Virusdie For WHMCS is a free-of-charge module developed to unlock the most intelligent, yet effortless way of delivering and managing the world-class website security tools straight through your WHMCS.

You will be empowered to supply customers with Virusdie plans either on demand or automatically - each with a different bundle of firewall, code scanning and malware removal services. Following that, your client area will offer easy access to all essential protection details, including that of detected infected files and vulnerabilities. With just a single click your customers can initiate a manual scanner, allow automatic malware cleanups, as well as activate the firewall safety. In order to maintain effective control over each protected web hosting account, you will be geared with a set of summaries and graphs on the performed security measures. For exactly that reason, the module will also let you handle auto scan intervals, along with the status of firewall and infection removals.

Open up your web hosting business to a new customer touchpoint by implementing next-level safety standards. Download Virusdie For WHMCS right away and turn the advanced management of website protection into something to look forward to!

The module is powered by Virusdie L.L.C. in close cooperation with ModulesGarden.


  • Admin Area
    • View Security Summary:
      • Number Of All Protected Sites
      • Number Of Sites With Detected Viruses Or Vulnerabilities
      • Number Of Sites Protected With Premium Plan
      • Details And Graphs Of Performed:
        • Infection Cleanups Across All Sites
        • Attacks Blocked By Firewall Across All Sites
    • Configure Virusdie Reseller Account Details
    • Configure Automatic Or On-Demand Service Deployment
    • Quickly Create And Configure Pricing Of Virusdie Protection Addons
    • Manage List Of Protected Web Hosting Accounts:
      • View Clients Names, Emails, And Domains
      • View Owned Virusdie Plans
      • View Connection Status
      • View Number Of Found Infections And Vulnerabilities
      • Manage Auto-Scan Frequency Protection
      • Manage Firewall And Auto-Cleanup Statuses
    • View Tasks Queue
    • View Module Logs
    • Log In To Virusdie Control Panel
  • Client Area
    • Order Paid Or Free Virusdie Protection Addons For Owned Web Hosting Accounts
    • View Protection Details:
      • List Of Protected Sites
      • Enabled Protection Statuses
      • Number Of Found Infected Files
      • Number Of Detected Vulnerabilities
    • Manage Protection:
      • Start Site Scanning On Demand
      • View Scan Results
      • Toggle Automatically Malware Removal
      • Toggle Website Firewall Protection
      • View Date Of Last Scan
      • View Automatic Scan Frequency
    • Cancel Virusdie License
  • Supported Modules
  • General Info
    • Allow Clients To Automatically Clean-Up And Protect Their Websites Using Virusdie Website Security Tool
    • Requires Virusdie Partner Program Plan
    • Multi-Language Support
    • Supports PHP 7.2 Up To PHP 7.4
    • Supports WHMCS Themes "Six" And "Twenty-One"
    • Supports WHMCS V8.0 And Later
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v1.0.0 Released: Oct 20th, 2021
  • Stable Release
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