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MetricsCube Connector

MetricsCube Connector For WHMCS

Chosen by 1571 customers

MetricsCube is the ultimate reporting platform integrated seamlessly with WHMCS on an unparalleled scale to let you access exclusive insights into the previously undiscovered realms of your business performance.

MetricsCube Connector For WHMCS is a free module that synchronizes all your WHMCS data with MetricsCube to let you benefit from nearly 90 advanced reports and real-time statistics related to billing, domains, services, clients, and much more. As another bonus, the module enriches your WHMCS admin area with new channels of information in the form of additional tooltips, tabs and widgets, coupled with customer tags that can be tailored to your preferences.

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QuickBooks Online
$199.95 $189.95/yr

QuickBooks Online For WHMCS

Chosen by 664 customers

Integrate all kinds of financial data stored in WHMCS into QuickBooks Online database, set up currencies, handle taxes and define relations between synchronized information.

PKNIC Domain Registrar For WHMCS Icon
PKNIC Domain Registrar
$149.95 $142.45/yr

PKNIC Domain Registrar For WHMCS

Chosen by 51 customers

Experience the automated provisioning of .pk ccTLDs, set up key details remotely, and allow your clients to manage their domains without leaving your WHMCS platform.

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Geolocation Hook For WHMCS Icon
Geolocation Hook

Geolocation Hook For WHMCS

Chosen by 6712 customers

Perform an automatic switch of language, currency and the template of your WHMCS client area depending on the location of your customer.

Hosting Renewals For WHMCS Icon
Hosting Renewals

Hosting Renewals For WHMCS

Chosen by 445 customers

Permit your clients to handle billing cycles, recurring payments and renewals of hosting services, while you set up discounts and send personalized renewal notifications.

IP Manager For WHMCS Icon
IP Manager

IP Manager For WHMCS

Chosen by 598 customers

Handle multi-level IP subnets in WHMCS: connect IP addresses to servers and products, assign subnets and child-subnets to clients and set up 3rd party integration.

Proxmox VPS For WHMCS Icon
Proxmox VE VPS

Proxmox VE VPS For WHMCS

Chosen by 1710 customers

Supply virtual servers and allow their close handling. Let your clients remotely access consoles, view usage graphs, manage backups and much more right in WHMCS.

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Email Notifications Organizer For WHMCS Icon
Email Notifications Organizer

Email Notifications Organizer For WHMCS

Chosen by 108 customers

Limit the number of WHMCS notifications on invoices or domains sent to your clients by packing them into single emails with custom templates and delivery times.

Cloud Billing For WHMCS Icon
Cloud Billing

Cloud Billing For WHMCS

Chosen by 264 customers

Apply an intelligent billing model for AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure services, define percentage billing margins for each service, and charge clients automatically.

Amazon Lightsail For WHMCS Icon
Amazon Lightsail

Amazon Lightsail For WHMCS

Chosen by 146 customers

Equip your clients with customized Amazon Lightsail instances, give them fundamental control over owned products and allow to view server usage on graphs.

Amazon EC2 For WHMCS Icon
Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 For WHMCS

Chosen by 128 customers

Supply fully customized Amazon EC2 instances to clients, grant them full control over the status of owned machines plus allow them to view server details.