535
  • IPv6 address by Cloud-Init will be now assigned to the correct network interface - case #527
  • Resolved problem with reinstalling VM from ISO when snapshots are taken - case #499
  • Assorted language adjustments
  • Many other slight corrections


Released: Oct 8th, 2019
Bug Fix
  • Fixed assorted problems regarding the "Illegal mix of collations" errors - case #723
  • Corrected "Backup Size Limit" tooltip to properly hint the "-1" value (instead of an empty field) to provide for unlimited backups - case #722
  • Resolved issue with the "Class 'ModulesGardenProxmoxAddonAppJobsVpsReinstallIpAddress' not found" error that might have occurred when reinstalling LXC server - case #726
  • Solved problem with the "Storage 'local' is disabled" error that might have shown up when reinstalling LXC server - case #732
  • Fixed issue that could have caused the "Manage IP Addresses" functionality not being displayed in the product management in the admin area - case #733
  • If "Tag 0" has been removed from the product configuration, it should not reappear as assigned after saving the changes - case #740
  • If the "ISO Images" access is disabled in "User's Options", clients will no longer have the option to mount ISO images to existing servers - case #742
  • Fixed issue with displaying all available ISO images to clients in spite of their selection in product configuration - case #742
  • Resolved problem with selecting custom keyboard layout for KVM configuration that might have caused the "Parameter verification failed" error - case #743
  • Fixed bug with graphs that could have caused the presented values being taken from another server - case #757
  • Corrected domain redirection URL in the module addon "Tasks" section
  • Fixed case that could have caused duplicated OS templates to reinstall being displayed
  • Fixed problem with displaying invalid "CPU Usage" values - case #760
  • Slight UI adjustments
  • Other minor corrections


Released: Aug 29th, 2019
Bug Fix
  • Corrected problems with setting tags based on custom fields from the IP Manager For WHMCS integration
  • Resolved issue with invalid network interface deletion if there were still some IP addresses assigned from IP Manager For WHMCS
  • Module database tables encoding will now match the rest of the WHMCS system instead of being set to UTF-8
  • IP addresses will be now correctly reassigned to the VM after its reinstallation
  • Solved problem with creating the VM when the database was set on a different server with other time than the one in WHMCS


Released: Aug 20th, 2019
Bug Fix
  • Added missing tooltips for SSH keys in the admin area - case #705
  • Removed SSH key buttons displayed in the wrong place - case #706
  • Corrected "Pool" value for the KVM configuration that was mistakenly displayed in the "Keyboard" option - case #707
  • Minor code alterations


Released: Aug 14th, 2019
  • Rebuilt module user interface
  • Completely rewritten code
  • Easier product configuration
  • Assorted language adjustments
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7.8 support
  • Proxmox VE V6.0 support
  • Support for "Hotplug" functionality - case #663
  • Added "Custom" area for Cloud-Init allowing you to specify custom files that will replace the automatically generated initial ones - case #649
  • Define if a VM should be shut down, stopped, paused or hibernated after the service suspension - case #571
  • The possibility to automatically suspend the VM upon bandwidth overage
  • Introduced disk downsize protection to block the downgrading of a service if the selected product or chosen configurable option value of a disk size is lower than the currently used one - case #562
  • Choose whether to automatically start the VM after its successful creation
  • Specify the exact VLAN tags from the Proxmox addon that can be used for the configured product - case #551
  • Clients are now able to change the hostname of their VM - case #550
  • Set a default user for the Cloud-Init template in the Proxmox addon server configuration
  • Taking VM snapshots in now also available for the LXC virtualization type
  • Support for WHMCS V7.5 and previous
  • Automatic start of the VM after its successful creation will now be handled by Proxmox VE server instead of by the module
Bug Fix
  • Resolved issue with the lack of ability to allocate the given disk space due to the free space amount being incorrectly checked on a different storage - case #611
  • Fixed "Unable to modify nameserver while the container is running" error that might have occurred on the "Change Package" module command for the LXC virtualization type - case #580
  • Using the Spice console will no longer result in receiving the application/x-pem-file, the console will be opened in the virt-viewer instead - case #573
  • Resolved issue with changing the KVM template after rebuilding the VM - case #570
  • VM upgrade will no longer result in resetting the already changed password to the previous one - case #549
  • Corrected issue with the infinite loading of the servers list page that may have resulted in blocking the browser session - case #534
  • Minor alterations related to the IP Manager For WHMCS integration
  • Numerous other tweaks and corrections


Released: Apr 5th, 2019
  • Support for WHMCS V7.4 and previous
  • Temporally hidden "Manage VM" sidebar buttons on the "Change Password" view due to issues caused by a WHMCS template - case #493
Bug Fix
  • Fixed "Error: Class 'ModulesGardenProxmoxAddonAppModelsIpAddress' not found" that could occur when creating a new VPS after updating the module to 2.6.0 version - case #477
  • Enabling "Use Server Nameservers" option for LXC virtualization type will be now properly taken into account - case #478
  • Corrected issue with an incorrect password when reinstalling a VM if certain special characters were provided - case #481
  • Eliminated error that might have caused that cloud-init configuration was not applied - case #482
  • IPSet will no longer disappear after VM reinstallation - case #414
  • Resolved issue of two CD-ROMs assigned to a VM, where only the one from cloud-init was visible - case #483
  • Private network card will no longer be removed after using the change package module command - case #487
  • Corrected integration with IP Manager For WHMCS when trying to unassign IP from the VM - case #496
  • "Suspend" module command will no longer cause the VM to stop instead of actually suspending it - case #497
  • Load Balancer will now properly take into account the VM's additional disks (KVM) as well as additional mounting points (LXC)
  • Cluster view in the module addon will now properly display the node limits
  • Other minor corrections


Released: Feb 27th, 2019
New Feature
  • Support for Proxmox VE 5.3
  • Load Balancer - automatically create new VMs on the nodes with currently the highest amount of free resources available based on the prioritized weights
  • Load Balancer - automatically create new client's VMs on various nodes, to ensure remaining machines operation in case of failure of a single node
  • Load Balancer - when client upgrades the VM but there are no free resources on the current node, it will be possible to move and upgrade it on the currently least used node
  • Display VM network interfaces and OS information from Qemu Guest Agent (KVM virtualization type)
  • Configuration toggle to enable or disable SPEC-CTRL and PCID processor settings (KVM virtualization type) - case #423
  • Xterm.js console type support
  • "Multiqueue" parameter field to the product's Network Device configuration (KVM virtualization type) - case #386
  • "Read/Write Limit (ops/s)" and "Read/Write Max Burst (ops)" parameter fields to the product's Additional Hard Disk Speed configuration - case #358
  • "Bandwidth" usage column to the VMs list table in the module addon
  • Display and edit SSH Public Key in the client area (KVM virtualization type)
  • Completely rewritten code of the module addon
  • Rebuilt module addon user interface
  • "Hard Disk Speed" and "Additional Hard Disks Speed" configurations split into separate parts
  • It will be now possible to choose the only supported "Raw disk image (raw)" format for "local-lvm" storage configuration - case #353
  • A private IP address will be now assigned to the VM when the private network is created in the client area - case #391, #418
  • Support for new "High Availability Cluster" options ("State", "Group", "Max. Restart", "Max. Relocate") to represent its configuration in the most recent version
  • Assorted language adjustments
  • Support for WHMCS V7.3 and previous
  • Support for obsolete management of certain operations on the VM (i.e. change password or disk resize) using SSH - use Cloud-Init instead
  • Support for automatic IP address assignment via DHCP - use Cloud-Init instead
Bug Fix
  • When editing the hard disk in the client area, the "Backup" checkbox will no longer be by default toggled on if that hard disk has been added without it
  • Resolved "Parameter verification failed. ( [all] - option conflicts with option 'vmid')" error that might have occurred when adding a backup job
  • Corrected issue with resetting the "Minimum Network Rate Limit" applied to a VM - case #443
  • Fixed problem with OS reinstallation using ISO image if VM uses Cloud-Init drive - case #441
  • Fixed missing icon for Additional Tools sidebar in the client area - case #438
  • Eliminated problem with creating new backups in the client area if "maxfiles" parameter was not set up by Proxmox root user - case #397
  • Resolved problems with setting default backups limits for clients if no configurable options were applied - case #395
  • Other code tweak-ups and corrections


Released: Jan 24th, 2019
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7.7 and PHP 7.3 support
  • Added support for VLAN "Tag" custom field name into IP Manager For WHMCS integration - case #393
  • "Use Server Nameservers" option in the module settings to always use VM nameservers from the server configuration instead of the ones provided by the client - case #329
  • In order to meet API requirements, the module will now try to automatically convert the nameservers to valid IP addresses provided by a client in the order - case #329
  • Support for WHMCS V7.3 and previous
  • For VM using IPv6 addressing, an IPv4 address will still be set as a dedicated IP while the IPv6 addresses as additional assigned IP - case #387
  • The OS type will no longer be set after cloning - case #405
  • The maximum number of attempts to execute a scheduled task has been increased to 100 - case #413
Bug Fix
  • IP set will be now properly re-added to the VM after its reinstallation - case #141
  • Solved cases of not changing the node value after the VM migration in the admin area - case #411
  • Eliminated problem with reinstalling a KVM server from ISO image when High Availability Cluster is active - case #373
  • Corrected reinstallation issue if custom mount points have been added to the LXC container - case #383
  • Fixed issue related to disk resizing after the upgrade of a running VPS to a plan with more disk space - case #385
  • Resolved case that could have caused "PHP Error: Unable to load Class:mgLibsexceptionsWhmcsAPI" during a VM creation - case #396
  • Fixed issue related to a failed test connection with the server when the password contained certain special characters - case #407
  • Corrected validation of the provided SSH key - case #409
  • Fixed issue that might have caused problems with completing a scheduled VM reinstallation task - case #410


Released: Aug 9th, 2018
  • You can now use the {$serviceid} parameter for 'Default User Prefix' to avoid problems with creating usernames that already exist - case #343
  • 'Change Package' command will now execute the action of the VM shutdown instead of powering it off immediately - case #349
Bug Fix
  • Resolved 'Name or service not known' problem related to the VM template and KVM OS templates settings - case #332
  • Fixed 'Syntax error in template' error that might have occurred in the client area - case #333
  • Solved issue with a number of assigned network interfaces not corresponding with the upgraded number of assigned IP addresses - case #334
  • The possibility to change the ISO image in CD-ROM is now hidden if the CD-ROM feature is not assigned to the VM - case #335
  • Resolved problem with an additional 1024 GB (1 TB) hard disk that was actually created as 1 GB - case #354
  • Corrected issue rendering the assignment of IPv6 addresses with the cloud-init feature impossible - case #356
  • Disk cache will be from now on properly set after cloning - case #357
  • Added validation of missing CIDR or gateway parameters when assigning an IP address using IP Manager For WHMCS module - case #370


Released: May 30th, 2018
New Feature
  • Proxmox VE 5.2 support
  • [KVM] Cloud-Init support
  • 'Minimum Network Rate Limit' - if the limit of monthly bandwidth is reached, limit the traffic speed to the specified value - case #194
  • Receive notifications about product upgrades to review them before application - case #159
  • [LXC] Mount Point support - choose from the following options: Storage, ACLs, Read-Only, Enable Quota, Skip Replication - case #145
  • [KVM] 'Delete VM SSH Root Key' - remove the default SSH key after the VM creation to increase security - case #206
  • [KVM] Passphrase support for SSH keys - case #208
  • [KVM] Support for LVM partition resizing - case #209
  • 'One User Per VPS' - create either a new username for each new client's VM, or only one to be used for all of them - case #223
  • Specify IP addresses to be assigned upon VM creation manually in the admin area product details view - case #231
  • [KVM] 'IPSet IP Filter' option for the firewall to prevent IP spoofing - case #267
  • [KVM] New features for the disk and additional disk: Storage, Skip Replication, Discard and IO Thread - case #291
  • [KVM] 'Clone Mode' - choose between 'Full Clone' or 'Linked Clone' for the KVM template - case #295
  • [KVM] Allow clients to use KVM templates or ISO images for the VM reinstallation - case #213
  • Used bandwidth is now calculated and reset after a complete month period starting from the VM creation date, not by the end of the month - case #183
  • Enhanced checking algorithm to prevent VMID duplicates - case #260
  • Added warning to notify that adding, editing or removing the disk will reboot the virtual machine - case #245
  • Graphs display now takes account of the product registration date and includes only the related time frames based on it - case #232
  • Deleting the VM from WHMCS without prior termination now restores assigned IP addresses back to the pool
Bug Fix
  • VM termination will no longer delete all other backup jobs in the Proxmox cluster vzdump.cron file - case #280
  • Resolved issue with resizing the partition if other than the English language is used - case #283
  • Eliminated problem with downgrading the number of additional IP addresses leading to the network interface deletion - case #290
  • 'Backup' flag is no longer incorrectly marked inversely when creating a disk - case #225
  • Assorted code, UI and language corrections


Released: Apr 18th, 2018
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7.5 support
  • PHP 7.1 and 7.2 support


Released: Feb 23rd, 2018
New Feature
  • 'Search For Templates In All Nodes' option for the KVM virtualization that allows an image to be rebuilt even if it is not available on the current node - case #251
  • 'VM Template' option in the product configuration to select a default template when configurable options are not set - case #264
  • Extended number of logs regarding the creation of a virtual machine - case #246
  • 'Login to Proxmox Host failed' notification is now translatable in the language file - case #259
Bug Fix
  • Fixed issue that might have led to the failure of VPS creation when multiple servers are ordered at once - case #246
  • Corrected parsing of the WHMCS URL address used for the random hostname generation in LXC virtualization type
  • Fixed display of a missing disk format in the client area - case #249
  • Surmounted issue with the blank storage selection that could have resulted in the 'Storage 'local-zfs' is not available on node' error - case #252
  • Corrected assorted problems related to output buffering
  • Fixed issue with listing all templates from the server available for reinstallation instead of only those selected in the product configuration - LXC virtualization type
  • Resolved VM boot issues related to the suspend/unsuspend functionality - case #262
  • 'Allow Reboot' option is now correctly set for virtual machines created and cloned from templates - case #270
  • Eliminated minor issue that might have led to the malfunction of a partition resizing feature - case #271
  • Fixed lack of possibility to terminate a virtual machine hosted on Proxmox 3.4-6 - case #272
  • Corrected Proxmox test connection feature from the servers list - case #242
  • Downgrading the number of additional IP addresses will no longer remove the main IP address - case #275
  • The backup file will now be properly deleted by cron job once the reinstallation process is complete - case #274
  • Fixed 'Change Password' link in the client area menu that might have not worked when VM management sections are open - case #273


Released: Oct 31st, 2017
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7.3 support
  • Proxmox V5.1 support
  • KVM - support for additional disks storage - case #221
  • Send welcome email to clients after successfully creating a VM
  • VM description field now contains client and service details - case #217
  • Enhanced hostname validation during test connection
  • Removing a single record from 'Task History' in Proxmox addon is now possible
  • 'VM Template' configurable option now uses more friendly 'name|OS Name' format where node path is no longer required - case #214
  • Various UI adjustments
  • IP management 'VLAN' option in Proxmox addon has been changed to more relevant 'VLAN Trunks'
Bug Fix
  • Corrected integration with the 2.4.0 version of IP Manager For WHMCS
  • Resolved issue with MAC address duplication
  • When a new VM is added, the task history no longer displays the data of the previous VM
  • Fixed VM templates and ISO images synchronization if no corresponding configurable options exist - case #210
  • Surmounted problem with incorrect value of cylinder that might have occurred on KVM partition resizing - case #212
  • Resolved bug that might have caused the backup storage to be empty
  • Resolved bug that might have overwritten one VM with another when they were created immediately one after another
  • Fixed error with an empty MAC address that may have occurred during deleting an additional IP address - case #240
  • Changed invalid 'MB' to 'GB' unit for 'Bandwidth Limit' field


Released: Aug 2nd, 2017
New Feature
  • Proxmox VE V5 support
  • New method of generating graphs
  • Define a read/write disk limit and read/write disk max burst in ops/s units - KVM only
  • Automatically resize a partition and change a password for Linux distributions - KVM only
  • Private keys management for disk resizing and password change - KVM only
  • Pop-up confirmation for clients before performing any risky action
  • Reg-ex validation for snapshot names to work the same as in Proxmox panel
  • Adjusted IPv4 mask validation for IP pool generation to prevent creation of too many addresses (from 12 to 30 mask allowed)
Bug Fix
  • Resolved issue with creating the same username for multiple virtual servers in a single order
  • Corrected invalid IPv4 notification about the lack of free IPv6 addresses
  • Minor code corrections


Released: Jul 18th, 2017
New Feature
  • Send email notification to administrator automatically in case creation of VM by cron has failed
  • Add information to to-do list automatically in case creation of VM by cron has failed
  • Loading list of OS templates in module settings
  • Addon migration from previous module versions
  • WHMCS V7.2 support
Bug Fix
  • Adjusted swapped positions of 'Burst' and 'Dedicated' memory usage statistics
  • Fixed configuration saving when selecting OS template
  • Solved problem with the lack of OS templates to reinstall in the client area for KVM virtualization type
  • Resolved issue with handling special characters in passwords
  • 'CPU Limit' parameter is now set up properly in module configuration
  • 'Return IP to the pool' option will now remove IP address from both WHMCS and dhcpd.conf file
  • Task history will now display virtualization type correctly
  • Corrected 'Bandwidth' and 'Disk Usage' statistics update by daily cron
  • Surmounted problem with loading of templates for clusters
  • Solved issue that might cause 'Add Backup' button to disappear
  • Added missing IP addresses in the admin area - WHMCS V6 only
  • Assorted minor code adjustments


Released: May 11th, 2017
  • Enhanced compatibility with cron executions on Windows
  • Saving settings in Proxmox Addon now supports 'enter' key shortcut
  • Added missing CPU units in the admin area product view
  • Error handling during KVM cloning process
  • Renamed 'Bandwidth Limit' configurable option to 'Bandwidth' to avoid conflict with WHMCS update usage statistics
Bug Fix
  • Corrected the creation of network interfaces format
  • Resolved problem with broken auto-node option
  • Re-adding a new pool of IP addresses now ignores those that are already assigned to existing servers
  • Proxmox Firewall was not enabled on creation for VMs network interface
  • Corrected error handling on cron update usage statistics
  • Adjusted VM ID to be picked up from the module for the next server creation
  • Updated test connection function to work with multiple servers configuration
  • Resolved issue with incorrect GB memory units for KVM settings
  • Solved problem with DHCP configuration on Windows based platforms
  • Minor code refinements


Released: Mar 15th, 2017
New Feature
  • Enable backup creation before VM reinstallation and auto-restore it if rebuilding fails
  • Proxmox Addon - IP Management: define VLAN, Tag and Node for IP address assignment
  • Add additional DHCP servers out of node with SSH keys authentication
  • Download private & public key for secure VM connections - LXC virtualization type
  • View tasks history in module addon
  • Slight look tweaks and many code refinements
  • OpenVZ support - use LXC virtualization type instead
  • VNC console support - use noVNC or SPICE console instead
  • 'Create' and 'Rebuild' module commands have been moved to cron scheduled tasks to run asynchronously


Released: Jan 26th, 2017
  • Display 'Manage VM' and 'Additional Tools' sidebar sections on 'Information' page
Bug Fix
  • Corrected 'Information' link in sidebar menu
  • Solved issue affecting assignment of IP addresses with MAC handled by IP Manager For WHMCS
  • Resolved fatal error related to not found PdoWrapper class
  • Load module settings properly when WHMCS runs on Windows Server
  • Set up 'Network Rate' configurable option correctly while upgrading/downgrading product


Released: Dec 20th, 2016
New Feature
  • Define custom directory to IPv6 DHCP configuration
Bug Fix
  • Prevent from duplicating VMID when LXC virtualization was in use
  • Prevent the appearance of blank page in the client area
  • Correctly migrate VM between nodes


Released: Nov 21st, 2016
Bug Fix
  • Prevent VMID from being duplicated while using LXC containers
  • Resolved unsuccessful test connection caused by password containing HTML special characters


Released: Nov 15th, 2016
Bug Fix
  • Resolved 'syntax error' occurring upon the module cron execution


Released: Nov 4th, 2016
New Feature
  • PHP 7 support
Bug Fix
  • Corrected validation of MAC address


Released: Oct 14th, 2016
New Feature
  • WHMCS V7 support
Bug Fix
  • Enable backups for additional disks
  • NoVNC console support for PVE 4.3.3


Released: Sep 20th, 2016
Bug Fix
  • Generate usernames with 'Use Client Name For VPS' feature - special characters support
  • Reboot VPS using KVM virtualization
  • Choose storage for backup files
  • Verify module tables integrity in WHMCS database


Released: Sep 2nd, 2016
Bug Fix
  • Setting up a user password has been corrected


Released: Aug 16th, 2016
New Feature
  • Log module cron errors in to WHMCS activity log
Bug Fix
  • Compatibility with WHMCS 6.3.1 - choose authentication method during server configuration


Released: Jul 18th, 2016
  • Log in to activity log only if debug mode is active
Bug Fix
  • IP Manager For WHMCS integration - configure gateway IP address
  • KVM virtualization - apply CPU weight
  • Proxmox Addon - save minimal VMID


Released: Jul 11th, 2016
  • Create VPS - trim whitespaces from nameservers
Bug Fix
  • OpenVZ virtualization - add IP address
  • Stop VM for duration of upgrade process
  • Make sure client area output is of correct type


Released: Jun 8th, 2016
New Feature
  • Support for 'systpl' global WHMCS variable
  • Prevent from assigning private IP address to public network
  • New network model for Proxmox V4.2
Bug Fix
  • ISC DHCP support for Proxmox V4.2
  • Resume server automatically on unsuspending it
  • Assign correct MAC to IP address on server upgrade
  • Display list of IP addresses in the Proxmox Addon


Released: Mar 29th, 2016
Bug Fix
  • Remove backups along with VM
  • Remove backup jobs along with VM


Released: Feb 10th, 2016
New Feature
  • Automatic IP address assignment - KVM virtualization
  • Automatically boot VM after reinstallation
  • IP Manager For WHMCS integration
  • Optimize server RAM usage retrieval process - Proxmox Addon
  • 'Backup Storage' custom field - not used any more
Bug Fix
  • Backups limits not respected
  • Upgrade VM after clone


Released: Dec 15th, 2015
Bug Fix
  • Ignoring VM Ranges
  • Manual MAC addresses assignment for KVM virtualization
  • Resolved error 'Missing value of CIDR' for LXC virtualization
  • Reading MAC addresses
  • Importing IP addresses manually


Released: Nov 19th, 2015
Bug Fix
  • Access to VNC Console in WHMCS V5
  • Resolved issue that was the cause of Strict Standards warning


Released: Nov 12th, 2015
New Feature
  • LXC virtualization - Proxmox 4.0 and later only
  • Create and store full backup of VMs configuration
  • Add IP addresses list using CIDR notation
  • Toggle discard disk - KVM only
  • Enable numa - KVM only
  • Choose new processor types - KVM only
Bug Fix
  • Upgrade KVM after clone
  • Compatibility with custom template


Released: Oct 9th, 2015
Bug Fix
  • Client area interface fixes - inaccurate length of HDD progress bar
  • Multi-language issue in Proxmox Addon


Released: Oct 1st, 2015
Bug Fix
  • Addon module migration from older versions
  • Minor UI tweaks


Released: Sep 30th, 2015
  • Client area user interface rebuilt
  • Addon module user interface rebuilt
New Feature
  • Synchronize user permissions
  • Bug Fixes: Minor tweaks and augmentation made across the whole module


Released: Sep 3rd, 2015
New Feature
  • noVNC for Proxmox 3.4-6 and 3.4-9 support


Released: Aug 11th, 2015
New Feature
  • Use client name as VPS hostname - KVM only
  • Unassign ISO image from VPS
  • noVNC console commands


Released: Jul 20th, 2015
New Feature
  • WHMCS V6 support
  • VM Cleaner - manage VM not existing in your WHMCS
  • Disc size divided into HDD and SSD (KVM)
  • Define list of ISO images available for reinstall
  • Create VM using High Availability Clusters
Bug Fix
  • Check if VM template exists before using it
  • IP address of existing VM assigned to new VM if there are no free IP addresses left
  • VM reinstallation process
  • CD-ROM to VM assignment (KVM)
  • Missing icons for noVNC console
  • Keyboard pointers for noVNC console (KVM, CentOS template)


Released: Jun 25th, 2015
New Feature
  • NoVNC console
  • Change user role
  • Create VM on server node
  • Define VM ID range for each Proxmox VM depending on product
  • Define minimum VM ID for products without specified range
  • Use clients company name or first and last name as VM name
  • Ability to define IP addresses as available for both Proxmox VPS and Proxmox Cloud
  • Display network speed in VM details


Released: Mar 2nd, 2015
  • Compatibility with WHMCS 5.3.12
Bug Fix
  • Disk resize


Released: Nov 21st, 2014
New Feature
  • Manage Firewall
  • Improved filtering in Proxmox Addon
  • Fixed: Change Package functionality
  • Fixed: Minor interface issues


Released: Oct 17th, 2014
New Feature
  • Configuration of bandwidth update rate
Bug Fix
  • Minor interface update


Released: Oct 15th, 2014
New Feature
  • Migrate KVM containers between nodes
  • Create KVM containers snapshots
  • Create a private network device
  • SPICE console
  • Automatically remove backups older than defined number of days
  • Disable additional NIC creation for multiple IP addresses
  • Check whether specified template and VM exist on the same node before reinstallation
  • Check the availability of resources before VM creation
  • Store domain/hostname in a custom field
  • Integration with IP Manager For WHMCS is now an IP Manager submodule
  • VM details at the client area are now automatically refreshed
  • User-friendly list of templates
  • Buttons at the client area are displayed depending on enabled features
  • Extended Multi-Language functionality - now including text displayed by AJAX
  • Setting the KVM container name is optional


Released: Aug 29th, 2014
  • Improved security and license validation


Released: Apr 16th, 2014
New Feature
  • Integration with IP Manager For WHMCS
  • Backups routing
  • New configurable options : 'IPv6 Address', 'VM Template' and 'ISO Image'
  • KVM templates creation from Proxmox For WHMCS addon
  • Assignment of IP addresses to selected virtualization at the Proxmox For WHMCS addon
  • Tasks history
  • Node name at the client area
  • Synchronize templates
  • Change hostname (OpenVZ virtualization)
  • Cron (boot of recently created VM and reinstall of VM from template)
  • VLAN Tags (KVM virtualization)
  • Custom IP address for console
  • Graph moved to a separate page at the client area
  • Configurable option renamed from 'IP Addresses' to 'IPv4 Addresses'
  • Fixed: Missing backups after reinstallation
  • Fixed: 'Authentication' replacing 'Access Hash' at other modules server configuration
  • Fixed: Backup jobs & sheduled tasks not removed during VM termination
  • Minor bug fixes


Released: Nov 20th, 2013
  • Added automatic upgrade of Proxmox hosting accounts to version 1.2 of the module
  • Added support for IPv6
  • Added new custom fields: 'node', 'storage' and 'backup storage'
  • Added 'Auto Node' option in module settings. If before account creation, option is set to 'Auto Node' then module will find the node with the most free space and create VM on that node
  • Added automatic start of VM after creation of account
  • Added feature allowing to import IP to hosting IP addresses table
  • Added feature allowing to return IP to IP addresses pool
  • Upgraded feature VM reinstall to new version supporting Auto-Node
  • Added support for Proxmox VE authentication server (PVE) and Linux PAM standard authentication
  • Fixed bug with IP addresses not returned to pool if account creation failed
  • Fixed bug with the console if server IP address is not filled
  • Fixed bug with upgrading KVM without filled configuration options
  • Many other minor fixes and improvements


Released: Sep 18th, 2013
  • Added support for Proxmox VE 3.1
  • Added support for IPv6
  • Added monthly bandwidth limit feature in Module Settings
  • Added monthly bandwidth limit in configurable options
  • Added Backup Limit Jobs (The limit is the same as Configurable Option 'Backups Files Limit')
  • Added WHMCS functionality Usage Update
  • Fixed problem with VNC console error: class "WHMCSClientarea" not found
  • Fixed problem with upgrade KVM for Proxmox VE 3.1
  • Fixed problem with create/upgrade account: "Parameter verification failed"
  • Fixed problem with create/upgrade: "wrong number of CPU for OpenVZ"
  • Fixed problem with ajax choosing an incorrect server
  • Return to Proxmox Addon IP Manager after termination of IP address


Released: Sep 2nd, 2013
  • Stable Release
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New Feature
  • Support for PBS - single-file restore backup archives located on a Proxmox Backup Server - case #1141

Business Scenarios

  • Full control over VPS operating systems
    Read More

    With Proxmox VE VPS For WHMCS, you can control which operating systems your customers can install on their virtual machines. Offer both Windows and Linux solutions within one product, while restricting future reinstalls to predefined operating systems groups

  • Protect your customers with predefined firewalls
    Read More

    Proxmox VE VPS For WHMCS allows you to create predefined firewalls, so your customers do not have to worry about setting up their own. You can allow access only to specific machine ports, from exact IP addresses, or block undesired users as soon as clients place their order. 

  • Secure your customers' data with predefined backup schedules
    Read More

    Secure your customers' data from day one with Proxmox VE VPS For WHMCS. Create predefined backup schedules to ensure their data is backed up regularly and automatically, without the need for them to set it up themselves. This gives them peace of mind and reduces the risk of data loss.

  • Scheduled backups offer full control, reduced load, and a sense of safety
    Read More

    A module-based and reliable backup solution is a key part of Proxmox VE VPS For WHMCS. Clients will set up custom backup schedules, choose their backup destination, and limit the number of tasks performed to reduce the load on Proxmox. This ensures that the data is backed up regularly and securely, giving the user confidence while keeping any potential performance drops to a minimum.

  • Allow customers to network their virtual machines together
    Read More

    With Proxmox VE VPS For WHMCS, your clients can easily connect their virtual machines into a single network, enhancing the chances of repeat business and ultimately enlarging your base of loyal customers.

  • Offer virtual machine upgrades to meet clients' changing needs
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    Proxmox VE VPS For WHMCS allows your clients the flexibility to scale their resources as needed, either by upgrading from one product to another or through configurable options. This not only ensures their continued satisfaction but also strengthens the provider-client relationship by demonstrating responsiveness to their evolving requirements.

  • Make the most of your infrastructure with Load Balancer
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    Proxmox VE VPS For WHMCS comes with the Load Balancer ensuring that your server resources are evenly distributed, and guarantees that virtual machines delivered to your clients are allocated across the available nodes in the cluster. By using the Load Balancer, you enhance the stability of your server offerings, resulting in a more reliable service for your customers.

  • Work an extra layer of protection into your setup
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    The Proxy feature offered by Proxmox VE VPS For WHMCS serves as an additional security shield for your infrastructure. It hides your Proxmox server, ensuring that clients will not discover its actual IP address when accessing it through your system's console.

  • Deliver a variety of storage options
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    Proxmox VE VPS For WHMCS not only enables you to provide additional storage capacity, but also empowers you to specify the type of storage your clients need, such as fast storage along with slower but larger storage. By supporting this flexibility, you can broaden your range of services and appeal to a wider audience of customers.

  • Offer servers with preconfigured Windows or Linux
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    Selling fully prepared virtual machines directly to end customers isn't possible when using standard templates in Proxmox. Based on a special Linux setup using Cloud-init or Windows with Qemu Guest Agent, Proxmox VE VPS For WHMCS empowers you to provide your clients with servers ready to work. They come with the operating system already installed, network configured, and login details included.

  • Expand income streams with extra storage capacity
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    When your clients need more storage space, Proxmox VE VPS For WHMCS lets them easily purchase it, while allowing you to adapt the available storage size according to their current requirements.

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  • 1 year ago
    Proxmox VE VPS For WHMCS is a great module from ModulesGarden. We have been using this module for a while and we definitely recommend it! The installation process is quick and easy, which is why we are happy to give it 5 stars.
  • 1 year ago
    The technical after-sales service is timely, and I like it
  • 2 years ago
    We have been using it for 3 years. It's a great advanced module. Support is great
  • 2 years ago
    I have been using the module for almost 3 years the support is great and helps with any thing you can only recommend it to anyone
  • 2 years ago
    Works as intended. Really makes it so much easier to let clients access and manage their services on Proxmox, via WHMCS. I highly recommend this addon to anyone who plans to sell LXC/VMs using Proxmox and WHMCS.
  • 2 years ago
    Perfect module for proxmox and whmcs!
  • 2 years ago
    Superb plugin for WHMCS!
  • 2 years ago
    To put it simply this is the best Proxmox WHMCS module I have tried. It's jam packed full of features and works like a charm. I have fully tested almost every feature offered and it has been working flawlessly over the years.
  • 3 years ago
    This module works great! Easy to integrate with my existing servers and worked as promised. Tons of configuration to customise with, which is great. So far the best module to manage Proxmox within WHMCS.
  • 3 years ago
    Hello everyone,

    I have been using the Proxmox WHMCS module from Modulesgarden for some time.
    The module has a lot of settings that you have to understand first.
    The support is very friendly and competent.
    All my questions were answered quickly and in detail.
    In my opinion Modulesgarden is to be recommended.
  • 4 years ago
    Very nice addon <3 I love it :D
  • 4 years ago
    Great module!
  • 4 years ago
    Our company use this module,
    very good product with very good option and support!
  • 4 years ago
    Proxmox VPS is a great tool to start growing your company. Automating all provisioning processes is a must nowadays.
    The HA feature is also very convenient when upgrading nodes.

    Highly recommend.
  • 4 years ago
    This module makes automation a breeze. We have several nodes and they all work great using this. Support and continuous updates to support current version of Proxmox is a plus.
  • 4 years ago
    Been using this for 4 years and it is truly amazing. Highly recommended for proxmox VPS automation with WHMCS.
  • 4 years ago
    I've been using proxmox since version 3. And I've always suffered from integration with my billing system. ModulesGarden solved my problem. The ModulesGarden Proxmox VPS and Cloud Module is just amazing. I strongly recommend. Automated provisioning makes our lives a lot easier.
  • 5 years ago
    We really like the module!
    It works as promised and has a good service guaranteed by the ModulesGarden support team :D
  • 5 years ago
    Best module to manage virtual servers from whmcs
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